Sons Of The Forest: 6 Best Base Locations [2024]

Are you wondering about the best base locations in Sons of the Forest? Then take a look at my complete and detailed guide regarding it.

Best Base Locations: Sons of Forest
Best Base Locations

There are a few of the best base locations in Sons of Forest that you must not miss out on. If you are still figuring out which place can be super good to begin building your base, stop stressing, and let me help you learn about the top-class base locations.

Key Takeaways

  • An ocean beach base is surrounded by ocean water, so you don’t have to worry about quenching your thirst.
  • You can grow some plants in an ocean beach base.
  • Water Island prevents enemies from reaching you conveniently due to the water around you.
  • Caves and bunker bases protect you extensively from enemies. Cave bases are the best bases to use for hiding.
  • Forest and mainland are the best base locations as they have enough resources and space.
  • Snow mountain base is not an ideal location for base building because no matter how finely you construct your base, the snowball it will tear down after some time.

I have picked the most reliable and best base locations in Sons of Forest. Each of them has different characteristics and comes with various advantages and disadvantages. 

Ocean Beach Base

Best Base Overall.
Beach Base
Ocean Beach Base (Image Credits: KaidGames2)

Why did I Choose Ocean Beach Base?

The ocean beach base is a top-tier location to build your base. It exquisitely fulfills the demand criteria of a uniform surface, and you can easily find such surfaces here. By exploring, you may find higher places considered safer in base buildings.

Every location has pros and cons, but one of the most significant benefits of an ocean beach base is that it is surrounded by ocean water, so you don’t have to worry about quenching your thirst. You may face difficulty getting food, but don’t freak out.

You can grow some plants that will be a good source to produce them. You may need wood or logs for construction, but this area has no trees. In this case, a zip line is handy to transport the material from the forest to this area.

Generally, it is the best base location in Sons of Forest.

  • Access to Ocean.
  • Best Resources Available.

  • Difficult to find Food here. 

Island Base

Best Defense Base.
Water Island Base
Island Base

Why did I Choose Island Base?

The second best base location is the water island. It is well-liked because this area is covered by water, preventing enemies from reaching you conveniently. Another plus point is that cannibals are not aware of swimming and die if they try to go through the water.

With the water around, the base is mostly secured. But I recommend working around during winters, as the water becomes frozen, allowing enemies to walk over it. So, be prepared before the time arrives. The island has ample resources to meet your water and food needs.

Also, there are many trees, so you don’t have to go anywhere to collect wood. The place is tranquil and offers pleasing sights to the players. You can also build a bridge to move from one location to another within the same area.

  • Ideal defense base.
  • Mostly secured from all sides.

  • Base will not enhance defense during Winters.

Cave/Bunker Base

Best Secret Base.
Cave Base
Snow Cave Base

Why did I Choose Snow Cave Base?

A cave looks quite creepy due to the darkness and emptiness it carries inside, but it is the best location if you want to stay unnoticed by the enemies. It is pretty spacious, and you can construct a base inside it.

Bunker Base

The utilization of the given space is all up to you. However, the gloomy look of a cave can be changed by placing a light, which will lighten up your room. Also, staying in a bunker has advantages, as you get a bed and other essential equipment.

You can keep your food, ammo, and other stuff inside. Both locations are unreachable by the enemies. One disadvantage of the cave base is that you can’t take the wood material, so you must rely on other tools.

  • Helps in Storing Resources.
  • Greater Defense.
  • Spacious Location.

  • Limited Access to Wood Material. 

Waterfall Top Base

Best Scenic Base To Build. 
Waterfall Base
Waterfall Top Base

Why did I Choose Waterfall Top Base?

Building a base near the river or lake is an excellent idea. You can make a base on an area above the waterfall, and worrying about resources won’t be your responsibility.

This location has everything that you may need for your survival. You can visit the lake anytime and set up a convenient zip line. Take a look around to get a complete estimate of an area, and there are chances that you may also find some bunkers.

  • Scenery View.
  • Highly Accessible.
  • Players can find bunkers.

  • Exposed to enemies.

Forest/Mainland Base

Best Endgame Base.
Forest Base
Forest Base

Why did I Choose Forest Base?

The Forest location is also among the best base locations that are highly preferred. It has flat and smooth land and a variety of animals to hunt down that you can use for food. An open space like the forest is the most appropriate as you get all the building materials without covering large distances.

Get a clear area, so you don’t have to take down trees. Building a base on the ground is recommended as cannibals can climb up the trees, so residing in a tree house won’t benefit you in the long run. You can use GPS to search for the bunkers that may show up near your location.

Mainland Base
Mainland Base

The Mainland base is similar to that of the forest. It is also plain land and a suitable place to move in. Using the tracker, you can locate the water resources around you to avoid any troublesome conditions.

  • Easy access to resources.

  • Only suitable for endgame.

Snow Mountains Base

Best Winter Base.

Snowy Mountains Base
Snow Mountains Base

Why did I Choose Snow Mountain Base?

The snowy mountains can be the best base location for those craving a thrilling experience. No doubt, you can find amazing residing spots here that may offer a handful of resources.

Unfortunately, some places lack sources of food, making survival extremely difficult. It is also possible that you may encounter more menacing cannibals here. Furthermore, the biggest disadvantage is that no matter how finely you construct your base, the snowfall will tear it down after some time.

  • Unique playthrough Experience.
  • Offers a Challenge.

  • Extremely Challenging to survive.
  • Can be destroyed easily. 

How To Make The Best Base?

You may need to consider some crucial factors to craft the best base in Sons of Forest successfully. These are Given Below:

  • Resources: Resources are required to meet the crafting demands. Staying in an area where you can easily access them saves much of your time.
  • Location: The selection of place is most important. Look for a place where there are fewer chances of cannibals attacking you, and also, there should be sufficient resources.
  • Protection: creating a defensive structure around your base is necessary; otherwise, your base will be useless as it will be vulnerable to the attacks of your enemies. So, make sure to lay a solid defensive foundation while building a base.

These were the best base locations, according to my playthrough. I recommend building a distinctive base at those places for survival.  Let us know if you come across more wonderful sites that seem great for the base building.

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