Sons Of The Forest: All Armors [Crafting, Location + Tips]

Armor is one of the essential items you should focus on in Sons of the Forest. Find out how to craft the best armor using the required items.

Sons of the Forest: Best Armor
Sons of the Forest: Best Armor

Being a survival game, armors play a critical role in Sons of the Forest, and it is necessary to get your hands on decent armor at the beginning of the game. Armors provide damage resistance against enemy attacks and some other wild animals out there as well. Nevertheless, crafting a basic armor is pretty easy, while the better ones take a lot of grinding to build.

Key Takeaways

  • There are six types of armor available in Sons of the Forest.
  • In the beginning, Leaf Armor will do the work because it’s easy to build.
  • Creepy Armor gives a little more protection but reduces your stealth attribute.
  • You might need to start looking for more materials to build Hide Armor or Bone Armor, as they provide better protection.
  • Comparatively, Tech Armor is a bit hard to craft and is not very protective.
  • Golden Armor is one of the unique armor in the game, which provides decent shielding against any type of attack.

Armors In Sons Of The Forest

In the first few minutes of Sons of the Forest, one of the tasks you need to do is make armor for yourself. You have the choice to fight off the invaders and wild beasts, but a single critical hit from them might be enough to kill you. Therefore, crafting armor is of key importance.

The armor not only protects you from any outside dangers and attacks, but it provides some other advantages like warmth during cold weather as well. However, these buffs are only available in selected armors.

Type of Armor Defense Stats Crafting
Leaf Armor Low Easy
Creepy Armor Medium Easy
Bone Armor Medium Medium
Hide Armor Medium Hard
Golden Armor Medium Very Hard
Tech Armor High Very Hard
A summary of all Armors in Sons of the Forest

Golden Armor

Forest, the Golden Armor is the final armor available in the game, providing medium defense. It has unique characteristics that set it apart from other armors:

  1. Permanent and Indestructible: The Golden Armor is permanent and does not get damaged by enemy attacks. Unlike other armors in the game, it remains intact and doesn’t degrade over time.

  2. One-Piece Full Coverage: This armor is a one-piece suit that covers your character from head to toe, offering comprehensive protection.

  3. Game Progression: Acquiring the Golden Armor is crucial to progressing through the game. To access the Eastern Bunker, leading to the Magma Caverns, you must obtain this armor. The gates to the Eastern Bunker will automatically open when you interact with them after acquiring the Golden Armor.

Keep in mind that you can obtain the Golden Armor only once, and it plays a pivotal role in reaching the final stages of the game.

Golden Armor Lying on Couch in Sons of the Forest
Golden Armor Lying on Couch | Credits: WoW Quests (YouTube)

Items Required

  • Maintainance Keycard

Unlike other armors, it is only present in a specific location of the game, and it does not require any items for crafting. In order to get this armor, you need to go to the Second Cave Level in the Southeast direction. Moreover, to access the locked door, you need to acquire the Maintenance Keycard first.

Using Maintainence Keycard on the Locked Door in Sons of the Forest
Using Maintenance Keycard on the Locked Door | Credits: WoW Quests (YouTube)

Follow these steps to get there:

  • Follow the location marked on the map which says, “Golden Armor.”
  • Go down the cave until you reach a locked door.
  • Use the Maintenance Keycard and open the door.
  • Move down the hallway and enter the yellow door on your left.
  • Go straight through the corridors till you reach the stairway.
  • There will be mutants in the corridors down there. Either fight them or run past them.
  • Move down to Level 2 and enter the second room in the second corridor.
  • The Golden Armor will be lying on the couch in that room.

Tech Armor

While the Tech Armor may have an impressive appearance and seemingly good defense stats, it may not be the most practical choice. It does offer good protection, but the cost of crafting it can outweigh its benefits.

Another drawback is that you need to craft each piece of the Tech Armor individually, which can be quite time-consuming and resource-intensive. A complete set of Tech Armor requires crafting ten separate pieces, which can be a significant investment in both time and resources.

Crafting Tech Armor
Crafting Tech Armor | Credits: WoW Quests (YouTube)

Items Required

  • Tech Mesh x1
  • Duct Tape x1
  • Batteries x1
  • Wire x1
  • Circuit Board x1
  • Printer Resin 250ml (for Tech Mesh)

How To Acquire:

  • Duct Tape, Wire, Batteries, and Circuit Boards can be found in usual map locations.
  • Tech Mesh is craftable but requires a 3D printer found in underground bunkers.
  • To craft Tech Mesh, you need 250 ml Resin, with 850ml initially in the printer and 200ml on nearby shelves.
  • Combine Tech Mesh with other materials to make individual armor pieces, then craft all ten pieces for full body armor.

Hide Armor

Crafting the Hide Armor provides damage reduction stats similar to the Bone Armor. Additionally, the Hide Armor offers protection against cold weather, helping you stay warm in the game. To craft the Hide Armor, you will need the following items:

Required Items:

  1. Cloth x1
  2. Animal Hide x2

Here’s how you can obtain these items and craft the Hide Armor:

  1. Cloth: Cloth can be found throughout the game world. You can discover pieces of cloth by exploring the environment and searching various containers and boxes. Keep an eye out for cloth as you scavenge for resources.

  2. Animal Hide: To obtain animal hide, you’ll need to hunt deer. You can use ranged weapons or try to sneak up on deer from behind to get close for melee attacks. A few well-placed melee attacks should be enough to take down a deer. Be aware that deer may attempt to flee if they detect you sneaking up on them.

Crafting Hide Armor
Crafting Hide Armor | Credits: WoW Quests (YouTube)

Once you have the required items, combine them to craft the Hide Armor. The Hide Armor is a valuable upgrade over the Leaf Armor and provides decent protection while also keeping you warm in cold weather conditions.

Bone Armor

As I progressed in the game, getting better armor became essential for defense. Bone armor is a solid choice in this regard. It’s easy to craft and provides a decent boost to your defense stats. In comparison, it offers better protection than creepy and leaf armor and is on par with hide armor. You can easily find the ingredients for bone armor while exploring the game world.

Items Required

  • Bones x4
  • Duct Tape x1
  • Rope x1
Crafting Bone Armor in Sons of the Forest
Crafting Bone Armor | Credits: WoW Quests (YouTube)

Regarding the ingredients for Bone Armor, it offers adequate protection and is cost-effective compared to other armor options. Bones are readily available and can be found in almost every cave, obtained from killing mutants, dig sites, cannibal camps, and cemeteries. Another way to acquire bones is by burning bodies using Molotov cocktails, which can be done in the early stages of the game. So, you won’t easily run out of bones.

On the other hand, duct tape and rope are relatively rare, and you can’t craft them. You’ll need to explore various locations to find these items. With consistent exploration, you’ll accumulate an ample supply of duct tape and rope over time.

Creepy Armor

Creepy Armor lives up to its name, as it’s crafted from the skin of cannibals, which adds to its eerie quality. While it offers only basic protection, its primary advantage is its ease of crafting. Unlike the Tech Armor, the entire Creepy Armor set is made in a single piece.

However, one drawback to be aware of is that wearing Creepy Armor decreases your stealth, making you more vulnerable and easier to detect by creatures and mutants.

Cutting Mutant Skin using Combat Knife
Cutting Mutant Skin using Combat Knife | Credits: WoW Quests (YouTube)

Items Required

  • Mutant Skin
  • Combat Knife

To craft the Creepy Armor, first, hunt down any mutant like Finger. You can find them in the caves. After gathering their skin using the Combat Knife, you can make the armor in the toolkit and wear it. You should make this armor the first priority to make yourself ready for even stronger enemies.

Leaf Armor

In the early stages of the game, one of the simplest armors you can craft is the Leaf Armor. It consists mainly of leaves and offers only basic protection against attacks.

While it’s suitable for the initial phases of the game, it’s important to upgrade to better armor as soon as possible because most enemies can still deal significant damage while you’re wearing it.

Crafting Leaf Armor using Leaves and Cloth
Crafting Leaf Armor using Leaves and Cloth | Credits: WoW Quests (YouTube)

Items Required

  • Leaf x10
  • Cloth x1

Being the cheapest armor, you can craft it using ten leaves and a piece of cloth. These items can be found lying around or in boxes while you wander and explore the world. As it is made of leaves, it will not help much in defense, but still, it will be better than nothing when you go hunting for food and other basic stuff. So, you should make a full body armor once you collect all items.

Final Thoughts

In this guide, we summarized all the available armor along with their crafting items and locations. The best armor in Sons of the Forest usually depends on the materials you acquire as time passes. Nevertheless, the final one is the Golden Armor, found near the end of the game, which gives top-notch stats and is the most aesthetic of them all.

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