Sons of The Forest Best Axe With Locations

With a total of three Axe weapons in Sons of the Forest, choose your favorite!

Sons of the Forest Best Axe

Players should know three types of axes: Tactical, Modern, and Firefighter axes. Each Axe has a different speed and power to chop down trees and build bases for your character. Starting with the Tactical Axe, it can be easily found in your backpack’s emergency kit.

The Tactical Axe can tear down trees and smaller branches at a moderate pace and takes a few blows for your character to dislodge a tree. Secondly, the Modern Axe, which is slightly tricky to find, is much better than the other two in speed and a pinch of power. I believe there will be no worse or better Axe because they serve the same purpose.

Key Takeaways

  • There are three types of axes in Sons of the Forest.
  • We have the Tactical Axe, Modern Axe, and Firefighter Axe.
  • At the start of your game, open your backpack and click on Emergency Pack. You will find the Tactical Axe inside the pack.
  • The Modern Axe is slightly difficult to find—both Firefighter and Modern Axe.
  • The Sons of The Forest map is hard to navigate, and most players seem lost!
  • The Axe has minimal power to chop down trees and damage animals. The rate at which you can chop them down can vary.

All Axes

In Sons of the Forest, the three available axes may not differ significantly in terms of their primary function, but there are some distinctions:

  1. Modern Axe: This axe is notable for its speed, as it takes fewer hits to chop down trees than the other two. It excels in tree-cutting efficiency, making it the fastest option for resource gathering.
  2. Firefighter Axe: While it may not be the fastest, it offers significant power. It is versatile for hunting animals for food and defending yourself against hostile enemies. Its higher damage output makes it effective in combat situations.
  3. Tactical Axe: The Tactical Axe has the lowest stats among the three axes and is typically the starting weapon you can access from your backpack. While it may not excel in damage or speed, it’s a basic tool that can be used for various tasks.

Axes in Sons of the Forest are essential for chopping down trees, gathering wood, and crafting objects for base-building and survival. Having the right axe can make these tasks more efficient and less time-consuming. 

Modern Axe

All Rounder axe in Sons of the Forest.
A full-sized map shows us where you need to go if your GPS doesn’t work!

The navigation system, GPS included, has a knack for playing with our minds. Sometimes, players can lose their way when scouting places.

Zoomed In
Zooming on the point from the previous map, you can see the midpoint of the area you must go to!

I’ll make sure to explain in detail with images.

Middle Tent
The Modern Axe is stuck on a dead body in the middle of a tent!

Once you go over to the midsection of the area surrounded by rivers, you can easily find a campsite with three tents. Make sure you head straight toward the middle tent, and you’ll notice a dead body with an axe in its chest. Take out the Axe, and you’ll acquire the Modern Axe!

Firefighter Axe

Best Medium Range Axe.
Zoomed Map
On your map, you can go to the point marked by the arrow and find the place with the tripods!

You can knock enemies out with three to four swipes and continue your survival journey. Or you can use it to gather supplies and hunt for food quickly.

Two Tripods
Once you arrive at the exact point marked on the map, you’ll find the place surrounded by tripods!

The Firefighter Axe is situated in a hidden bunker. You’ll need to use your shovel to dig for the entrance, so ensure you have it on you during the search.

Shovel Point
You will need to remove the stone and start shoveling!

Arriving at the point will lead you to a stone at the center of the tripods. Use prompt actions to remove the stone and shovel the ground.

Visible Bunker
You’ll notice a bunker/vault as you start shoveling!

As you continue to shovel, you will find the bunker “Maintenance A.” Use the prompt button to enter the place.

The Bunker
After you dig the bunker, you’ll find an entrance labeled “Maintenance A.”

Go straight toward the end, and you will find the Firefighter axe hanging on a wall.

Firefighter Axe
Equip the Axe!

Pick it up, and you’ll have it on you for the rest of your journey!

Tactical Axe

Best Beginner Axe.

After the first cutscene, you can open your backpack and select the Emergency Pack. The pack will hold the pieces for the Tactical Axe, which you can use to survive in the game regarding basic needs.

Not much effort is pushed into finding the Tactical Axe. Instead, it is very simple to locate and use. 

What Would I Recommend?

I recommend getting your Fire Fighter Axe that is not only ideal for traditional uses like gathering resources but also a solid melee weapon. It boasts a good medium range and is easily accessible in Maintenence Bunker A. Apart from that, you are free to pursue whatever axe is more accessible to your playthrough as it is a vital item for the game. 

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