Sons of The Forest Best Settings For High FPS

All the modified settings for Son of the Forest that provide you with maximum FPS for a smoother gameplay

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SOTF: Best FPS Settings

Survival games like Sons of the Forest involve realistic gameplay and amazing sceneries that can cause stuttering or loss of FPS on some machines. These games are best played on constant and high FPS so players can have fun and enjoy the game at its full potential.

Modifying the in-game and system settings will make the FPS constant, preventing stuttering. However, small changes in any setting can have a considerable effect. Therefore, instructions are to be followed carefully.

Key Takeaways

  • To achieve your machine’s highest FPS, you must change in-game settings and windows settings.
  • Ensure that all the startup apps are disabled, so PC startup impact is minimal.
  • Also, disable all the background apps, so your RAM does not reach a bottleneck.
  • Prioritize sons of the forest by setting priority High from Task manager and Graphics Settings.
  • Now, open Sons of the Forest and its settings to make more changes.
  • Make sure you play on the highest monitor resolution for a better playing experience. 
  • Cap the FPS slider if your PC can’t handle too much fps, so energy is saved.
  • Turn off all the unnecessary settings that have little or no effect on FPS as they consume energy that can be secured.

System Settings

Graphics Settings

Windows Graphics Settings
System Graphics Settings (Similar for Windows 11)

Let’s first look at the changes we can make out of the game. The most important thing is to make your GPU prioritize Sons of the Forest. To do that, we will search for Graphics Settings in the search bar and open the first option that appears.

Turn on the Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling to improve game performance drastically. Underneath that, you must prioritize the game by browsing the game location in windows and clicking High Performance.

Task Manager

When your game is running, minimize it and open Task Manager. You can press the keys Ctrl + Shift + Esc as a shortcut. Observe the headings and select Details. In there, look for Sons of the Forest and right-click on it. Hover on the Set Priority tab and click High.

By doing this, your computer will prioritize the game over any background running apps, boosting game performance. If your laptop or desktop computer starts heating up, turn it to Above Normal to cool the temps.

If you wish to monitor your GPU and CPU temps while playing the game, we suggest MSI Afterburner as it is an excellent tool for monitoring purposes, and you can also record your gameplay with it if you wish to.

Background Applications

Most of the time, the cause of restricted FPS is too many apps running in the background. This can also be a problem for High-end PC users; they might notice their game running at 40-50 FPS less than usual.

To turn these applications off, select start and head into settings > privacy > background apps. You must ensure the option Let apps run in the background is turned off. This will also let your graphics card only focus on the game you are running.

Steam Changes

Changing game settings from steam
Changes to be made in Steam properties

Moving towards final touches, go on and open Steam. Go to your library and look for Sons of the Forest—Right-click on it and open Properties. In General, you will see the last heading as Launch Options. Delete whatever is already written and copy this -window-mode exclusive –screen-fullscreen.

By doing this, you can now launch your game in exclusive full-screen mode. Lastly, open your C drive > Program Files (x86) > Steam > steamapps > common > Sons of the Forest—Right-click on the game’s .exe file and select Properties.

Under the heading Compatibility, Check the box that says Disable full-screen optimizations. Then click Change high DPI Settings, check the Override box, and choose the application from the drop-down tab. Apply all the changes and press Ok. At this point, you have applied all the textbook changes to your system for increasing FPS. Let’s move toward the in-game settings now.

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In-game Settings


Display options are responsible for keeping resolution based on your monitor and screen mode. We recommend that you keep the highest resolution your monitor can display, as in that case, you will unlock the game’s full potential and enjoy all the beautiful views it offers.

A lower resolution will pixelate your display, making the gameplay blurry and difficult. So, you should avoid it and select the max resolution. Your fullscreen mode should be set to Exclusive Fullscreen, and Vsync should be off if you want more fps. The setting of Max FPS is a somewhat controversial topic. If you own a high-end pc, don’t limit your fps and extend the bar to complete, so it displays Max FPS.

Limiting the max fps the screen can display is preferred if you have a system between low-end and medium. This should be done because if you are getting close to 60 fps and have set the limit to 200, the game keeps making an extra effort to increase somehow and take the fps to 200. This requires more energy which is getting wasted; this energy can be used for other purposes, so you should limit the fps bar.

The last two options, Gamma and Brightness, do not affect FPS so you can set them on your judgment. Vary these two settings and check their effect on your screen, so you have more understanding about it.


There are many settings to keep under this heading, so we will simplify it by making one-liners.

Graphics Settings in-game
Graphics Settings in Sons of the Forest


  • Draw Distance: Medium. Depends on the computer’s VRAM. Keep at medium because you will not look too far when playing.
  • Ambient Occlusion: Low/Medium. It has some effect on FPS, so it is preferred to keep it low; medium works for high-end users.
  • Fog Quality: Off. More fog makes vision blurry, which is not helpful and reduces FPS.
  • Anisotropic Textures: Off. It has significantly less impact on FPS. However, it plays a vital role when loading images and textures.
  • Shadow Quality: Ultra Low/ Low. It is essential to have shadows for better cinematic shots. But if you feel like your FPS dropped, keep it low.
  • Clouds: Low. Very rarely, you would be required to look at the sky other than the face if you want to take snapshots. Keep it low, as they are not a priority.
  • Grass: Low. The whole technically is inside a forest, so there is too much grass. Keep it low, so you get maximum performance anywhere you go.
  • Water: Low. You will come across some waterfalls where FPS usually drops or stutters. Therefore, keep this low as well.
  • Parallax Distance: Medium. They are the least responsible when it comes to FPS.
  • Billboard Quality: Medium. It does not play an important role when FPS comes into the equation.
  • Texture Resolution: Quarter/Half. Dependent on VRAM in your computer. Keep it at half or quarter if it is 4 GB or less. Otherwise, you can change it.


More graphics settings
Extended Graphics Settings in Sons of the Forest
  • Anti-Aliasing: Disabled. It works only when Dynamic Resolution is off. We recommend using Dynamic resolution rather than Anti-Aliasing.
  • Dynamic Resolution: Systems with RTX GPUs should select DLSS as its best for them. Others should go with TAAU.
  • DLSS (only for NVIDIA users): Performance. Keeping it at performance will give you a good amount of FPS. Changing to anything high will trade FPS with quality.
  • Bloom: On. Related to the brightness displayed on the screen, minimal effect on FPS. If any object on the screen appears too bright, turn this off.
  • Screen Space Reflection: On. A very optimized effect comes from water or mirror reflections. It does not affect FPS and also makes vision better.
  • Motion Blur: Off. This is a user-preferred option. Usually responsible for giving players a cinematic experience as the background is blurred when making quick movements.
  • Micro Shadowing: Off. Related to how detailed shadow is displayed on the screen. High impact on FPS. Better to keep it off.
  • Contact Shadows: On. This relates to how far away trees look on your screen. Keep it on for better visuals.
  • Chromatic Aberration: Off. How RGB colors split on your screen when playing. It shows the effect when you are getting hurt. User preference is given priority over here.


  • Film Grain: On. Related to the scenario when you are recording your gameplay. When turned on, your computer tries to keep better recording quality.
  • Color Grade: This will not affect FPS, no matter what settings you keep. This setting is related to what colors your screen will display when playing the game.

Final Remarks

That is all for the best fps settings guide. Make sure that once you keep your settings as explained, compare them by changing them to ultra. You will notice that your fps gets a significant downgrade, but the performance more or less stays the same.

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