Sons Of The Forest Best Weapons [Top 6]

This guide explains the best weapons in Sons of Forest in detail. It also gives a brief idea of their locations and ammo finding.

Best Weapons in Sons of Forest
Best Weapons

Among the various weapons, I will detail some of the best weapons in Sons of The Forest. Each weapon has distinct characteristics and can be useful according to the combat situation.

Key Takeaways

  • Out of the 18 weapons in Sons of the Forest, the shotgun is the best choice because it deals great damage at shorter distances.
  • You can also enhance weapons by upgrading them. Upgrade the weapons to improve their overall working.
  • You can loot crates or explore the different locations to get ammo. You can also craft ammo for some weapons. 
  • Players can stun opponents with the stun gun.
  • Use the GPS tracker to find the desired location instantly.
  • Crossbow makes a shot without making a sound. It’s a great weapon for players who prefer stealth playthrough.
  • Tactical Axe acts as both a weapon and a tool to cut down trees.
  • A chainsaw is one of the most potent weapons if you need to rip out your enemies.

Best Weapons Compared

The following table compares the best weapons in the Sons of the Forest:

No.NameBest forItem TypeLocationObtained throughEquipableUpgradableThrowableStorageSpeedDamageBlockRangeMax StackUses
1ShotgunThe Strongest WeaponWeaponGPS locator marker in a grave in a nightclubDigging up the grave with a shovel/picking it up on the bar counter of the nightclubOne/Two-HandedThe shotgun rail is used to add attachments such as a flashlight and laser sight.N/AUnknownSlow fire rate HighN/AShort1-
2Stun GunBest Weapon For Defense-Rebreather Cave-YesNoNo-------
3PistolBest Weapon For BeginnersRanged1. On the Survival raft
2. In green point cave near the lake cave on the rear side of the map (requires maintenance keycard)
-YesYesNoUnknownFastLow-Medium-Medium129mm Ammo
4CrossbowHighest Damage-dealing WeaponRangedFood and Dining Bunker-YesYesNoUnknownLowMedium-High- Medium-High- Crossbow bolt
5Tactical AxeBest Weapon For HuntingUtility Tool
Melee Weapon
-Emergency Pack----HighLowYesShort1-
6ChainsawBest Melee Weapon--- YesNoNo-Medium-----

Weapons Comparison Table.

1. Shotgun

The Strongest Weapon
Shotgun Weapon
Shotgun (Image Credits; ZaFrostPet)
Item TypeWeapon
LocationGPS locator marker in a grave in a nightclub
Obtained throughDigging up the grave with a shovel/picking it up on the bar counter of the nightclub
UpgradableThe shotgun rail is used to add attachments such as a flashlight and laser sight.
SpeedSlow fire rate
Max Stack1

Why did I Choose Shotgun?

For aggressive gameplay, I suggest the shotgun due to its high damage output and accurate shots at point-blank range.

When it comes to hunting down enemies, especially in close quarters, the shotgun proves to be an excellent choice in the Sons of the Forest. This weapon excels in short-range combat, dealing substantial damage to your adversaries.

To make the shotgun even more effective, I suggest enhancing it through various upgrades. Your first task is to locate the shotgun itself. Here’s how to find it:

  1. Locating the Shotgun:

    • Use a tracker to help you locate the shotgun.
    • Since it’s buried underground, bring a shovel to unearth it safely.
  2. Finding the Shotgun:

    • Head to the Western side where you’ll discover a grave marked by a wooden stick with a red cloth attached.
    • Start digging, and a casket will gradually emerge.
    • Inside the casket, you’ll find a deceased individual holding the shotgun.
  3. Equipping the Shotgun:

    • To equip the shotgun, press the relevant key.
  4. Ammo:

    • Keep in mind that shotgun ammo cannot be crafted.
    • Search specific areas as you explore the game world to find shotgun ammunition.

  • Exceptional Firepower.
  • Versatility with different ammunition types.
  • Most effective Close Range Weapon.

  • Can not be crafted.
  • Limited Ammunition is available.
  • Not preferred for long-range combat.

2. Stun Gun

Best Weapon For Defense
Stun Gun Weapon
Stun Gun
LocationRebreather Cave

Why did I Choose Stun Gun?

To help your teammates during critical situations, the Stun Gun can be used to freeze the enemies.

The Stun Gun is a valuable non-lethal weapon that can stun enemies and provide you with a tactical advantage in combat, as well as support teammates in multiplayer fights. Here’s how to obtain it:

  1. Location: You can find the Stun Gun in a cave on the northern side of the beach. This cave is the same place where players acquire the Rebreather in Sons of the Forest.

  2. Accessing the Cave: The cave entrance is initially blocked by wooden slabs. Use an Axe to remove these obstacles.

  3. Navigating the Cave: As you progress through the cave, be prepared to encounter enemies. Keep a reliable weapon ready to fend them off.

  4. Discovery: Eventually, you’ll reach an area with a red light source. Stop and look around; you’ll notice a deceased person hanging from the tunnel’s ceiling. Next to this figure, you’ll find the Stun Gun.

Remember that the Stun Gun requires ammo to function, and you can acquire ammo by looting crates.

  • Incapacitates Enemies.
  • Effective Against Cannibals.

  • Limited Range.
  • Slow Reload.

3. Pistol

Best Weapon For Beginners
Pistol gun Weapon
Item TypeRanged
Location1. On the Survival raft
2. In green point cave near the lake cave on the rear side of the map (requires maintenance keycard)
Max Stack12
Uses9mm Ammo

Why did I Choose Pistol?

Pistol is most effective at close and mid-range, and I prefer to use it against Cannibals.

When dealing with cannibals, a pistol proves to be a highly effective weapon due to its aim assistance, and ranged capabilities. But I will still advise you to exercise caution, as it can be noisy and potentially draw more enemies towards you. It is best to use it when there’s minimal risk of attracting additional foes to your location.

  1. Obtaining the Pistol:

    • Use a GPS tracker to reach the ocean location.
    • Look for a red and black-colored boat or tent floating on the water.
    • Swim toward it and find a dead man on board with the pistol on his right side.
    • Collect any additional valuable items, including ammo.
  2. Upgrading:

    • Upgrade the pistol to enhance its damage output.
    • Consider adding a silencer to reduce noise, making it less likely to attract enemies.
  3. Ammo:

    • Be mindful of your limited ammo supply, as the ammo for this weapon is not craftable.
    • Explore areas where you are likely to find loot to restock ammo.

Exercise caution and use the pistol sparingly, as your ammo supply is limited. You can also check out my Sons Of The Forest Pistol Location for more details.

  • Preferred against Cannibals.
  • Most effective for mid-range combat.

  • Lower Damage Output.
  • 9mm ammo is scarcely available. 

4. Crossbow

Highest Damage-dealing Weapon
Crossbow Weapon
Item TypeRanged
LocationFood and Dining Bunker
UsesCrossbow bolt

Why did I Choose Crossbow?

Although it requires Accurate shooting, it deals exceptionally high Damage to the zombies.

If you prefer a sneaky playstyle, the Crossbow is an ideal weapon for you. Its ability to shoot arrows at enemies without making a sound makes it a top choice. Not only does it deal significant damage, but it also allows for precise aiming.

The Crossbow is especially useful for hunting animals, as it won’t spook them with the loud noise of other weapons. To obtain this weapon, follow these steps:

  1. Location: The Crossbow can be found inside a bunker. Here’s how to access it:

  2. Obtaining the Maintenance Key Card:

    • Complete other missions in Sons of the Forest to obtain the Maintenance Key Card.
    • The card’s location will be visible on your tracker, so follow the path indicated.
  3. Navigating to the Bunker:

    • Enter a narrow opening that leads to a tunnel.
    • Proceed further until you come across the entrance to a room or bunker.
    • Descend using a ladder and use the Maintenance Key Card to open another door leading to a second room.
  4. Finding the Crossbow:

    • Explore the room, and you’ll find a corpse and the Crossbow in the same location.
    • Pay special attention to the shelves, where you’ll locate the Crossbow.

  • High Damage Output.
  • Very Accurate.
  • Most Powerful non-explosive weapon.

  • Crossbow bolts are not available for crafting.
  • Low firing speed.
  • Bolts are affected by gravity.

Check out Sons Of The Forest Crossbow Location

5. Tactical Axe

Best Weapon For Hunting
Tactical Axe Weapon
Tactical Axe
Item TypeUtility Tool
Melee Weapon
Obtained throughEmergency Pack
Speed High
Max Stack1

Why did I Choose Tactical Axe?

You will get the Tactical Axe from the start, hence you can use it for longer and be an expert.

In the beginning, you can easily acquire one of the best weapons, the tactical axe, by simply opening the emergency kit. The tactical axe is highly versatile, serving both as a weapon and a tool for various tasks like cutting down trees or other objects.

When it comes to defending yourself against less powerful enemies, the tactical axe is a reliable choice. While it may not deal as much damage as some other weapons, its versatility and usefulness persist throughout the game, making it a valuable asset in your survival kit.

  • Tactical Axe is multipurpose (used for combat and cutting trees)
  • Used to dismember limbs off of enemies.
  • Not suitable for gutting Animals.
  • Is Outclassed by better alternatives in the late game.

6. Chainsaw

Best Melee Weapon
Chainsaw Weapon
Speed Medium

Why did I Choose Chainsaw?

Although it is heavy, the chainsaw proves to be lethal in combat by slaying the creatures through the cutter.

Another excellent weapon in your arsenal is the chainsaw, known for its impressive damage output. Aside from its combat capabilities, you can also use it to efficiently take down trees, which is essential for gathering wood materials for building in Sons of Forest.

To obtain the chainsaw, make sure you have both the VIP and maintenance keycard.

Follow these steps to find it:

  1. Locate the cave and venture inside. Continue moving through the cave system.

  2. Keep navigating until you reach a bunker.

  3. With careful exploration, you’ll find your way to the theater room within the bunker.

  4. In the theater room, you’ll discover the chainsaw in the hands of a deceased individual sitting on a yellow-colored bean bag.

  • Effective for Base Building.
  • Lethal in Combat.
  • Battery Dependency.
  • Takes up more space due to Weight.

Why Others Were Not Chosen?

  1. Katana: The swing movement is very slow, so I prefer the Tactical Axe over it.
  2. Stun Baton: Although it has a paralyzing shock benefit, it deals very little damage and you need to switch to an alternative weapon for finishing off enemies.
  3. Machete: It is not very effective at blocking enemy attacks for defensive strategy.
  4. Compound Bow: The crossbow offers a better alternative in terms of damage output and accuracy.
  5. Revolver: The revolver has a slow shooting transition and a less reload speed.

My Opinion On The Best Weapons

I have tried and tested all the mentioned weapons in my gameplay to check their efficiency during combat. Although all the listed best weapons have their uniqueness, I prefer to use a Shotgun when playing aggressively, a Stun Gun when supporting enemies, and a Chainsaw when I want to get rid of a large group of Cannibals.

However, I suggest you try out all these guns in Sons of the Forest to gain experience and decide which one suits you the most. 

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