Sons Of The Forest Best Weapons [Top 6]

This guide explains the best weapons in Sons of Forest in detail. It also gives a brief idea of their locations and ammo finding.

Best Weapons in Sons of Forest
Best Weapons

Among the various weapons, we will detail some of the best weapons in Sons of The Forest. Each weapon has distinct characteristics and can be useful according to the combat situation.

Key Takeaways

  • Out of the 18 weapons in Sons of the Forest, shotgun is the best weapon because it deals great damage at shorter distances.
  • You can also enhance weapons by upgrading them. Upgrade the weapons to improve their overall working.
  • You can loot crates or explore the different locations to get ammo. You can also craft ammo for some weapons. 
  • Players can stun opponents with the stun gun.
  • Use the GPS tracker to find the desired location instantly.
  • Crossbow makes a shot without making a sound. It’s a great weapon for players who like to stay in stealth.
  • Tactical Axe acts as both a weapon and a tool to cut down trees.
  • Chainsaw is one of the most potent weapons if you need to rip out your enemies.

Sons of the Forest Best Weapons

Here is a summary table for the Best Weapons in Sons of the Forest:

No.NameItem TypeLocationObtained throughEquipableUpgradableThrowableStorageSpeedDamageBlockRangeMax StackUses
1ShotgunWeaponGPS locator marker in a grave in a nightclubDigging up the grave with a shovel/picking it up on the bar counter of the nightclubOne/Two-HandedThe shotgun rail is used to add attachments such as a flashlight and laser sight.N/AUnknownSlow fire rate HighN/AShort1-
2Stun Gun-Rebreather Cave-YesNoNo-------
3PistolRanged1. On the Survival raft
2. In green point cave near the lake cave on the rear side of the map (requires maintenance keycard)
-YesYesNoUnknownFastLow-Medium-Medium129mm Ammo
4CrossbowRangedFood and Dining Bunker-YesYesNoUnknownLowMedium-High- Medium-High- Crossbow bolt
5Tactical AxeUtility Tool
Melee Weapon
-Emergency Pack----HighLowYesShort1-
6Chainsaw--- YesNoNo-Medium-----


Shotgun Weapon
Shotgun (Image Credits; ZaFrostPet)
Item TypeWeapon
LocationGPS locator marker in a grave in a nightclub
Obtained throughDigging up the grave with a shovel/picking it up on the bar counter of the nightclub
UpgradableThe shotgun rail is used to add attachments such as a flashlight and laser sight.
SpeedSlow fire rate
Max Stack1

Do you want to hunt down enemies, ideally at close range? That’s where you need to get yourself a shotgun. It is known as one of the best weapons in the Sons of Forest. You can rely entirely on this gun during short-range combat, and it can hurt enemies significantly.

One can make enhancements through certain upgrades as well. With the help of a tracker, you can look for the shotgun, but as it is placed under the ground, you will need a shovel to dig it up. Keep the proper tools so you may not face any difficulties later.

On the Western side, there will be a grave. You can identify it by a wooden stick near it with the red-colored cloth attached to the grave. Start digging up, and a casket will start to show up. Open the casket, and a dead body will be lying inside it while holding a gun.

Equip the weapon by pressing the relevant key. You will have to struggle to find its ammo as you can’t craft it. Explore the places where there is a probability of finding ammunition for the shotgun.

Stun Gun

Stun Gun Weapon
Stun Gun
LocationRebreather Cave

The other best weapon we have is the Stun Gun. It may not damage enough to knock out the enemies, but still, you can use it to stun them flawlessly. It releases an electrical shot and makes your opponents collapse or hinder their attacks,

While providing you an edge over them during combat. You can also use the stun gun to assist your teammates in multiplayer fights. This weapon is located in the cave on the beach, on the Northern side. It is the same place from where players get the Rebreather in Sons of Forest.

The cave’s opening will be closed with wooden slabs, and you can tear them down using the appropriate weapon, i.e., an Axe. Now make your way through it; while doing so, you may encounter some enemies too.

So, keep a reliable weapon in your hand to fight them off instantly. After some time, you will reach an area from where the red light will be coming out. Stop there and look around, and you will find a dead person hanging from the tunnel’s ceiling. Look next to it, and Stun Gun will be right there.

You need Stun gun ammo to run this weapon, and to get it; you will have to loot the crates.


Pistol gun Weapon
Item TypeRanged
Location1. On the Survival raft
2. In green point cave near the lake cave on the rear side of the map (requires maintenance keycard)
Max Stack12
Uses9mm Ammo

A pistol is the best weapon to use against cannibals. It offers aim assistance and is a great ranged weapon. However, it can be noisy and can alert more enemies, diverting their attention toward you. So, only use it when there is less danger of attracting enemies to your location.

Upgrade it for a better damage outcome, and after the upgradation, you can finely use it for farther combats. You can also add a silencer to the pistol and suppress its noise-making characteristic. Arrive at the location with the help of a GPS tracker, which will be an ocean.

Stand at the edge of the land and look for a red and black-colored boat or tent that will be floating on the water. After spotting it, swim in the direction of your target, and by getting into it, you will be able to see a dead man, and on his right side, there will be a pistol.

Grab the other valuable items like ammo or more. The ammo for this weapon is also uncraftable, so take a walk around the areas where you are more likely to find loot. Ensure you do not use it unnecessarily, as you have a limited ammo supply.

Checkout Sons Of The Forest Pistol Location to get to know the location of the pistol!


Crossbow Weapon
Item TypeRanged
LocationFood and Dining Bunker
UsesCrossbow bolt

A Crossbow is suitable for players like you if you are into the sneaky play style. Its ability to shoot arrows at enemies without creating a sound makes it the best weapon. It deals significant damage and allows you to aim more precisely.

Most of the time, the animals can run away due to the noise of other weapons, but with this one, you can hunt them easily without alerting them. You can get this weapon by getting inside and bunker; we will let you know the right way.

The first thing you need is the maintenance key card, and you can attain it by doing other missions in Sons of Forest. The location will be visible on the tracker, so make your way there by following the paths correctly.

Get inside the tunnel through a narrow opening, and by going further, you will come across a room or bunker’s entrance. Get down using a ladder and then use the key card to open another door leading to the second room.

Move around, and you can spot a corpse and crossbow in the same place. Look between the shelves mainly, and you will find it quickly.
Checkout Sons Of The Forest Crossbow Location to get to know the location of the crossbow!

Tactical Axe

Tactical Axe Weapon
Tactical Axe
Item TypeUtility Tool
Melee Weapon
Obtained throughEmergency Pack
Speed High
Max Stack1

You get to lay your hands on this best weapon in the beginning by opening the emergency kit. An Axe is most liked due to its dual benefits. You can use it as a weapon and a tool for cutting down trees or other stuff.

Players can defend themselves using the tactical axe while fighting against less powerful enemies. Despite being less damaging, this weapon remains handy throughout the game.


Chainsaw Weapon
Speed Medium

It is another best weapon that you get to use. It brings excellent damage, and apart from ripping out the enemies, you can also use it for taking down trees. You need wood material for building purposes in Sons of Forest, so having the chainsaw can make wood accumulation easy.

You must keep the VIP and maintenance key card to attain the chainsaw. Spot the location of the cave and get inside. Keep moving until you reach the bunker. By navigating properly, you will get to the theater room.

The chainsaw will be in the hands of a person sitting dead on a yellow-colored bean bag. This weapon offers incredible damage and can clear out almost all types of enemies.

Ending Remarks

Our today’s best weapons guide ends right here. Keep trying out different weapons to find out which one is the best in your sight. Stay tuned for more informative guides, and don’t forget to share them with your friends.

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