How To Get Binoculars In Sons Of The Forest [Quick Method]

New Patch brings out Binoculars, read to find out where to find it and how to use it effectively!

Sons of the Forest: Where to find the Binoculars?
Sons of the Forest: Where to find the Binoculars?

Binoculars and Hand Gliders are some of the new items that made their debut in Sons of the Forest in the recent patch update on March 9.

Binoculars are an important piece of equipment, allowing you to explore far areas from high locations on the map. Its potential usage and location are discussed in this article.

Key Takeaways

  • The patch update on March 9 introduced Binoculars.
  • They are located at the North Beach on red kayaks, near the Rebreather’s location.
  • Other items found near Binoculars are a camouflage suit for Virginia and a few more utilities in the supply crates.
  • You can use them to zoom in and explore faraway places.
  • Standing on high places such as cliffs or mountains would be best to get a better view of the region.


Binoculars Location on the Map in Sons of the Forest
Binoculars Location on the Map | Credits: MapGenie
  1. Unlike other equipment found in Sons of the Forest, Binoculars are not present somewhere in the ground like the shotgun. It does not require to use of any tool or keycard to enter some cave to acquire it.
  2. It is simply placed on a red kayak, and you will not need any extra piece of equipment to obtain it.
  3. Additionally, the place will be completely peaceful, so you won’t need to worry about any mutants.
  4. Start your journey by searching for the place in the Northern Beaches on the map, north of the Rebreather’s location.
  5. Afterward, walk for a few minutes, and you will see a red kayak along with a few crates washed up by the sea at the shore. Approach the red kayak and the Binoculars will be present on it.
  6. You will find the Camouflage Suit as well. You can give that suit to Virginia so she can wear it.
  7. You can also find some crates lying there filled with loot. Hence, don’t forget to check them too.
Binoculars on the Red Kayaks
Binoculars on the Red Kayak | Credits: DrakuPlays (YouTube)

Tips For Using Binoculars


After acquiring the Binoculars, you can easily equip them from your inventory. Follow these steps to use the Binoculars.

  • Press I to open the inventory.
  • Click on the Binoculars to equip it.
  • Hold the primary action button and use your mouse to see the zoomed-in view.
Equipping Binoculars from the Inventory
Equipping Binoculars from the Inventory | Credits: DrakuPlays

As per my experience, The Binoculars work only until you hold the button; once you let go of the button, you will revert to normal view. You can simultaneously equip it with some other equipment, for example, the GPS Map.

Adding Hotkey

The process is similar to adding a hotkey for Binoculars, like any other item. Follow these steps to set a quick slot for it.

  • Open the inventory.
  • Hover your mouse on the Binoculars.
  • Press any desired button from 0 to 9 on the Keyboard; the hotkey will be set for this item.

Hence, you can easily equip it again by pressing the hotkey and then holding the primary button to use it.

Ideal Place To Use

Binoculars zoom in on the area showing detail of the regions far from you. However, this can only be beneficial if you are actually able to see and comprehend the view.

To make it work perfectly fine, you should head to some high place such as towers, mountains, or cliffs and then use the binoculars to look for food or enemies.

Looking through a Binoculars
Looking through Binoculars | Credits: DrakuPlays

Although, this does not mean you should not use it in plain areas or forests. You can use it there as well to mark hostiles or edibles. However, your view will be mostly blocked by trees and bushes in the forest or other congested regions.

Final Thoughts

In this guide, I covered the Binoculars, the latest addition to Sons of the Forest. Although this tool is not given right away at the beginning of the game, you can find it easily in the early game.

Nevertheless, it is not one of the necessary pieces of equipment. Therefore, you should start looking for it once you get time.

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