Sons of the Forest: Can Opener Location + Usage

The Can Opener is a survival tool which can be found at 3 different locations.

Cover can opener sons of the forest
Can openers in Sons of the Forest

In Sons of the Forest, a can opener is a valuable tool for survival. It’s used to open tinned or canned foods when your character is hungry.

Canned food is essential for satisfying hunger in survival situations, making knowledge of the can Opener crucial. Additionally, canned food alleviates hunger and keeps your character from getting thirsty, offering a beneficial resource without any adverse side effects.

Key Takeaways

  • Canned food is essential to fill the player’s hunger in the survival conditions.
  • GPS is a map that can locate and track can openers in the game.
  • The can Opener can be found at three different locations.
  • Can Opener is a critical tool that can help you access food supplies and keep your hunger levels in check.

Using GPS

GPS is a mobile object that can be hand-held and carried easily throughout your journey. It can be enabled by pressing ‘M.’ The GPS is a map that can locate and track other game members. It also is handy in creating custom waypoints.

You can easily find the can opener just by tracking it down. Here is a list of locations to find the can opener. Just zoom in on the GPS and follow your way through.

Location A: Snowy Mountain Cave

first location can opener sons of forest
Location A for can Opener (Source: Youtube/KiahonFire)

You can find the Can Opener at a specific location near the mountain cave entrance. Follow these steps to locate it:

  1. Consult your GPS Tracker for guidance. The screenshot in the game should indicate the general area of the Can Opener.
  2. Look for a frozen pond near the mountain cave entrance. You’ll find two red tents and two broken sleds in this area.
location a sons of forest can opener
Snowy mountain location (Source: Youtube/KiahonFire)
  1. The Can Opener is located near one of the red tents, specifically the one with a few green sacks and two yellow buckets. It should be easy to spot in this location.
  2. In this area, keep an eye out for other valuable resources such as Rope, medication, money, and more. There should be a canned food item close to the broken sleds.
  3. You can explore the nearby cave once you’ve obtained the Can Opener. Inside the cave, you’ll find three wood crates that can be broken open to acquire more canned food and other supplies.

You can break open three wood crates inside the cave to get more canned food. So, if you need additional resources, check them out.

Location B: Coastline of Sandy Beach In North

If you’re in the northern coastline area, head to the GPS Tracker location in the screenshot for the northmost Can Opener. It’s located on rocks near the water and the Rebreather cave. You’ll also find Rope, Duct Tape, Energy Drinks, and oysters in this area.

second location can opener sons of forest
Location B Can opener (Source: Youtube/MYUSUALME – DAILY GAMES )

Scan the rocks to locate the Can Opener when you arrive at the GPS Tracker location. The Rope can be used for climbing or tying things down, while the Duct Tape is versatile. Energy Drinks can provide a quick boost, and Oysters can be a source of nutrition.

Location b coastline sons of forest
Coastline location can Opener (Source: Youtube/MYUSUALME – DAILY GAMES )

Explore the Rebreather cave for underwater areas and access to resources. Don’t forget to take advantage of the resources available in the GPS Tracker location. They can be useful in survival situations.

Coastline sons of forest
Coastline Can opener location Sons of Forest (Source: Youtube/MYUSUALME – DAILY GAMES )

Location C: Campsite In The West

If you find yourself near the westmost Can Opener location, head towards the GPS Tracker location indicated in the screenshot.

third location can opener sons of the forest
Western campsite can Opener (Source: YouTube/Smartest Bean)

Keep an eye out for an abandoned campsite, where you’ll find 2 Red Tents, dismembered bodies on pikes, supply crates, and a corpse holding a collectible note. The campsite is located near a small waterfall.

campsite in the west can opener sons of forest
Campsite in the west can opener location (Source: YouTube/Smartest Bean)

Once you have located the abandoned campsite, search for the Can Opener near the frying pan in the center of the area. This tool can be essential to open cans for food or other supplies.

Aside from the Can Opener, you may also find other valuable resources on the campsite, such as first aid kits, ammunition, and food supplies.

Use Of A Can Opener

Now that you have your can opener, here’s how to use it to open Canned Food and satisfy your hunger:

  1. Open your inventory and select the Combine option for your Can Opener.
  2. Next, select the Combine option for your Canned Food to add it to the crafting area.
  3. In the crafting area, you’ll see a gear icon indicating readiness for combination.
  4. Click on the gear icon to initiate the animation, showing the Can Opener opening the food can with its contents pouring out.
    Utilizing can opener sons of forest
    Opening a can in Sons of the Forest
  5. Once the animation finishes, the Canned Food will be in your inventory, ready to be consumed to manage your hunger.

Repeat this process whenever you encounter more cans of food during your journey. Be vigilant about your hunger levels, as letting them drop too low can affect your performance and lead to death. Using the can opener will help you access food supplies and maintain adequate nourishment.

Inventory sons of forest
Using can opener Sons of the forest

With practice, you’ll become adept at using the tool to open and consume canned food, ensuring you stay well-fed and prepared for any challenges ahead.


In Sons of the Forest, a survival game on a cannibal-infested island, mastering survival techniques is crucial. One essential skill is using a can opener to access canned food, which helps satisfy hunger and thirst without negative effects.

To find a can opener, use your GPS to search various areas, such as the snowy mountain cave, northern coastline, and west campsite. These locations also contain valuable resources like Rope, medication, energy drinks, and ammunition to aid your survival.

To open canned food, select the Combine option in your inventory. Keep an eye on your hunger levels and consume canned food strategically to manage them effectively.

Sons of the Forest offers players an exciting adventure and survival experience on a cannibal-infested island with unique survival techniques to master. Here are some tricks to level up your game.

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