Sons of the Forest Companions [Definitive Guide]

You'll need more than one force to survive the game! Recruit two of the best companions in Sons of the Forest by reading the guide!

There are currently two Sons of the Forest Companions. They can act as your guide and shield during your time in a game. The developers may work on adding more companions in Sons of the Forest to help players even out the difficulty settings, although it is comparatively easier. You’ll still need an extra pair of hands to do your bidding! Meanwhile, players can interact with the starting two companions in the game and use them best.

The story starts with a helicopter ride that crashes in the middle of an icy mountain. Your character wakes up after the fall, and you have to take him to safety. Alongside you, another male character becomes a victim of the crash.

Kelvin is going to be one of the first interactive companions to recruit to your team to survive the spread of cannibals. During the crash, Kelvin met a horrible demise causing him to become deaf and mentally shocked. His usefulness will vary in single and multiplayer modes. However, he’ll be more helpful in surviving, making a tent or fire, or gathering ingredients for both of you to survive the game. 

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Key Takeaways

  • There are two companions in Sons of the Forest.
  • Kelvin met an accident causing him to lose his sense of hearing due to the crash.
  • You’ll meet Virginia, the lost daughter of a billionaire.
  • Virginia is a three-legged and three-armed mutant who still has a portion of her human side to her.
  • Kelvin can help you in single-player mode and gather the essentials to survive. However, he lacks the courage and fighting power to defend both of you against any attack.
  • Virginia excels in combat; you can give her a gun or two and watch her wreak havoc!
  • She won’t take your commands and will act on her own. Therefore, resistance is futile.
  • Conversely, Kelvin will take your orders through a notepad with default commands.
  • You’ll meet both your companions early in the game, with Kelvin at the crash site and Virginia in the forest.

Sons of the Forest Companions

Recruiting Kelvin
Your notepad has preassigned commands for Kelvin!

Interacting with NPCs can be a fun element in a game. Assuming that you love giving commands, you’ll find it interesting to boss Kelvin around! Getting an extra pair of hands (Virginia), you’ll be better off fighting mutants and cannibals that cross your path!

Knowingly, these enemies can pop out of thin air! You’ll be minding your business crafting a base and setting up defensive parameters around the house, and boom, mutants!

They can serve one of two purposes; aid in fights or gather the necessary items, ingredients, and equipment to set camp and nourish health. As I have mentioned, your go-to person for battles against the cannibals will be Virginia. However, she will definitely not take any commands from you, but she’ll fire bullets for you!

She can use shotguns and pistols and surprisingly do well independently due to her extensive free will. Conversely, Kelvin can provide you with logs, ingredients, berries, and moreHe is not more of a fighter and, due to the crash, has lost his courage and mental capacity to fight!

He’ll mostly find shelter or hide to avoid enemies. Although, his survival instincts are leveled. Since they both have a portion of free will and human nature, they tend to wander around places and nourish themselves. You’ll notice that either of them will come up to you and offer gifts they find lying around areas. 

Aside from acting as NPCs and fulfilling their needs, the Companions will help you with numerous things in the game. For instance, if you want to start a campfire, you can always command Kelvin to bring some wood. The command for that will be “build.” Or you can ask him to gather supplies so you can build walls around your base and even build a log cabin.

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How To Recruit Kelvin

You’ll find Kelvin lying on the ground at the crash site!

Recruiting Kelvin is a more accessible aspect of the game than Virginia. It would be best if you had time and patience to recruit her. After the crash site, you’ll find Kelvin damaged and bleeding on the ground. Upon pressing the “E” Prompt button, your character will inspect his injuries and discover blood dripping from his ears.

Inspecting Kelvin
Upon interacting with Kelvin, you’ll notice both his ears are bleeding!

That will be a sign telling you that Kelvin has lost his sense of hearing. To Initiate a conversation with him, you’ll have a preassigned notepad that includes all the necessary commands you’ll need to interact with Kelvin. His usefulness can be seen through his diligence and the hard work he brings to the team. If, in any case, there is danger, he’ll immediately warn you, allowing you to prepare for defensive maneuvers!

There are a few handfuls of commands you can give to Kelvin. For instance, “Clear” is a command you can use for 5, 10, or 20 meters, in which he’ll start clearing out the area by chopping down trees and picking out bushes. Anything that appears to be a hurdle in your path to building a shelter or parts of your base, Kelvin will ensure that it stays clear of your path!

Apart from that, ensure he does not bleed out, for you won’t be able to have him respawned after he dies! Although you won’t have to worry about him being in danger. He can take care of himself and shelter during an enemy invasion.

The mutant with extraordinary combat skills!

As for recruiting Virginia, I have linked an excellent guide brought to you by our writers. The guide includes step-by-step instructions to recruit her effectively. Moreover, there are headers, pointers, and cautions to take that’ll keep you in a loop!

One more tip regarding Kelvin, guys. He’s dumber than he looks, and if you command him to chop wood for you, he’ll end up chopping the wrong tree, which will cause your entire base to fall to the ground! Ensure he’s out of the way of nearby buildings before giving him any command! With that said, I’ll end my Sons of the Forest Companions guide as I have mentioned all the details that’ll help you during your interactive journey!

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