Sons of the Forest Companions [Recruit Guide]

You'll need more than one force to survive the game! Recruit two of the best companions in Sons of the Forest by reading the guide!

There are currently two companions for your character in Sons of the Forest. They can be your guide and shield during your time in a game. 

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Key Takeaways

  • The game features two companions: Kelvin and Virginia.
  • Kelvin lost his hearing in a crash.
  • Virginia, a billionaire’s lost daughter, is a three-legged, three-armed mutant with some humanity left.
  • Kelvin helps in single-player mode but lacks combat prowess.
  • Virginia excels in combat and acts independently.

How To Recruit Companions 

Recruiting Kelvin in the game is relatively easier than recruiting Virginia.

Here’s how to recruit Kelvin:

  1. After the crash site, you’ll find Kelvin damaged and bleeding on the ground.
    You’ll find Kelvin lying on the ground at the crash site!
  2. Approach Kelvin and press the “E” prompt to inspect his injuries. You’ll notice blood dripping from both of his ears, indicating that he has lost his sense of hearing.
  3. Initiate a conversation with Kelvin using a preassigned notepad containing the necessary interaction commands.
    Inspecting Kelvin
    Upon interacting with Kelvin, you’ll notice both his ears are bleeding!
  4. Kelvin is a diligent and hardworking team member. He will immediately warn you of any danger, allowing you to prepare for defensive maneuvers.
  5. You can give Kelvin various commands.
  6. For example, the “Clear” command can be used for distances of 5, 10, or 20 meters. He will clear obstacles in your path, such as chopping down trees and removing bushes, to help you build a shelter or base.
  7. Ensure that Kelvin does not bleed out, as he cannot be respawned after death. However, he can care for himself and seek shelter during enemy invasions.
The mutant with extraordinary combat skills!

As for recruiting Virginia, I have linked an excellent guide from our writers. The guide includes step-by-step instructions to recruit her effectively. Moreover, there are headers, pointers, and cautions to take that’ll keep you in a loop!

Another notable tip from my experience is that players must not give more commands to Kelvin. He’s dumber than he looks, and if you command him to chop wood for you, he’ll end up chopping the wrong tree, which will cause your entire base to fall to the ground! Ensure he’s out of the way of nearby buildings before giving him any command! 

Sons of the Forest All Companions

Recruiting Kelvin
Your notepad has preassigned commands for Kelvin!

Recruiting companions like Kelvin and Virginia can significantly enhance your gameplay experience. Here’s a closer look at their roles and how they can assist you:

  1. Virginia (Combat Specialist):
    • Virginia excels in combat and can engage mutants and cannibals effectively.
    • She uses shotguns and pistols to deal with threats.
    • Virginia acts independently and doesn’t require direct commands, making her a valuable asset in defending your base.
    • While she won’t take commands, her combat skills and AI make her a reliable battle ally.
  2. Kelvin (Resource Gatherer):
    • Kelvin is more focused on resource gathering and support tasks.
    • He can gather essential resources like logs, ingredients, and berries.
    • You can issue commands to Kelvin to perform specific tasks like building or gathering supplies.
    • He may find shelter or hide from enemies due to his survival instincts, but he still contributes to your survival by providing resources.
  3. Independent Behavior:
    • Both companions exhibit human-like behavior, exploring the game world on their own.
    • They may return with items and gifts they find during their explorations, benefiting you with additional resources.
    • Their independent behavior adds depth to the game’s immersion and dynamic gameplay.
  4. Tasks and Commands:
    • You can assign specific tasks to Kelvin, such as gathering wood or building structures.
    • Commands like “build” or “gather supplies” prompt Kelvin to perform the designated actions, helping you with base construction and maintenance.

Based on my experience, companions offer a blend of combat prowess and resource-gathering capabilities. While Virginia excels in combat and operates independently, Kelvin assists with tasks and responds to your commands. Both companions contribute to your survival in the game’s challenging environment and add an immersive layer to the gameplay.

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What Would I Recommend?

I recommend going with Virginia as she is more competent in combat, and you definitely need a helping hand with all the dangers lurking in the forest. While Kelvin aids in research, you can utilize both companions throughout your playthrough. 

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