Sons of the Forest Console Command List

Become a god in Sons of the Forest with the help of Console Commands!

Sons of the Forest Console Commands

Sons of the Forest Console Commands are a few powerful attributes providing a fun elemental gaming experience. These include cheat codes much similar to the adventures of Grand Theft Auto. A few methods exist to access or activate the Console Commands for Sons of the Forest.

Once you’ve completed a process, you’ll be shown a comprehensive list of commands to have fun in the game. For instance, typing “godmode on” would enable god mode. You can do almost anything with that command!

For more fun, how about unlimited Kelvins on your team? Console Commands allow you to bend the game of its laws and create endless activities that were previously prohibited or locked. Let’s say you’re playing Sons of the Forest, and you have difficulty clearing the area before building a base or anything. Try the command “clearbushradius 100.” It will remove all bushes in your area within a 100-mile radius!

You can change the distance with the help of the Console Command itself because it portrays an automated list of commands for you. This guide aims to help you access the Console Commands through a bunch of steps we’ll mention below.

Key Takeaways

  • Console Commands are somewhat cheat codes you can use to access and use locked features of the game.
  • Before accessing them, you’ll need to install a mod.
  • You need to download a Debug console mod for Sons of the Forest.
  • Once all is done, launch the game and press F1 to access the Console Commands.
  • Before running the modded version of the game, please save your game in a file slot.
  • In case your files are corrupted, which is a rare possibility, you can always load your game!
  • Download Thunderstore Mod Manager and install BepInExPack iL2CPP along with Sons of The Forest Debug Console Mod.
  • You can type numerous codes on the console commands’ search bar. They will be briefly explained in the guide.

Sons of the Forest Console Commands

Thunderstore Mod Manager
You will need to install Thunderstore Mod Manager first!

Whether you want to spawn unlimited items or change the weather, you can do so much more with access to command codes. There are a few test runs and possibilities you can check with Debug Console Mod for Sons of the Forest. Because there are no current in-game cheat codes you can use in this survival game, you’ll need access to Console Commands.

It does not work like GTA, where you pause the game, type a cheat code, unpause the game, and activate the cheat code. No, my friends, it isn’t that simple with Sons of the Forest. You need to run and install a few things to gain access!

Once we go through the basics, you’ll want to know a few things along the way. Firstly, the Console Commands work best in Single-player mode, where you alone are the host of your server. There are, however, a few commands that do not seem to work when you load them in single-player mode. You can still use a majority of them!

On the contrary, the trouble starts when you’re trying to use console commands in multiplayer mode. My friends, that’s because you aren’t the host of your server. The multiplayer mode works differently, hence there are a few hiccups with the working of these console commands.

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Steps To Access Console Commands

BepInExpack IL2CPP
After the mod manager is installed, you only need to click on ‘Download with the mod manager.’

So the first step to accessing any sort of helping hand, which in every gamer’s case is a mod, gamers need to download specific files. A series of files leads to more files and, finally, the mod you’ve been looking for, however, it does not always go to plan. Sometimes, through all the hassle, you find yourself with a corrupted file in your sleeves.

Yes, provided you make no mistake, you end up with a mod that does not work. Fear not, for Sons of the Forest Console Commands, you’ll definitely be installing a mod that works completely fine!

If not, you can always turn toward an alternate mod which I’ll obviously state here in the guide.

  • Step 1 is to download Thunderstore Mod Manager. It allows you to further install and manage various mods along with providing a smooth interface.
  • Download BepInExPack, which is used for modding. It draws a boundary between mods and the game’s internal framework, preventing any damage to your original files per se. There is an automatic method to directly install this pack using Thunderstore manager, and that is by clicking on “Install with Mod Manager.”
  • Select the same option when you’re downloading the Debug Console mod for Sons of the Forest. The only things you need to worry about are a backup save file, and an updated version of the software you’re using.
Debug Console
Use the same method to download the Debug Console, and you’ll be good to go!

With all said and done, you can run your modded game and run commands on it. If you can’t see an option for the whole command list, press F1 on your computer (While the game is running). 

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Console Commands

Here are the following commands, and their functions that you can try out in Sons of the Forest!

godmode onEnables godmode, where you can do literally anything!
addallitemsAny item available in the game will be added to your inventory!
addcharacter robbyDepends on the number of times you input the code, and it will give you an additional Kelvin on your team. You can build, chop trees, and clear areas, a lot faster with more Companions!
addcharacter virginiaWith an additional unit of the command, the number of Virginia added to the game will increase!
additemIf you want to add a shovel, flashlight, axe, or any other item in the game, type "additem flashlight" or the item you want.
godmode offWith this command, you'll be able to switch off godmode.
addallitemsYour inventory will be filled with all the items in the game.
removeallitemsIt will do the opposite of "addallitems" command and remove all the items you have.
settimeofday [1-24]After the code, you have added a range of hours. Therefore, the time of the day will be changed to whatever you set it to!
settimeofday morningThe time will be changed to morning.
settimeofday nightThe time of the game will change to night.
locktimeofday morningIf you want the time to remain unchanged, you can use this code to select 'morning', and the time will not change.
locktimeofday nightIf you want the time to be 'night' use this code, and it will remain unchanged.
spawnworldobjectAfter you type the command, enter space and type the name of the object you need. For instance, 'spawnworldobject bush'
instantbookbuild onIf you want to build objects instantly, you can use this code and press enter. After that, you can select whatever you want to build from the book of crafting.
instantbookbuild offIf you want to turn off the command for building, you can use the same code by replacing 'on' with 'off' at the end.
showhud onIt will turn the HUD on.
showhud offThe HUD will be turned off.
regenhealthYour character will replenish their health.
superjump onThe command makes your character jump higher than usual.
superjump offIt is the same code but turns off the ability to jump higher than usual.
speedyrun onYour character will run faster.
speedyrun offIt is the same code but deactivates the fast running and makes your character run at normal speed.
aigodmode onYour companions can have godmode activated.
aigodmode offIf you want to deactivate godmode for your companions, this code will do the trick!
aighostplayer onYou are invisible to the eyes of enemies.
aighostplayer offEnemies can now see you!
killradiusYou can choose a range from 1-100 (I don't know the limit to it yet, but see if 100 works for you. The command kills everything within the radius you select.
creepyvillageThe command will spawn monsters in your vicinity. Not a cool command to use, but you can always use "killradius" to eliminate the threat!

Second Method

An Alternative for Thunderstore Mod Manager, and the rest of the files. (All in one)

There is an alternate method for using Sons of the Forest Console Commands. Rather than using Thunderstore mod manager, you can use WeMod and get the same results!

However, the downside to this mod is frequently corrupted files. The developer advises its users to use it offline to avoid getting caught! Once you have the software installed, you can launch the game and press F10 to activate the mod, followed by F1 to activate the console commands.

The commands for this mod are similar to the ones used in the previously mentioned software. You can use the commands mentioned in the table above and have fun disobeying the laws of the game!

You can also explore new commands and mention them in the comments below so that I can add them for future players! I personally wouldn’t recommend using cheats to override the system and gain an unfair advantage. Instead, you can play like any other fair gamer and enjoy the mood set by the developers of the game!

Friendly reminder, guys. Always be sure to save your game before trying out new mods; you don’t want your progress to be lost!

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