Sons Of The Forest Crossbow Location [SOLVED]

Learn how to get the crossbow in Sons Of The Forest

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Sons Of The Forest Crossbow Location Guide

Sons Of The Forest has various ranged arsenal options that players can choose from to defend themselves against powerful mutants and cannibals at a safe distance. In this Sons Of The Forest guide, I will cover the crossbow location and how exactly you can acquire it, so without further ado, let’s begin.

Key Takeaways

  • The maintenance keycard is mandatory to have, to acquire the crossbow.
  • Travel to the northwest region of the map towards a cave in that location.
  • Enter and go downwards into the cave until you reach a hatch labelled Food and Dining, and climb down.
  • On the right, enter the locked rooms with the maintenance keycard.
  • The crossbow can be found in the second room.

Where & How To Get The Crossbow

First, in my experience, during this specific section, a maintenance keycard is required before you can begin looking for the crossbow. If you have not collected it yet, check out our guide on getting this essential keycard. Next, take out your GPS and follow the location to a cave entrance on the map’s northwest side.

Sons Of The Forest Cave Exact Map Location
Reach This Cave On The Map
Sons Of The Forest Cave entrance
Follow The Cave Location With Your GPS

Once you have arrived at the cave, enter it by pressing E and follow the path entirely to descend downwards. As you go down, you will finally be met with a hatch with Food and Dining imprinted on top of it.

Sons Of The Forest Inside The Cave
Follow The Cave Path To Go Further Down
Sons Of The Forest Hatch Opening
Open The Hatch labelled Food And Dining

Press E to open it and use the stairs to climb down the hatch stairs. Now you have entered a bunker with multiple rooms. In the room you arrive at, go to a locked door on the right, which will need the maintenance keycard that I mentioned earlier to open.

Sons Of The Forest Underground Bunker
Go Right Towards The Locked Door 

Upon unlocking the door with the card, you must cross the first room and then reach the second room. Once you have done that, search and explore the area with 3 plant shelves parallel to each other. You’ll find a dead body between the shelves and the crossbow right next to it. Grab the bow by pressing E and equip it from your inventory.

Sons Of The Forest Crossbow
Pick Up The Crossbow Right Next To The Corpse

Once equipped with the bow, you’ll find its ammunition, known as crossbow bolts, attached to the wall behind you. I recommend that you Immediately grab them for some starting bow ammo. More bolts can be found in these 2 rooms if you search entirely.

Sons Of The Forest Crossbow Crossbolts
Collect The Crossbolts On The Wall

My Thoughts on Crossbow

In My opinion, Crossbow is a great weapon to have and can come in handy when you are looking to attack enemies at a distance. It’s not that hard to find and if you follow my steps above you will have access to it in no time. If you find this guide helpful do share your experience with us and stay tuned for more up coming exciting tutorials for Sons of the Forest. 

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