Sons Of The Forest Defensive Wall Gate Guide

A thorough guide that explains the defensive wall gate building in a simple and detailed manner. Also, learn about the materials required.

Wall gate in Sons of Forest
Defensive Wall Gate

Are you thinking about crafting the defensive gate walls in Sons of Forest? Then it’s time to get into some real action as you can make a perfect door for your wall. In this guide, you will learn some strategies, and by following them, you can add pleasing-looking doors to the walls.

Key Takeaways

  • You can construct the Horizontal Log Placement or the Vertical log placement as defensive wall gates.
  • You don’t get the proper door for a wall in the game, but you can make one.
  • The way you place the logs determines the structure of the wall gate.
  • You can place the logs in different ways or directions.
  • The doors are helpful and enhance your survival.
  • Tools are required for building and crafting of defensive wall gate.
  • You must have an axe to chop down the trees. The primary purpose of cutting trees is to get the wood material, i.e., logs.
  • Construct the base and wall in an area where resources are present in sufficient amounts.

Defensive Wall Gate

The defensive wall gate building adds up the defensive and more robust structure around your base. We all are aware of the fact that cannibals can walk up to your base to make an attack. However, it is necessary to construct extra protective boundaries to prevent them from attacking,

Or it may slow down their reach towards your place while you can prepare to make strike them. It can give you more time to sketch out the right plan regarding dealing with your enemies, and in this case, the defensive wall comes in handy.

Generally, almost every wall has its gate but what about the one in Sons of Forest? You can also get a gate for this one as well, but it can be a bit tricky. But don’t worry; we are here to guide you through the building process. So, let’s move forward and pop the bubble of your curiosity.

Defensive wall Gate Alternatives

You cannot build an actual wall gate in the Sons of Forest, but some alternative ways compensate for it, and by adopting the following methods, you can construct the defensive wall gate.

  • Horizontal Log Placement
  • Vertical Log Placement

Horizontal Log Placement

Follow the steps defined below to get the gate through this method.

Horizontal Wall Gate
Horizontal Log Placement (Image Credits: Kibbles Gaming)
  • Build one side of the wall by placing the logs vertically.
  • Pick up the log and put it horizontally at one end of the wall.
  • Measure the space this log occupies before building the other side of the wall.
  • Once done, remove that log and place one log in the vertical direction while leaving the space between according to the estimate.
  • Pick up the logs you need to fit in the remaining space and pile them up individually.
  • The only inconvenience you may encounter is that there is no other way to pass through it except you will have to remove all these logs every time you want to move in or out.

Vertical Log Placement

Vertical Wall Gate
Vertical Log Placement

Now there is a second method to build the wall gate, and it goes as follows:

  • Place the logs in the horizontal direction where you want to set up a door.
  • You have to stock them up in the same way as in the former method.
  • Put your axe on the second log and cut from the centre, making enough space.
  • Take the logs, two or more that may fit easily in the available space.
  • Place them vertically, and your door will be ready. You can use this one just like the regular doors. But to make it more secure, you can use the remaining wood and leave no room for enemies to pass through it conveniently.

Material Required For Wall Gate

You need two essential items to initiate the defensive wall gate building. Firstly you must have an axe to chop down the trees. Secondly, the primary purpose of cutting trees is to get the wood material, i.e., logs.

Try to build your base in a forest area as it is rich in resources, and you can get ample wood from there. While constructing the gate in other areas brings challenges regarding the lack of trees. And you will have to transfer logs from one place to another.

Ending Remarks

Build the defensive wall gate the way you like, and you can also make them super power full by placing and using the rest of the logs either on the front or back of the gate. We conclude our guide here and hope you will keep the enemies away from your bases.Don’t forget to share and leave a review. We would love to hear from you.

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