Sons Of The Forest Demons: All To Know

Demons are a type of monster that is very hard to beat in Sons of the Forest. They can be defeated by using the cross!

How to kill a demon. Image credits: Fudge

Demons fall under the category of spooky mutant enemies in Sons of the Forest. Yet they have a few distinct characteristics that set them apart from the other grotesque enemies.

Key Takeaways

  • The Demons are thin, human-like, slim beings that resemble regular people but crawl like spiders. 
  • Demons live in lava caves and must be killed by using the cross.
  • You need to get Golden Armor and wear it efficiently to battle a demon.
  • A demon must be killed by the cross three times.
  • Cross is a great tool to kill demons, but you may need to use it in combination with pistols and shotguns.

What Are Demons

Demons crawling on all fours
Demon crawling on all fours. Image Credits: Fudge

The Demons are human-like, slim beings. They resemble regular people except for their peculiar head shapes and disordered limb proportions. Demons are so thin that their ribs and backbone are just barely visible from their bodies. They live in lava caves full of magma and are vulnerable to crosses.

How To Defeat A Demon

Setting up a demons on fire
Setting up a demon on fire. Image Credits: Fudge

Demons attack from a distance with rear-leg stings and close-range front-arm assaults, posing a significant threat due to their versatility.

When fighting demons:

  • Be Well-Prepared: Practice evasive techniques to avoid their three-hit attacks to survive.
  • Watch for Attacks: Be vigilant for their ranged assaults, lunging forward with back leg kicks.
  • Use a Pump Action Shotgun: Dispatch them easily with buckshot rounds from this weapon.
  • Wear Golden Armor: It’s the best defense against their attacks.
  • Use a Cross: A cross can stun, set them ablaze, or even scare them away, requiring three crosses to kill a demon.

Before reaching the lava tunnels, a letter reveals that crosses can burn demons, despite players encountering demons earlier without this knowledge.

cross to kill demons
Location of the Cross. Image Credits: Fudge

Due to the insignificant part of the religious force of the cross, which momentarily stuns and ignites each demon, it is a powerful weapon against demons. If you are still confused about how to keep all these things in your head and use them to kill a demon. Read below!

Using Golden Armour To Fight Demons

finding golden armor
Golden armor

Consider replacing your basic armor with the Golden Armor as an alternative. Golden Armor minimizes damage from demon attacks, making it a safe choice for entering the cavern and cube, where gold armor is required.

Steps To Kill Demons

Demons are one of the final opponents you’ll encounter in Sons of the Forest. They are buried deep within the island and don’t appear to be affected by the lava pouring there. Here I have written clear steps on how to repel and eliminate a demon in Sons of the Forest:

  • Let the demon get close to you.
  • Raise the cross a few times.
  • If they continue to pursue you, select the “Pistol.”
  • Slug and pistol rounds are best.
  • Time for you to use the buckshot and cross at close range.
  • Use the cross about 3 times before the demon finally dies in your feet.

There is no better defensive strategy if you’re by yourself and you are swarmed than this one, even if it will take a few cross-raises at close range to kill them.

Closing Remarks

At the end of the day, that is all I can say about the demons in Sons of the Forest. I trust that you will find this material useful. Please leave any queries or worries in the comments box below, and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as we can. Give a like, and tell your friends about this guide, too!

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