Sons of The Forest Ending [Explanation & Theories]

Did you find yourself asking "What just happened?", well hopefully we can answer that question with this guide.

Want to have the Sons of the Forest ending explained? We won’t blame you if you need to have it explained as most players are left scratching their heads after the ending. Just reaching the end is a complicated journey in itself. Also, the outcome of your stay on the island might result in a good, bad, or ideal ending depending on the decisions you make.

Key Takeaways

  • Ending to Sons of the Forest is very confusing to a lot of players, hence why we made this guide to try and bring some semblance of meaning.
  • There are multiple endings to Sons of The Forest
  • Each ending depends upon different choices you make and the companions you save.
  • Multiple fan theories are also included, though not conclusive, they do help to try and fill some gaps left in the stories ending.
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The emergence of a massive golden cube buried far beneath is one of the game’s most important events. In order to get to the cube, the player character and Timmy LeBlanc from “The Forest” utilize a golden armor to fight their way past mutant cannibals. As the player enters the cube, Timmy presents them with a laptop that has a 15-second countdown and, once the time runs out, Timmy divides into numerous versions of himself.

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This causes one of the cube’s walls to vanish, revealing a futuristic metropolis with flying automobiles and cutting-edge architecture on a separate planet. Suddenly, a giant mutant in a cave is shown as the wall behind the player character breaks down.

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After the cycle ends, you exit the Cube and make your way to the shore, where a rescue helicopter arrives to pick you up. The helicopter’s pilot looks to be Eric, the main character of The Forest. You may now select the ending you want.

Multiple Endings Explained

The first thing you should know is that, Sons of the Forest has 3 endings and the one you receive is dependent upon your companions and whether or not you pick up the backpack directly behind you before you board the rescue helicopter.

Keep Your Friends Close Ending

This ending involves Kevin and Virginia, so keep them both alive and befriend Virginia before heading into the VIP Bunker. If you do, they’ll both appear in the final cutscene and witness the dimensional slip by your side.

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When you reappear on the beach, get in the helicopter and they’ll both join you, allowing you to all leave the island together. This unlocks the “Keep Your Friends Close” achievement.

Fought Demons Ending

This Sons of The Forest Ending is achieved by boarding the helicopter, allowing your character Kevin and two mysterious men to escape the island and return to civilisation successfully. You’ll see an animation of the characters leaving the island as the credits roll, and also unlock the ‘Fought Demons‘ achievement.

Fight Demons Ending

After you reach the golden cube, this ending has one key difference. Do not head to the helicopter when you awaken on the beach. Turn around and pick up your equipment off the ground instead. The chopper will take off without you as you grab your luggage, leaving you stranded on the island.

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You will be able to get the “Fight Demons” achievement when the chopper takes flight.

After discovering and entering the Golden Cube, this is the only ending that enables you to stay alive on the island and keep playing. Reloading your save will return you to where you were before the ending, but you may still play with the other players.

Fan Theories About The Ending

Fans of the game have speculated several theories about the game’s ending, although none have been confirmed by the game’s developers. It really goes to show how confused people are regarding the ending.

One of the most popular theories is that Timmy and Eric LeBlanc from “The Forest” are the two unidentified people the player keeps running across. This is corroborated by the fact that Timmy’s scars from “The Forest” match those on the younger guy in “Sons of the Forest.” Timmy and Eric LeBlanc are the two men, as suggested by the elder man’s cry, “Get down, son,” which also implies a paternal tie.

The cube is said to move between dimensions because one of its walls opens to reveal a futuristic metropolis, according to a different well-known theory. A paper discovered in the bunker with the golden armor leads players to assume that the cube itself has the ability to traverse between dimensions. According to our records, further study will be required on “The artifact produces a Short Dimensional Transition,” according to the email. Tim LeBlanc’s book “Parallel Universes and Travel Between Them” adds more weight to this idea.

Final Words

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Although the lore may be found in the papers littered throughout the game, they only offer fragments of the puzzle, making it challenging for players to grasp the entire narrative. In order to get to the end, there are some prerequisite tools players will need, which are as follows:

  • Rebreather
  • Rope Gun
  • Cross
  • Shovel
  • Maintenance Keycard
  • VIP Keycard
  • Golden Armor

If you need help getting these items, we have just the guide for you here. Because some elements must be found in a specific sequence before others, the order is crucial. For instance, in Sons of the Forest, the Rebreather and the Rope Gun enable you to obtain the Shovel, which you may then use to locate the keycards.

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