Sons of the Forest Knight V [Locations Guide]

This guide will be about the unicycle Knight V, including how to use it and where to find it. We will also discuss the scenarios in which the Knight V won’t be helpful to you. Let’s dive right into it.

SOTF Knight V cover image
Sons of The Forest: EUC Knight V

Knight V is the only vehicle in Sons of the Forest. It can be found in multiple spots on the island. It can also prove very efficient when it comes to fast travel.  

To use the EUC, you must approach it first and then press E. Your character will be carrying the unicycle once you do that. Then, by pressing the left click on your mouse, you will start riding the Knight V at high speeds.

knight v showcase
Carrying Knight V around the island 

You must double jump to get off so your character ejects from the EUC. Moreover, you can also make a high jump if you press the Spacebar once when on the unicycle. Riding on the unicycle is an effective method of completing tasks or objectives requiring travel a lot of effort.

Note that you can’t store the Knight V in your bag pack. You can only carry it with you and use it whenever you like, but there is no space for a unicycle in your bag. Despite the unicycle being automatic, it has infinite battery power, so you won’t have to charge it.

Key Takeaways

  • Carry the unicycle by pressing E once. Then, use your mouse click to start using the Knight V.
  • Avoid taking it close to rivers or lakes where unicycles don’t work. You can use it where there are shallow waters.
  • If you hit an obstacle like a tree when riding the EUC, you will fall but won’t take any fall damage.
  • There are several spots on the island where you can find this unicycle; most are towards the West.

Knight V Locations

knight v locations
Spots where you might find the Knight V unicycle

 I found unicycles in various locations on the map. Some spots are easily discoverable, often near abandoned or cannibal camps where you can find the Electric Unicycle (EUC). Be cautious when approaching these camps, as cannibals are usually present and hostile. I recommend bringing weapons to defend yourself.

  1. Explore Known Locations:
    • Check abandoned or cannibal camps on the map for unicycles (EUC).
    • Be prepared to defend yourself against cannibals in these camps.
  2. Timing is Crucial:
    • Visit cannibal camps during daylight when fewer cannibals are present.
    • Stealth kills can help you avoid drawing too much attention.
  3. Focus on Western Points:
    • Most unicycle spawn points are located to the west of the island.
    • These points are closer to your spawn locations, reducing travel time.
  4. Hidden Location near Maintenance B Bunker:
    • Look for a hidden location near the Maintenance B bunker.
    • Your GPS will highlight it with a green mark, making it easy to find.

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My Recommendations For Using EUC Knight V

use knight v on land, not water
Choose wisely where you should ride the unicycle

On the Sons of the Forest map, there are certain regions where you can’t use the unicycle effectively. For instance, when you encounter deep water, riding your unicycle in that area becomes impossible.

If you accidentally drop the Knight V into deep waters, recovering can be challenging, so your best option is to find a new one. You can still use the EUC without issues in shallow waters like narrow streams.

When navigating the snow-covered mountains, you can safely drop down from them on the unicycle without taking fall damage. Remember that you will dismount from your unicycle when making such jumps, so it’s usually better to avoid them if possible.

I advise preferring the forest areas with fewer trees for using the unicycle. Areas with dense tree cover can lead to more frequent dismounts and potential frustration. Therefore, it’s wise to use the unicycle in more open areas where you can maneuver more easily.

Another piece of advice that I can give you is to ensure you follow the map correctly to reach the unicycle spawn points, as it can get confusing. Avoid areas connected with rivers or lakes as you can’t use a unicycle in deep waters. Besides that, using the EUC is a reliable way of moving around the island as it is faster, and no resource is used.

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