Sons of the Forest Knight V [Definitive Guide]

This guide will be about the unicycle Knight V, including how to use it and where to find it. We will also discuss the scenarios in which the Knight V won’t be helpful to you. Let’s dive right into it.

SOTF Knight V cover image
Sons of The Forest: EUC Knight V

In the latest Sons of the Forest patch, we saw some new additions to the game. One of them was the introduction of an electric unicycle (EUC) named Knight V. This provides a very efficient way of circling the map if you are searching for a specific item or location.

Key Takeaways:

  • Knight V is an electric unicycle added to Sons of the Forest in the latest patch update.
  • Carry the unicycle by pressing E once. Then use your mouse click to start using the Knight V.
  • Avoid taking it close to rivers or lakes where unicycles don’t work. However, you can use it where there are shallow waters.
  • If you hit an obstacle like a tree when riding the EUC, you will fall but won’t take any fall damage.
  • There are several spots on the island where you can find this unicycle; most are towards the West.

What Is Knight V

knight v showcase
Carrying Knight V around the island | Picture Credits: Jade PG 

Knight V is the only vehicle in Sons of the Forest. It can be found in multiple spots on the island. It can also prove very efficient when it comes to fast travel.  When riding on the unicycle, ensure you don’t run into obstacles like trees or big stones. A very beneficial fact about traveling on Knight V is that you won’t take fall damage even when you run into a tree quickly.

To use the EUC, you must approach it first and then press E. Your character will be carrying the unicycle once you do that. Then by pressing the left click on your mouse, you will start riding the Knight V at high speeds.

To get off, you must double jump so your character ejects from the EUC. Moreover, you can also make a high jump if you press Spacebar once when on the unicycle. Riding on the unicycle is an effective method of completing tasks or objectives requiring travel a lot of effort.

Note that you can’t store the Knight V in your bag pack. You can only carry it with you and use it whenever you like, but there is no space for a unicycle in your bag. Despite the unicycle being automatic, it has infinite battery power, so you won’t have to charge it.

Knight V Locations

There are a few locations on the Sons of the Forest map where the unicycles can be found. However, some other spawn points are hidden, but there is a chance you can also find Knight V there.

knight v locations
Spots where you might find the Knight V unicycle | Photo Credits: mapgenie

Most spots include either an abandoned camp or a cannibal camp where you must go to get the EUC. Be cautious of cannibals in the camp, as they will be there to hurt you. Take some weapons with you when entering the base to defend yourself.

The best time to search the cannibal camps for EUC Knight V is during the daylight. In the day, fewer cannibals are found inside their camps so you won’t have much trouble. When entering the camps, crouch behind the cannibals for stealth kills to not draw much attention to yourself.

As you can see from the image, most of the unicycle points are to the West of the island. This is helpful because they are closer to your spawn points, so you won’t have to travel far to get them.

There is also a hidden location near the Maintenance B bunker where you will get the EUC. This is also close to a cannibal camp; your GPS will highlight the area with a green mark to identify the site, making it easy to locate.

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Avoid These Areas

use knight v on land, not water
Choose wisely where you should ride the unicycle

There are some regions on the Sons of the Forest map where you won’t be able to use the unicycle. Take the river as an example; when the water gets deep, you won’t be able to ride on your unicycle in that area.

If you accidentally drop the Knight V inside deep waters, you will have a hard time recovering it, so your only solution will be to find a new one. But, if the water is shallow, like in narrow water streams, you can use the EUC without complications.

When at the snow mountains, you can drop down from there when sitting on the unicycle, and you won’t catch any fall damage. However, you will dismount from your unicycle if you make that jump, so avoiding it is better.

You must also use those parts of the forest with fewer trees. If you go toward the areas with more trees, you will face trouble when using the Knight V and might fall off it more frequently, which can be annoying. Therefore, it is wise to use the unicycle in an open area.

Ending Remarks

That is all about the EUC Knight V in Sons of the Forest. Make sure to follow the map correctly to reach the unicycle spawn points, as it can get confusing. Moreover, avoid areas connected with rivers or lakes as you can’t use a unicycle in deep waters. Besides that, using the EUC is a reliable way of moving around the island as it is faster, and no resource is used.

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