Sons of the Forest Fire [All You Need To Know]

Here is everything you need to know about fire in Sons of The Forest.

Everything about fire sons of the forest featured
Everything a player wants to know about fire in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest is a survival game. Lighting a fire in the middle of the woods is vital. Players light up a fire to cook food, heat themselves in the cold nights, illuminate the dark area around them and protect themselves against animals.

Key Takeaways

  • Lighting a fire has 4 main reasons in Sons of the Forest: illumination, cooking, heating and protection.
  • Sticks and leaves are the required items to light a fire.
  • Use wood from trees creates a stronger flame.
  • Placing large-sized rocks around the fire helps it stay put for a long.
  • Many users have observed a bug that exhausts the fire for no apparent reason.
  • There are 8 steps mentioned here that can be followed to get rid of the error or minimize the effect.

If a player has not played the Forest and is playing Sons of the Forest, he can have a harder time building one than the person who has played the former. Here is the proper way to build one and some good practices that help it stay put.

Making A Fire

Before a player can light up a fire in Sons of the Forest, he needs the items that will be burnt. It can be lit using simple items but needs more vigor. Therefore, knowing how to light up a stronger fire is also important.

It is also important to ensure that it stays put long after a lit fire. Before that, here are the items required to start a fire.

Items Required

Lucky for the players who haven’t played the previous edition, sparking is not a herculean task in the game. Two items are required to start a it: sticks and flammable items.

Sticks are commonly found lying on the ground; if someone hasn’t had his lucky day, they can cut some trees and create sticks of their own.

The flammable items act as fuel to which the spark is provided. These items consist of leaves and wood. Use the knife and strike at the bushes to take off some leaves. The logs are taken from the branches of the trees.

Lighting A Fire

Assuming a player has collected or created a stick or simply has a stick in inventory, he is to equip it. After opening the inventory screen, look at the bottom right corner to find the sticks collected. Then, view the ground, and the player will see an icon appearing.

Sparking fire in Sons of the Forest
Using a lighter to spark (Credits:

The icon will be of two sticks. Left-click the icon, and the equipped stick will be broken into two smaller pieces and placed on the ground. Another icon appears after this action. Click on that icon, and the player will throw leaves on the sticks and make a fire.

Some players will find a circle icon. For those that do, right-click on it to go to the correct icon and then left-click it. The circle icon performs a different action. Other icons also perform various activities, such as demolishing sticks, fixing sticks in the ground, and the right icon for creating a fire.

The spark to the placed leaves and sticks is provided by looking at the placed items and clicking the suitable icon.

After creating it, a player must know that certain factors can also exhaust it. No one would want this, so here is how to make your fire stay put longer.

Making The Fire Stay Put

It takes some effort to create, so a player wants to cement it so it doesn’t replenish quickly. Take care of the flare as is mentioned here, and it will not exhaust soon.

Placing rocks
Surrounding the fire with rocks

Since flame is already lit now, find large rocks and place them around the pit. To do so, find large-sized gems and start collecting them in the inventory. After sufficient stones have been collected, go to the fire and view it.

A circle icon will appear if the player is viewing it. Left-click the icon, and the player will start putting rocks around and surrounding the fire. This encirclement of rocks will cement the flare and protect it from the winds that can exhaust it otherwise.

Stronger Fire

While making it stay on longer is necessary, making the fire stronger amplifies the heat and increases its utility. So, creating a stronger fire is equally important.

A stronger fire is created if a player reduces the burnt sticks and instead uses wood. The wood can be obtained from the trees. Cut down a tree using a weapon or tool.

A tree can be cut down by approaching it and aiming your weapon at the base of the trunk. Press and hold the attack button until the tree falls. After the tree has fallen, go near the tree’s trunk and collect wood by pressing and holding the interact button.

Different trees yield different amounts and types of wood. Therefore, cut down other trees and use the most suitable ones. Also, use up only some trees in one area because they will not respawn, and you may run out of wood if you cut down too much.

But, many players are observing a bug related to the fire. It keeps exhausting for no reason, and no one knows why.

Fire Going Out Bug

Many users have reported a problem they are facing, which looks like a bug in the game rather than a gaming hindrance. The campfires that Son of the Forest players spark that serve various purposes to the players have been going out, and no one knows why.

As no concrete underlying cause has been determined thus far, many players consider it a glitch in the game. Such glitches are common in newly launched games and are solved with time. Until then, here are some things you can do to avoid facing the issue.

Use Firewood

This action is the biggest and most valid reason for the fire continually going out in Sons of the Forest for many gamers, which they don’t realize. The material used to spark is the most significant factor in keeping it burning.

Firewood is the best resource. This will keep it stay put for a longer duration and intensity. Players need to use suitable raw materials. Leaves and cash cannot sustain a fire. Having them in minor quantities suffices, but their primary usage could be more beneficial.

So, bring down many trees and cut the wood into smaller pieces to spark and sustain a good fire. Use some wood to start and add it incrementally to make the fire support longer.

Building A Cover

As you have tried adding more resources to make the fire stay put for a long time, make a cover for the campfire, which can help it last longer. Apart from the winds that blow it off, the rainy and snowy weather also extinguishes the weather.

A cover can be established by building a shelter of logs, sticks, and leaves. So, gather all the necessary items and construct this shelter over the fire, protecting the fire from other elements.

Try Again

After a player has attempted some tricks up his sleeve but has failed, he must resort to trying again. There is no need to waste time beating a dead horse. Another fire must be set up to compensate for the one that got out.

The act looks like self-destructive behavior because wiping out the camp that a player built is excruciating, but it is for good. This solution also might not give the final result on the first attempt. Therefore, keep setting up new campfires until the error is resolved.

Using A Torch

If you have not eliminated the issue, you can use an alternative to the fire. The torch provided in the game can be used as a substitute if the fire is causing you more harm than good.

Wall torch in sons of the forest
Using wall torch for illumination

Many players use the torch to walk on cold nights, which helps keep the player warm, hence not requiring fire. The torch is not a perfect substitute and cannot serve every purpose that its counterpart did, such as cooking and helping keep the animals away.

However, the torch does provide illumination and helps the player to stay warm, so it carries good utility. Also, if you have equipped it, know it can be used as a melee weapon in case you need it to fight an animal.

Updating The Game

Since many players have reported this bug online, such errors do catch the eye of the original game developers. Therefore, they must release an update with such bugs resolved for all the consoles and players facing the problem.

So, keep looking for any updates that are pending. After such an update appears, prioritize it, as it will eliminate the headache that you are facing.

Verify Game Files

Before developers fix this issue, you must use intuition to solve the error. Often, a corrupted game file causes such an error to show up. Therefore, you can run a verification scan to look through all the game files and indicate a corrupted file.

Go to the Steam Client and head to the properties of Sons of the Forest. Select the Local Files and hit the Verify Integrity of Game Files button. Doing so will run a scan of all the game files and ensure the files are updated. Afterwards, restart the console and try the game.

Restart The Game

It is hard to predict when a glitch or a minor bug will occur and also if it will occur or not. Although, when it does, it bothers players for longer. Therefore, such unpredictable errors can be fixed by restarting the game.

This solution applies regardless of the console used to play the game, as a minor bug can appear on any console. Although this method to remove the bug only sometimes works, the solution and problem are unpredictable.

Reinstall The Game

Since this problem is recognized as a small or minor bug, deleting the game from the console and reinstalling it also removes numerous petty flaws from the game. This solution is not guaranteed to solve the error, but it has a good chance of solving it.

This solution should be considered a last resort and only used when all other resources are depleted. This is because, after deletion, restarting the game takes a massive amount of time and energy.

To save all the game progress and not lose it, save all the data progress files from the game folder and copy it elsewhere. Similar backing data progress must be made for other consoles to keep the progress.

Ending Notes

After knowing this guide’s teachings, a player must know when to use them. Before starting a fire, assess if it is needed, and then use the right strategies. Know if a stronger one is required or if the fire is to be given shelter to last longer.

Also, if a player faces the issue of his fire going out in Sons of the Forest, he knows all the steps he can follow to eliminate it.

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