Sons of the Forest Fire [Guides + Tips]

Here is everything you need to know about fire in Sons of The Forest.

Everything about fire sons of the forest featured
Everything a player wants to know about fire in Sons of the Forest

Lighting a fire in the middle of the woods is vital for survival in Sons of the Forest. Players can light up a fire to cook food, heat themselves in the cold nights, illuminate the dark area around them, and protect themselves against animals.

Key Takeaways

  • Sticks and leaves are the required items to light a fire.
  • Using wood from trees creates a stronger flame.
  • Placing large-sized rocks around the fire helps it stay put for a long.
  • Many users have observed a bug that exhausts the fire for no apparent reason.

Items Required

Lucky for the players who haven’t played the previous edition, sparking is not a difficult task in the game. Two items are required to start it:

  1. Sticks
  2. Flammable items.

Sticks are commonly found lying on the ground; if someone hasn’t had his lucky day, they can cut some trees and create sticks of their own.

The flammable items act as fuel to which the spark is provided. These items consist of leaves and wood. Use the knife and strike at the bushes to take off some leaves. The logs are taken from the branches of the trees.

Lighting A Fire

  1. Equip the items that you have collected to light a fire.
  2. After opening the inventory screen, look at the bottom right corner to find the sticks collected.
  3. Then, view the ground, and you will see an icon appearing.
Sparking fire in Sons of the Forest
Using a lighter to spark (Credits:

  1. The icon will be of two sticks. Left-click the icon and the equipped stick will be broken into two smaller pieces and placed on the ground.
  2. Another icon appears after this action.
  3. Click on that icon, and the player will throw leaves on the sticks and make a fire.
  4. Some players will find a circle icon. For those that do, right-click on it to go to the correct icon and then left-click it.
  5. The circle icon performs a different action.
  6. Other icons also perform various activities, such as demolishing sticks, fixing sticks in the ground, and the right icon for creating a fire.
  7. The spark to the placed leaves and sticks is provided by looking at the placed items and clicking the suitable icon.
  8. After creating it, a player must know that certain factors can also exhaust it. No one would want this, so here is how to make your fire stay put longer.

Placing rocks Surrounding the fire with rocks

To ensure that the fire doesn’t deplete quickly in the game, follow these steps to protect it from the wind:

  1. Collect Large Rocks: Gather large-sized gems and add them to your inventory.

  2. Find the Flame: Locate the lit flame that you want to protect.

  3. Place Large Rocks: Stand near the fire, and a circle icon should appear when you’re in the right position.

  4. Left-click the Icon: Click on the circle icon, and your character will start arranging the large rocks around the fire, creating a protective enclosure.

This encirclement of rocks will help cement the fire and prevent it from extinguishing due to strong winds or other factors, ensuring it lasts longer.

Here are some of my tips and tricks to ensure a stronger fire:

  1. Use Wood Instead of Burnt Sticks: Opt for wood over burnt sticks to fuel your fire. Wood can be obtained by cutting down trees in the game.

  2. Cutting Down Trees: Approach a tree and aim your weapon at the base of its trunk. Press and hold the attack button until the tree falls.

  3. Collecting Wood: After the tree has fallen, approach the tree’s trunk and press and hold the interact button to collect wood.

  4. Choosing the Right Trees: Different trees yield varying amounts and types of wood. Experiment with cutting down various trees to find the most suitable ones for your needs.

  5. Sustainability: Be mindful not to cut down too many trees in one area, as they may not respawn, and you could run out of wood if you deplete the local resources.

It’s worth noting that some players have reported a bug related to fires in the game, where fires are extinguished for no apparent reason. Unfortunately, there may not be a clear solution for this issue, as it could be a bug within the game itself. Players may need to wait for a patch or update to address such problems.

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