Sons Of The Forest: Food Bunker Walkthrough

Jump right in to find out where you can find the food bunker and what items do you find inside it.

Food Bunker
Edward Puffton | Image Credits: MyUsualMe - Daily Games

In this guide, learn how you can find a food bunker in Sons Of The Forest. Also, know how many items you can find inside the food bunker and how to access restrained areas inside it.

Key Takeaways

  • Food Bunker can be found on the North-Western side of the Map.
  • This Bunker holds a lot of Food Supplies that you can stock up on.
  • You Need the Maintenance Key Card to explore the Food Bunker fully.
  • You can find the Crossbow in one of the rooms of the Bunker.
  • You can also find the VIP Key Card in this Bunker.
  • In the main dining hall, you can find a Dress for Virginia.
  • There is also a Mid-Game Boss that you encounter in the Bunker.
  • Edward Puffton and Barbara Puffton are mutated into puffy and are difficult to kill.
  • You can exit the bunker with ease using the Rebreather.
Sons Of The Forest Food Bunker
Hatch that takes you to the Food Bunker: Image Credit: MyUsualMe – Daily Games

Bunkers are vital in Sons Of The Forest as they provide the players with a decent amount of supplies. They often hold items that are necessary for your main storyline to progress. You might stumble upon many hidden bunkers on the Island in Sons Of The Forest, but some of these bunkers hold more importance than others. One of the vital mechanisms of the game is the hunger bar. So to encounter that problem, Food Bunker provides you with a lot of food supplies that you can stock up on.

Food Bunker is one of the bunkers in Sons Of The Forest that gives you a lot of supplies and some very important items to either progress your main quests or to just be very helpful in your journey to survive on the island. Although they are very useful to explore, Finding some bunkers can be hard as they are normally hidden underground. But fear not. In this guide, we will show you exactly how to find the food bunker and where to look to find those items that you may need.


Inside the Food Bunker, Food items are abundant. Grab all the food items you can to stock up on them. Besides the food items, there are also many important items you can find inside the bunker. In the guide, we will show you where you can find each item.

Here is the list of those important items you can find inside the bunker.


One main item that you need to access this bunker is the maintenance key card, so make sure to have it with you before going for the food bunker. To learn where and how to find this key card, you can also visit this guide. Also, take a torch or any light source with you to see inside a cave you pass through to get to the entrance of the bunker. You would also need the Rebreather to exit the bunker after the mini-boss fight.

Sons Of The Forest Food Bunker
Marked on Map | Image Credit:

Now to find where you need to go first on the map, you need to traverse to the North-West side of the map where a sandy canal flows into a lake. To get a better general idea of where to go, you can see the spot marked on the map in the picture above.

Sons Of The Forest Food Bunker
Entrance to cave leading to bunker | Image Credit: Jade PG

When you arrive at the location and have a look around, you will notice some large rocks. In between those rocks, you can also spot an entrance to a cave. Now enter that cave and follow along in a straight line to arrive at the entrance of the food bunker. The main entrance to the food bunker does not require any items to access it, so you can reach the entrance and go down the hatch with ease.

Inside The Bunker

Here the first room you encounter will be full of food supplies. You can stock up on all the necessary food items here. Once you are done looting for food, you can look around to find a locked door. This locked door would be on the right wall of the room, and it would require you to have the maintenance key card to unlock it.

After walking through that door, you would enter a hallway that takes you through some greenhouse rooms. You will encounter a few small mutants when passing through that hallway, so make sure to be ready to take them out.


Sons Of The Forest Food Bunker
Crossbow | Image Credit: Jade PG

While you are moving through the Greenhouse rooms, make sure to check each room on the right side. In the second room, you will find the coveted crossbow and some arrows beside a dead body. There are also a lot of crossbow bolts stuck in the wall that you can pick up.

Shotgun Rail And VIP Key Card

Sons Of The Forest Food Bunker
Virginia Puffton VIP Key Card | Image Credit: Jade PG

In the following rooms, you can also find plenty of loot inside some containers. Now following along that route will take you down to some submerged rooms that are flooded with water. Continue to make your way through the water through every open door until you come across a hallway with a door open on the left and a door also at the end of the hallway. Now you can make your way to the room on the left and continue in that route to end up in the security room. On a desk in that room, you will find the VIP key card ready to be picked up. You will also find the shotgun rail on the right shelf of the room.


Now go back to the hallway and continue along your original route to the end of the hallway to reach a locked door. You can now use your VIP key card to access this door. After you enter the door, you will end up in a large dining hall that is filled with the dead bodies of many mutants. In that large dining hall, you can make your way to the right side of the hall, where you will see couches. On one of those couches, you will be able to see a dress that you can interact with to pick it up.

This dress can be given to Virginia, So she can equip it.

Mini-Boss Fight

In that large dining hall, you will also find a dining table in the middle of the hall. On that table, you will find certain reservation cards with names written on them. Two of those names would be Barbara Puffton and Edward Puffton who are the missing family that the player was contacted to find on the island. Edward Puffton is the CEO of the Puffton Corps, and both he and his wife have mutated into a puffy.

Sons Of The Forest Food Bunker
Reservation cards of Puffton Family | Image Credit: MyUsualMe – Daily Games

A puffy is a blind mutant that can not see but attacks based on its hearing and its sense of smell. To encounter this mid-game boss fight, you would need to pick up both of those reservation cards from the dining table. Afterward, both of them will climb up the window with the broken glass and enter the hall.

Barbara moves much like the crawling mutant and is much more difficult to beat than her husband. She can lunge at you if you are not careful enough. The best weapon to use against them is the shotgun, so if you can spare some slugs, you might as well use them now.

Both of them are also very sturdy as they can take a lot of shots before you can finally finish them off, so it’s recommended to aim for their heads more. After you have killed them, you can interact with their bodies to get a piece of creepy armor which you can use later on.


After you are done in the hall, you can go down the window with the broken glass and jump into the water with your rebreather. You can go underwater and then find a route that goes in a very straight path. Follow along that way to reach the exit of the cave.

In conclusion, I think visiting the food bunker is worth it, as you can find many important end-game items here. After the patch was added, you can also encounter a thrilling mid-game boss fight here as well. It’s exciting to visit this bunker as it explores the lore a bit more as you fight off the family you were sent to find. So no matter what you were here to do, there is one thing you can never miss out on in this bunker, FOOD!

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