Sons Of The Forest: Food Bunker [Quick Method]

In this guide, learn where you find the food bunker in Sons Of The Forest and how to navigate through it while finding the items you need.

Food Bunker
Edward Puffton | Image Credits: MyUsualMe - Daily Games

The Food Bunker can be found on the North-West side of the map. You can find numerous food supplies in the bunker.

Key Takeaways

  • You need the Maintenance Key Card to explore the Food Bunker fully.
  • You can find the Crossbow and a VIP Key Card in one of the rooms of the Bunker.
  • In the main dining hall, you can find a Dress for Virginia.
  • There is also a Mid-Game Boss that you encounter in the Bunker.
  • Edward Puffton and Barbara Puffton are mutated into puffy and are difficult to kill.
  • You can exit the bunker with ease using the Rebreather.
Sons Of The Forest Food Bunker
Hatch that takes you to the Food Bunker: Image Credit: MyUsualMe – Daily Games

Sons of the Forest added Bunkers, which are highly efficient for food storage. They vary in significance, with some, like the Food Bunker, providing ample food supplies to address the hunger bar issue.

These bunkers offer supplies and vital items for quests and survival. They can be challenging to locate, often hidden underground. This guide will help you find the Food Bunker, detailing its location and necessary items for your journey.


Inside the Food Bunker, Food items are abundant. Grab all the food items you can to stock up on them.

Besides the food items, you can also find many important items inside the bunker. 

Here is the list of those important items you can find inside the bunker.


One main item you need to access this bunker is the maintenance key card, so make sure to have it with you before going for the food bunker. I will also recommend taking a light source like a torch to see inside a cave you pass through to get to the bunker’s entrance.

You would also need the Rebreather to exit the bunker after the mini-boss fight.

Sons Of The Forest Food Bunker
Marked on Map | Image Credit:
  1. Head to the North-West side of the map, where a sandy canal meets a lake, to find your initial destination.
  2. Refer to the marked spot on the provided map picture for guidance.
Sons Of The Forest Food Bunker
Entrance to cave leading to bunker | Image Credit: Jade PG
  1. Upon arrival, observe large rocks, among which an entrance to a cave is visible.
  2. Enter the cave and proceed straight to reach the food bunker entrance. No specific items are needed to access this main entrance, facilitating an easy descent through the hatch.
  3. In the initial room, gather essential food supplies. Look for a locked door on the right side, requiring the maintenance key card for access.
  4. Passing through this door leads to a hallway with greenhouse rooms. Be prepared to encounter small mutants along the way and deal with them.
Sons Of The Forest Food Bunker
Crossbow | Image Credit: Jade PG
  1. While exploring the Greenhouse, check the right-side rooms.
  2. In the second room, discover a crossbow and arrows beside a deceased body. Collect additional crossbow bolts lodged in the wall.
Sons Of The Forest Food Bunker
Virginia Puffton VIP Key Card | Image Credit: Jade PG
  1. In these rooms, you’ll find various containers holding loot. Follow the path to submerged, water-filled rooms.
  2. Progress through open doors until you reach a hallway.
  3. Enter the left door leading to the security room.
  4. On the desk, pick up the VIP key card. Also, locate the shotgun rail on the right shelf.
  5. Return to the hallway and proceed to the locked door using your VIP key card.
  6. Warning: Beyond the door is a large dining hall with mutant bodies.
  7. Head to the right side of the hall where couches are situated. On one of them, interact with a dress to pick it up. Give this dress to Virginia for her to equip.
  8. Within the large dining hall, a table displays reservation cards bearing names like Barbara Puffton and Edward Puffton, the missing family sought by the player on the island.
  9. Edward Puffton, the CEO of Puffton Corps, and his wife have mutated into a “puffy.”
Sons Of The Forest Food Bunker
Reservation cards of Puffton Family | Image Credit: MyUsualMe – Daily Games
  1. The mid-game boss, Puffy, relies on hearing and smell, not sight, to attack. Obtain reservation cards to trigger the encounter in the hall through the broken window.
  2. Barbara, more agile than her spouse, attacks fiercely and can lunge at you. Here, I suggest using the shotgun against them for better effectiveness.
  3. Both mutants are resilient, requiring many shots, so aim for their heads. I can not emphasize enough how important it is to interact with their bodies to acquire a piece of creepy armor you can use later.
  4. After you are done in the hall, you can go down the window with the broken glass and jump into the water with your rebreather.
  5. You can go underwater and then find a route that goes in a very straight path. Follow along that way to reach the exit of the cave.

Is It Worth It?

In my opinion, visiting the food bunker is definitely worth visiting, as you can find many important end-game items here. After the patch was added, you can also encounter a thrilling mid-game boss fight here. It’s exciting to visit this bunker as it explores the lore more as you fight off the family you were sent to find. 

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