Sons Of The Forest Golden Armor Location [With Pictures]

After playing Sons of The Forest for 30+ hours, I'll show you how to obtain the Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest and what stats it offers to your character.

Sons of the Forest Golden Armor
Sons of the Forest Golden Armor

Golden Armor is a luxurious set also considered one of the endgame items in Sons of the Forest. While early-level players can access limited resources, mid-to-end game players need prominent and more powerful items to progress their playthrough. This is where Golden Armor comes in handy to assist players with the best damage protection and high-grade material performance. 

If you are also one of those players who wish to obtain the Golden Armor for their playthrough, then you are in the right place. This guide entails everything you need to know about Golden Armor, from its locations and stats. With that said, let’s get right into it. 

Key Takeaways

  • Endgame players need Golden Armor for damage negation and campaign progress.
  • Golden Armor cannot be crafted; it must be found in the southeast map region.
  • To obtain it, bring the Maintenance Keycard and enter a dark cave.
  • The cave leads to a secret facility on Level 2, where you find the Golden Armor.
  • While not the best for damage negation, Golden Armor is incredibly durable and favored by players.

Location Of Golden Armor

The Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest is an exclusive endgame set that is essential for campaign progression. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to obtain it:

Prerequisites: Before you can access the location of the Golden Armor, you must obtain the Maintenance Keycard, as the location is locked and requires this keycard for access. Follow an extensive Sons of The Forest Keycard guide to acquire it.

Gold Armor Location
Golden Armor Location

Acquiring the Golden Armor:

  1. Once you have the Maintenance Keycard, head to the southeastern region of the map.
  2. Enter the dark cave in this area, and be prepared for its darkness. Make sure to bring a torch or another illumination device to navigate easily.
  3. Follow the straight path inside the cave until you reach an abandoned facility.
  4. Continue along the straight path inside the facility until you reach a door.
  5. Use the Maintenance Keycard you acquired earlier to unlock the door and proceed further into the facility.
  6. The facility may have mutants, so you may need to engage in combat or choose to avoid them to progress. Your goal is to reach Level 2 of the facility.
  7. Once you’ve reached Level 2, look for a room with Golden Armor on a sofa. To locate it easily, enter the fourth room on the right side of the facility.
    Room with Sofa and Golden Armor
    Room with Sofa and Golden Armor
  8. You can now claim the complete Golden Armor for your character.
    Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest
    Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest

Keep in mind that Golden Armor cannot be crafted like most other armors in the game. You must progress through the campaign and reach this specific region on the map to obtain it. Additionally, it is crucial for endgame progression, so acquiring it is necessary to complete certain objectives in the game.

Stats Of Golden Armor

Being a late-game item, Golden Armor is the most potent armor available to players. Since it is not craftable and serves as a progression item, Golden Armor is easily the top priority of most players. Moreover, it has decent damage negation capabilities that can significantly protect your character against blood-thirsty opponents in Sons of the Forest. 

However, this damage negation is not ideal compared to other armors available in the game. You can rely on other armors for the same or even better damage negation values as this Golden Armor. The only major aspect that makes it the top priority among players is the strength of the Golden Armor.

Considering that resources are scarce in the wide and dangerous world of Sons of the Forest, Golden Armor excels in providing rigid protection, will not intake any damage, and does not require mending.

My Thoughts on The Golden Armor

Golden Armor is an excellent armor choice for players who want to pursue an ideal playthrough in the game. The game features many activities, engaging elements, and threats always lurking in the shadows. For that instance, players need reliable protection like Golden Armor to keep a safe side from potential threats. 

That is about it for my guide on Golden Armor and its stats. Did you find this guide helpful for getting your set of Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest? Share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments section below. 

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