Sons Of The Forest GPS Locator [Definitive Guide]

Lookng for the GPS locator might be hectic, but don't worry we have got you covered!

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Sons of the Forest: GPS Locator Guide

The GPS locators are equipment that can mark any point on the surface, such that it can be seen from the map available throughout the game. If you are struggling to find it, then do not worry, as I will guide you each step of the way. 

Key Takeaways

  • GPS Locators give a better understanding of the map, which helps explore the world and track known locations.
  • There are three total GPS locators in Sons of the Forest.
  • You must complete the Hanged Man GPS Quest to get the first one.
  • For the second GPS locator, finish the Wooden Cross Grave GPS Quest.
  • Finally, the last one is in the ocean, and you must do the Ocean Boat GPS Quest to get it.
  • They can place Markers on the map to get waypoints for essential areas.
  • You can also use a GPS locator to place markers on a companion to follow them.

Three GPS locators are scattered across the Sons of the Forest map. Purple dots mark these locations on the map. You can find all of them in the Northwestern portion of the map, in different biomes like the ocean, plain, and forest.

Hanged Man GPS Quest

  1. The first GPS locator is easy to find because it does not require additional tools to scavenge it. It is present in the South of Maintainance A Digsite.
  2. When you reach the marked location, you will see a man hanged by a rope on the cliff.
  3. Climb the cliff top by finding a way around.
The Hanged Man beside the wall of a Cliff
The Hanged Man beside the wall of a Cliff 
  1. Cut the rope using the axe, and the man’s body will fall.
  2. Go back to the body and loot it.
  3. You will find the GPS locator along with some other essential loot items.
GPS locator found on the body of The Hanged Man
GPS locator found on the body of The Hanged Man

You will also find the following items in addition to the GPS locator. I will recommend you obtain these as these are crucial for survival.

  • Rope
  • Vodka Bottle x2
  • Flashlight
  • Energy Bar x2

Wooden Cross Grave GPS Quest

  1. For the next GPS locator, go to the West of Beached Kayaks and the North of the Maintainance B Digsite.
  2. There will be a wooden grave hidden in the grass.
  3. The grave will have a wooden stick coming out of the ground with a piece of cloth on it.
  4. A white stone will be placed at the foot of the grave.
Wooden Grave in the Sons of the Forest
Wooden Grave 
  1. To dig the grave, you will require a shovel.
  2. The shovel is found in a cave in the middle of the map.
  3. After acquiring the shovel, you can dig the grave and loot the items there, including the GPS locator and a shotgun.
GPS Locator in the Wooden Grave
GPS Locator in the Wooden Grave 

Ocean Boat GPS Quest

  1. The final GPS locator is in the ocean, South of the wooden cross grave.
  2. The purple marker is placed on a boat in the ocean. Find the boat just a little from the beach and swim to reach the boat.
  3. Once you reach there, you will see a dead body lying in the boat.
  4. The GPS locator will be on the body, with a few flares and a pistol.
Inflatable Boat in the Ocean
Inflatable Boat in the Ocean

I will give you a word of warning: Sharks will surround your boat to hunt you down, so you must also be cautious of them. To counter the sharks, you must use the gun you found on the boat.

Dead Body in the Boat
GPS Locator on the Dead Body in the Boat 

How To Use GPS Locator?

There are two main ways to use the GPS locator. Both are relevant to the marking and waypoint mechanism of the game.

Marking a spot using GPS Locator
Marking a spot using GPS Locator 

To place a marker on the desired location on the map, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the desired location and plant a stick on the ground.
  2. Then, open your inventory and take out the GPS locator.
  3. You will see an option to hover your GPS locator above the stick.
  4. Afterward, you can place it on the stick, and a marker will become visible on this location on the map.

Sons of the Forest also allows you to place a GPS Locator on your companions, such as Virginia. Putting markers on your companions is helpful as it will give their location to you, and you can follow them for better guidance in case you get lost somewhere.

To place a marker on your companion, follow these steps:

  1. Get close to Virginia and access your inventory.
  2. Select the GPS Locator and hover over her.
  3. Afterward, you can place it on her, and her location will be visible on the map.

One GPS locator can be used at one location or one companion at a time. If you wish to use it for some other place, you must remove it from the previous location.

To remove a GPS locator:

  1. Go to the GPS locator’s location on the map.
  2. Hover over the stick.
  3. You will get the option to remove the GPS locator by pressing the C button.
  4. Hence, using the same method, you can place it again in the exact location or some other area.

Is It Worth The Trouble?

Absolutely, the GPS locator will be crucial for survival, or I will insist on the game’s progression. I will advise beginners to start the hunt for the GPS locator as it will greatly assist in the challenges that approach them in mid-to-endgame. Also, you should never lack on the weapons or survival essentials like energy bar or gears to avoid a halt in progression. 

GPS also place markers on critical companions or regions of the map, and you can also set the waypoints for them. These markers help a lot if you cannot find your way back home or you want to save some location from exploring later in the game.

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