Sons of The Forest: Hang Gliders [All Locations]

Learn all about Hang Gliders and where to find them in Sons of the Forest

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Sons of the Forest: Paraglider

Hang Gliders are great for scouting the Island and its remote regions from the sky. You only need some high ground from where you start your glider journey.

In this guide, I will cover everything about Hang Gliders, including their locations around the Island, how to use them, and spots you need where you can use them.

Key Takeaways

  • Hang Gliders can be categorized as scouting or navigation equipment.
  • They can be used to look over an area of interest or search for any desired item.
  • There are 10 locations around the island where you will find these.
  • All these locations involve campsites or cliff edges with Hang Gliders close to them.
  • To use this equipment, you must find a high point, likely a mountain peak, and then take off to start gliding.
  • Ensure that the peak is steep enough for a good take-off. Otherwise, gliding will not be smooth, and you will have trouble.

Hang Gliders are newly added to Sons of the Forest, perfect for scouting over a large area. You can use these to glide over a part of the island or to reach someplace quickly.  Moreover, if you aim to reach some point like a cliff edge or a mountain top, then gliders are better to get there than walking on foot.

The best recommended spots to use the Hang Glider are high mountain peaks that are steep as well so you can easily make the jump and glide smoothly.

You can also use Hang Gliders when searching for an item around the island, but you are unsure where to precisely search, as navigating from the sky will surely help you where to look.

Hang Glider Locations

There are 10 Hang Glider locations around the map. Most of these locations are campsites or cliff edges. Camps are more open, and you will most likely find a high point close to it from where you can take off with your glider.

1. Abandoned Camp One

first hang glider at abandoned camp one
The Campsitisin the close to the highest mountain peak | Image Credits: MapGenie

This is precisely in the middle of the snowy area and the highest point on the whole map. You will notice the river flowing from this snowy region. The abandoned camp will be just to its north, as seen on the map below.

After taking the hang glider, climb further north to reach the top of the mountain, where you can use your glider. The peak is very steep, so you will get slowed when rising. Try not to fall by walking close to the area with no snow and only rocks so you won’t slip.

finding hang glider at the snowy campsite
Campsite inside the snow | Picture by: TotalXclipse

2. Abandoned Camp Two

second hang glider at abandoned camp two
This is toward North side of the snow area at this island | Picture Credits: Map Genie

This camp is farther to the North than the first one. The glider will be on a Cliffside, so it is better if you fly toward it from the location of the first Abandoned Camp. The precise area is easy to find, as you can see from afar.

After this camp location, the snowy area ends, and the greenery spreads across the map.

you will find your hang glider at this cliff edge
A Cliff Edge to the north of snowy area | Image By: JadePG

3. Lake On East Side

third hang glider at lake on the east side
Location is closer to lake to the East of the snow | Picture Credits: Map Genie

From the second Abandoned Camp, use the Hang Glider to lift off the ground and start moving East to your right. Ensure you have your map out, as it will make finding the following location more accessible.

You can easily see the waterfall from very far away, indicating that the lake, and the Hang Glider, are very close. The lake is at a lower level than the glider as it is on the cliff edge. Therefore, don’t drop down into the water.

another Cliff edge where it is placed
Another Cliff Edge but this time it is away from the snow toward East | Picture Credits: TotalXclipse

4. Close To Golf Course

fourth hang glider close to a golf course
Cliff nearby a Golf Course | Image By: Map Genie

Gain momentum on the Glider you picked from the last cliff edge and glide North. Make your landing on the cliff before the Golf Course. Looking north, you can see the whole course from this point.

Grab your glider and prepare to find the next one.

collect hang glider from this Cliff Edge overlooking a course
Cliff Edge close to the only Gold Course in SOTF | Image By: TotalXclipse

5. On The Coast Edge

fifth hang glider Toward North and a little west
Far up North toward the edge of the coast | Picture: Map Genie

Locating these Gliders away from snow is more manageable, and it will be proved when you reach this cliff on the beach at Northwest. Make a sharp left turn when taking off from the last cliff, so you glide toward the West.

Keep going in the straight direction until you reach the next cliff edge on the beach.

this is close to coast at Cliff Edge on North side
One of the farthest Cliff Edge where Hang Glider is found | Picture from: TotalXclipse

6. Southwest Of Previous Coast Edge

sixth hang glider at the second coast edge
Another Coast edge close to previous one | Image Credits: Map Genie

This location is very close to the previous one as both the gliders are on the coastal edges. You only have to move South and a little to the West to reach this one. If you want to gain height again in the air after collecting the glider from here, jump off any peak facing the waters.

this Cliff edge is very close to the previous coastal edge
Another steep cliff at a Coastal edge | Photo from: TotalXclipse

7. Campsite Close To Mountains

seventh hang glider at the campsite close to snow region
Campsite inside the forest but very close to snow | Photo Credits: Map Genie

After covering all the cliff sides, I will cover campsites hidden inside trees or other obstacles that are slightly difficult to locate. This specific campsite is to the North of snowy mountains. It would be best to search for it on foot, as flying over the region will not help.

hidden in between trees at this Campsite
Campsite in between long trees | Photo from: JadePG

8. Close To Crash Site

eighth hang glider placed on this crashsite
A Crash site in the snow mountains | Photo By: Map Genie

This mountain crash site is a known location to most as it is part of the story of this game. This is another campsite, but on snow, so it is more visible from large distances. You can identify this location from red tents on the snow.

collect your hang glider from over here
Campsite on snow so it is easily visible | Picture By: TotalXclipse

9. South Cave

ninth hang glider in a snow cave
Inside a cave to the South of the snow | Image Credits: Map Genie

This one is relatively closer and higher than the last one. It’s another campsite, but your glider won’t get you to its spot. That is why you will have to walk a little.

A fun fact about this location is that it spawns more than one glider, so you can always find one here, even if you come frequently.

If you are looking to use your Hang glider to glide from any mountain peak, you will have to find one that is a little North. This is because many cliffs are relatively steep, and you might find it hard to have a proper take-off from here.

walk to this snowy Campsite to pick up
Another very high point where glider doesn’t reach directly | Image From: WoW quests

10. On South Coast

tenth hang glider on this coast edge at South
Far down South on another Coast Edge | Picture by: Map Genie

This Hang Glider location is probably the farthest one from all others. It is to the South of this map and will take some time to reach here if you are not around.

This is the last campsite in the greenery. You can identify this site with three tents and a fireplace in its center. 

this coastal campsite has hang glider close to it
This Campsite is far to the South | Picture Credits: TotalXclipse

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My Recommended Spots To Use Hang Gliders

The mountain peaks are ideal spots in this game to test the hang gliders. They are very high, giving you enough time in mid-air to adjust and not lose balance. You will find many cliff edges around the island, as is expected.

on a cliff edge
A Hang Glider placed on top of a huge mountain | Picture by: TotalXclipse

Most of these take-off locations are closer to where you find Hang Gliders, so you won’t have to search for them separately. Beware of those cliffs that are not very steep, as testing gliders on them will be more complex.

This is it for the guides on Hang Gliders. Some of these mentioned locations are accessible on foot as well. Therefore, you can use them to get gliders and reach those locations that are hard to come by walking.

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