Sons Of The Forest: How To Hotkey Weapons

Comprehensive guide to assist you in assigning hotkeys to weapons in Sons of the Forest.

Sons of the Forest How To Hotkey Weapons
Sons of the Forest How To Hotkey Weapons

In Sons of the Forest, you have to navigate through a mysterious island while fighting off dangerous enemies and mobs. For effective combat, you must learn how to hotkey weapons so you can survive in the game. In this article, we’ll discuss all that you need to know about how to hotkey weapons in Sons of the Forest. 

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Key Takeaways

  • Hotkeys add depth to the combat system in Sons of the Forest and are important for dealing with various dangerous situations.
  • To assign a hotkey to any weapon in the game, open your inventory and hover your cursor over the weapon. Then press any number key on your keyboard to assign it to the weapon.
  • To customize hotkeys, open the menu and navigate through Options > Controls and scroll down until you find the numbered hotkeys. Highlight the key you want to change and bind it to another key on your keyboard.
  • Some of the best weapons to have on your hotkeys are the Katana, Chainsaw, Spear, Crossbow, and Molotov Cocktail. 

Why Is Hotkey Important

Hotkey is a term used in video games to assign keys on a keyboard to a particular action in the game. In Sons of the Forest, hotkey weapons will allow players to snappily switch between weapons during combat without opening the inventory. You will need this feature during combat so you can quickly deal with your enemy. 

Hotkeying is important in Sons of the Forest because it can give players a significant advantage in combat situations. The game occurs in a dangerous forest terrain/environment where players must fight off a variety of enemies including mutants and cannibals. These adversaries can attack players suddenly from multiple directions especially when you’re in a dangerous position on the map.

Hotkeying weapons allow players to respond effectively to these situations, adding to their chances of survival. Moreover, hotkey weapons allow players to customize their playstyle and optimize their combat strategy. Different weapons are more suited for different situations, and hotkey will enable players to switch between weapons depending on the situation.

It’s good to note that hotkeys weren’t a part of the game when it was first released. Instead, you’d have to use the backpack to quickly select your weapons. But after a recent hotfix patch, you now have the option to hotkey weapons in Sons of the Forest. 

How To Hotkey Weapons

Assigning Hotkey
Assigning a hotkey to the Modern Axe – Image Captured from YT/Risky

You can use numerical keys on your keyboard to switch to weapons in the game. Here are the ways to do that in Sons of the Forest:

  1. Open your inventory: To assign hotkeys to weapons in the game, you have to open your inventory. Only weapons that can be equipped from the inventory can be hotkeys. 
  2.  Hover over the weapon: Once you have opened the inventory, hover your cursor over the weapon you want to assign a hotkey. For example, you can hover over the Modern Axe weapon.
  3. Assign the hotkey: With the mouse cursor hovering over the weapon, press the key you want to assign the weapon to. For example, press the 1 number key on your keyboard to assign it to the Modern Axe. 
  4. Use the hotkey: Press the hotkey you assigned to the weapon and see if it switches to the weapon. Now that your weapon is assigned to a hotkey, you can snappily switch to it during gameplay by pressing the corresponding number key on your keyboard. 

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Customize Hotkeys

Customizing Hotkeys
Customizing Hotkeys – Image Captured from YT/Risky

If you want to use other hotkeys instead of the numerical keys, there is an option in Sons of the Forest to customize them. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Open the menu: To customize hotkeys, first open the game’s menu by pressing the Esc key on your keyboard.
  2. Go to Options and then open the Controls tab.
  3. Scroll down: Scroll down until you find the numbered hotkeys. Select the hotkey you want to change the key bind for. 
  4. Assign keybinds: Press the key you want instead of the default and then close the menu.

Weapons Best Suited For Hotkeys

It’s a good idea to customize hotkey assignments to suit your playstyle and preferences. For example, you can assign your most constantly used weapons to a hotkey. Other than that, these are the 5 best weapons for assigning hotkeys in Sons of the Forest. 

1. Katana: The katana is the best melee weapon in the game and is effective against both mutants and cannibals. It’s a great weapon to have on one of your hotkeys, as it’s useful in all sorts of combat situations. Learn how to find Katana in Sons of the Forest here

4. Chainsaw: The chainsaw is an important armament against mutants and cannibals. It’s also useful for cutting down trees and erecting structures. It can be loud, still, so having it hotkeys can allow players to switch to it when demanded snappily and switch back to a quieter weapon.

2. Spear: The spear is another useful melee weapon that can also be used for ranged attacks. It’s useful for stunning enemies from a distance and can also be useful in close combat. If you ever need to get out of a situation fast, you can stun the enemy by throwing the spear. Because of its balanced nature, it should be assigned to hotkeys.

3. Crossbow: The crossbow is an important ranged weapon for taking out enemies from a distance. Having a hotkey assigned to it can help players in inflicting a surprise attack or slowing down enemies from a distance. Learn how to get the crossbow in Sons Of The Forest.

5. Molotov Cocktail: The Molotov blend is useful for taking out groups of adversaries or causing chaos during a fight. It’s easy to craft and has a wide range of effects. Hotkeys can allow players to snappily throw it into a group of adversaries without opening the inventory.

Final Remarks

In Sons of the Forest, assigning hotkeys to weapons allows players to customize their playstyle and optimize their combat strategy. This feature adds a layer of complexity and depth to the gameplay experience, making it more engaging. In this guide, you learned how to hotkey weapons in Sons of the Forest as well as the best weapons to have them assigned to. 

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