Sons Of The Forest: How To Craft Tech Armor

In this guide, Get to know how to get the items required to craft the Tech Armor.

Tech Armor sons of the forest
Tech Armor sons of the forest

Sons Of The Forest is a Survival game in which you must traverse the island in Search of Good Gear to increase your survival chances. So this Guide will help you in crafting the Tech Armor which is a very helpful gear to have in your inventory to save your life in threatening situations and offer you that bit of Extra Protection to Increase your chances of Survival in Sons Of The Forest.

Key Takeaways

  • In Sons Of The Forest, you need Better Gear to Increase your Survival rate.
  • Tech Armor is a Fancy Armor that also delivers some great Defensive Buffs.
  • It can take lots of hits but will Break if the Durability limit is reached.
  • Wires, batteries, Printer Resin, Duct Tape, Circuit Boards, and Tech Mesh are Required to craft Tech Armor.
  • Most of the Items Required are Common Loot so can be easily found.
  • Tech mesh requires a lot of printer resin to be printed.
  • A 3D Printer is Required to obtain the Tech Mesh.
  • You need to craft 10 Pieces of Tech Armor to create the Whole Set of Tech Armor.
  • Dynamo Achievement is unlocked when you Wear the Complete Tech Armor Set.

Tech Armor

Tech Armor sons of the forest
Blueprint of Tech Armor | Image Credit: Stonely

Tech Armor is a piece of Fancy Armor that also offer outstanding defensive stats. However, the method to craft this Armor can be a bit frustrating as it is very repetitive and hard to do. Although Tech Armor is expensive and requires a lot to craft, It does have its merits. It offers amazing defensive capabilities as when you are wearing the Tech Armor you take no damage on your Health as long as the Armor lasts. The only con of this Armor is that its durability is limited and it does Break after absorbing damage. Although it does Break, it can endure a lot of damage as it can stay intact for up to 6 hits of light attacks. It also endures 4 hits of Heavy attacks before finally getting broken.

Items Required

Wire (x1)

Wire | Image Credit: Stonely

Wires are a common loot that can be quite easily found while searching around the map. Wires are usually located in Storage containers.

Circuit Board (x1)

Circuit Boards
Circuit Board | Image Credit: Stonely

You can Find Circuit Boards inside electronic devices scattered around the map. Any Radio or laptop device lying around the map provides you with the circuit board when destroyed and looted.

Batteries (x1)

Batteries | Image Credit: Stonely

These are also common loot that is easy to find around the map. They can be found lying around the underground bunkers. They are also spawned as random loot in storage containers or loot pouches dropped when you defeat an enemy.

Duct Tape (x1)

Duct Tape
Duct Tape | Image Credit: Stonely

This item can be found in Yellow crates or Red crates. It is rather a common item to find when you search around the map. These crates can usually be found at Abandoned campsites.

Printer Resin (250ml)

Printer Resin is one of the sources that can be a bit tricky to find as it’s limited. When you first walk up to a 3D printer it comes with 850ml of printer resin already in it. It can usually be found in futuristic and modern environments. Usually, the area around 3d printers also has printer resin lying around nearby. Although there is a good amount initially there are a lot more items that also require Printer resin, so you would need to ration the printer resin according to your needs.

Tech Mesh (x1)

Tech Armor sons of the forest
Printing a piece of Tech Mesh | Image Credit: Stonely

Tech Mesh is an item you require to craft a piece of Tech Armor. We find 250ml of Printer resin to create this item. You obtain this item by locating a 3d printer, walking up to it, and crafting the Tech Mesh using 250ml of your Printer Resin. You require a Maintenance Keycard to have access to mostly all underground buildings around the map. Visit this guide to learn where you can get a Maintenance keycard from.

  • Tech Mesh requires 250 ml printer resin to Craft.
  • Tech Mesh requires 10 seconds to be printed by the 3D printer.
Where To Locate A 3D Printer
Tech Armor sons of the forest
3D printer in a cave near crash site | Image Credit: Stonely

The most convenient 3D printer is located near the first point where you start the game. When you are at the helicopter crash site, You have 2 caves nearby that you can access. Now if you go near the cave which is located in the Southeast of the crash site, You will be able to see a green dot on your map near this area. When you arrive at a place with overgrown plants all over the area you would know that you are at the right place.

Tech Armor sons of the forest
Entrance of cave containing 3D printer | Image Credit: Stonely

Now you will go through the opening you see in that area and move through it till the end you will find a rest area that also has the 3D printer that you need to require the Tech Mesh. Visit this guide to know more about all the 3D printer locations.


Tech Armor sons of the forest
Crafted piece of Tech Armor | Image Credit: Stonely

Most of the items you need to craft this piece of Armor are common and easy to find when you search through loot around the map. The only difficult task is to obtain enough printer resin to craft the Tech Mesh. Most of the items you need like the batteries, wire, circuit board, and duct tape can be found if you loot through all the supply cases found around the map. These supply cases are most often found at abandoned campsites and are worth it to loot as they provide you with many crafting resources.

The only con that you face crafting and using this Armor is that you need to Craft 10 pieces to get the full set of Tech Armor. That means you would need to repeat this process of crafting 10 times to get the full set of Tech Armor. You would need 10 of each item meaning that you would also require 2500ml of printer resin to craft the whole set. This makes the whole process very expensive as the Armor also breaks when it takes a certain amount of damage implying that you would need to craft a piece of Armor again every time one piece of it breaks.


After you have the items required in your inventory follow these steps to craft the Tech Armor:

  1. Open your inventory
  2. Click on the items required to craft the Tech Armor
  3. Adding each item to the crafting mat will start the process of combing them
  4. Click combine to craft one piece of Tech Armor
  5. Now repeat these steps 10 times to get 10 pieces of Tech Armor to complete your Armor set
Tech Armor sons of the forest
Combining items to craft a piece of Tech Armor | Image Credit: Stonely

One process to ease your process that feels like cheating is to abuse the respawn functionality. Although the respawn loot is random after locating the 3D printer you can save the game. Now you can load back into the game which will respawn the loot at the 3D printer area providing you with many of the resources required to build the Tech Armor. Although it will require a cycle of save/load game and a bit of luck it will certainly shorten the time it takes for you to craft the Armor.

Dynamo (Achievement)

Tech Armor sons of the forest
Achievement – Dynamo

After you Repeat the process of crafting the Tech Armor 10 times And you wear the whole set of Armor. It will unlock the Dynamo Achievement which is obtained after wearing the full set of Tech Armor. Dynamo is a very rare achievement to unlock.

Pros And Cons

Tech Armor is a Fancy looking Armor that gives off a modern era and futuristic vibe. It also provides you with a very good defensive buff. It is considered one of the best armor in the game as it can also take damage from very strong enemies and still save your life.

The only con of the Tech Armor is that it requires a lot of work and is also very expensive to produce. It can also break off after its durability limit is reached. It will always require you to craft it back as after a few tough fights it would break off.

One piece of Advice would be to craft this Armor and keep it with you. So you can end up using this Armor in situations where you have to face off a very tough opponent. So you can potentially save yourself from wasting it and the resources required to craft it again while also taking advantage of its buff when required.


There are many pieces of gear that you can craft and use in the game. Tech Armor is also one of the cool useful ones among them. But all the weapons and armor offer different types of Advantages and are fun to use.

Sons Of The Forest offers a wide variety of Armor and Weapons that you can use to enjoy the game and survive in many different ways, either by saving up your resources and moving smartly or just ending up going berserk while eliminating all the enemies on the island and looting them. If you enjoyed this guide be sure to explore more of our following guides about Sons Of The Forest:

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