Sons Of The Forest All Items With Locations

A full list of items currently available

Items List Sons of the Forest
A complete list of items in Sons of the Forest so far.

Wondering how many items the early access of Sons of the Forest comes with? Well, there are a lot of items to try out, with more to come with each update. From something as silly as a radio to something as essential as a VIP Keycard, each item comes with a unique feature to it. So, here is an items list of Sons of the Forest along with their location.

Key Takeaways

  • There are almost 150 items in Sons of the Forest that players can collect and use.
  • With new updates, more items will be added as the game is still in early access.
  • Some materials are simple to collect as they are inside supply crates that lie outside the dangerous caves and bunkers.
  • Some items are located deep inside the cave and are pretty tough to gather.
  • The items in the list include consumables, weapons, crafting materials, and keycards.

Total Items In Sons Of The Forest

Although the game is still in early access with no guarantee whether more items are to come or not, there are still confirmed around 150 items currently available. The number might increase as the developers bring changes and officially release Sons of the Forest. For now, the number of items we have encountered so far sticks to around 150. If there is a missing one we find out about later, we will update the guide.

All Items List And Location

Here is the all items list in Sons of the Forest players can collect:


A severed cannibal arm that can be used as a weapon upon swinging. The damage isn’t much but for an early game, it is enough. In “The Forest,” players could use the arm (or any other body part) to create an Effigy; however, that is not the case for Sons of the Forest. Currently, players can not construct effigies in the game.

  • Location: Can be chopped off from any Cannibal’s body.

Air Tank

Air Tank inside a Cave – Image Credits: ZaFrostPet

An Air Tank is used to refill your Rebreather, a device that helps breathe underwater. So if you managed to find yourself a Rebreather, start finding Air Tank.

  • Location: You can gather an Air Tank by looting underground bunkers, Shovel Cave located in the North-West, and the Rebreather Cave located far up north, along the seashore.


A type of yellow flower with green leaves that can be seen lying around. Players can consume it in order to gain some energy. To gain more energy, craft an Energy Mix by combining Arrowleaf with Chicory.

  • Locations: You can mostly find Arrowleaf growing on the Northwest side of the Island. You can forage for it.

Album Cover

If you plan on collecting every available item in Sons of the Forest even if it provides no purpose, you may need to look around for a Bad Pivot Album Cover.

  • Location: You can find the Album Cover in Digsite – Maintenance A. The location of the side is on the Northwest side on your map.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera found on the Island

An extremely useful plant that contains healing properties. Low on health or suffering from an infection? Get yourself some Aloe Vera. It also helps in crafting a Health Mix by combining it with Yarrow, a white flower. A Health Mix increases the player’s health percentage. Players can also grow Aloe Vera in their base by gathering Aloe Vera seeds.

  • Location: Look for Aloe Vera on the West side of the island as the area has the most respawned Aloe Vera. You can also run across them throughout the island if lucky enough.

Animal Hide

Players can gather animal skin after hunting them down, this skin is known as “Animal Hide.” You can use Animal Hide in crafting a Hide Armor.

  • Location: As Animal Hide comes directly from an animal, you must hunt animals in the Western part of the island as that area contains the maximum amount of animals roaming around.

9mm Ammo

A type of ammunition used for Pistols. You may find 9mm Ammo more easily compared to other forms of ammunition in the game.

  • Location: Ammo is usually inside crates scattered all over the island. Some of it is inside caves too.


A consumable item that removes hunger and thirst upon consumption. Blueberries are the easiest consumable item to find in Sons of the Forest.

  • Location: The entire island is abundant with Blueberries. Just go foraging and check out the bushes filled with a bunch of blueberries.


Binoculars found on the Kayak – Image Credits: Its Shatter

A tool that helps players look far once equipped.

  • Location: Binoculars are located at Northwest seashore. More specifically, they are lying on a Kayak.


Another consumable item you can easily gather. Players can satisfy their hunger by consuming Blackberries, with no issue of poisoning.

  • Location: Blackberries mostly spawn on the eastern side of the island. They come in a bunch but can be tough to spot due to their dark red color, so keep an eye out for these.


An item that helps players run any electronic supplies they gather. And trust us, there are tons of electronic tools and equipment you run across; therefore, collect any battery you get your hand on.

  • Location: You can find Batteries in crates located in camps, bunkers, or skin pouches dropped by cannibals.

Buckshot Ammo

A type of ammo players can use to load their shotgun. Buckshot Ammo is hard-to-find, but if you know the right places, you will gather a bunch of it right away.

  • Location: Buckshot Ammo is mostly available inside black crates which players can find in bunkers or abandoned camps. You can also get Buckshot Ammo by giving Virginia a shotgun, as she can create unlimited firearms while shooting enemies down.


Any living creature, whether it’s a mutant or a cannibal, gives off bones if you burn their bodies. These bones help in crafting Bone Armor or furniture for the base.

  • Location: Burn a dead body to obtain bones from it.

Bone Armor

Crafting A Bone Armor – Image Credits: ZaFrostPet

One of the best ways to protect yourself in the early game is by crafting a Bone Armor. Simply combine 4x Bones, 1x Duct Tape, and 1x Rope and you have yourself a Bone Armor.

  • Location: Bone Armor does not respawn around the map, instead you have to craft it.

Brain/Bacon Bite

A consumable that helps players replenish their hunger a bit.

  • Location: You can find Bacon/Brain Bites in Bunkers and Digsites.

Booze/Vodka Bottle

An item not for you to get drunk on a literal nightmare island, but used in crafting Molotovs, an extremely useful material.

  • Location: There are some abandoned camps that contain Booze/Vodka Bottles. Check all the crates and boxes you find around abandoned camps. You can also spot some Booze lying around while exploring the island.


A type of ammo players can use for their crossbows. You must have these in order to use a Crossbow.

  • Location: To gather crossbow bolts, check out caves and crates.


A type of Armor players can equip for additional stats.

  • Location: The only place where Blazer exists is a Gravesite far up north. One of the coffins here contains a Blazer outfit.


There are four books in Sons of the Forest players can collect, they are Deep Sleep, Parallel Universes, Pennant Line, and Rescued Book. There is no major use of the book for now, but it may change with new updates.

  • Location: You can find books in bunkers, maintenance sites, or a room. As there are only four of these, finding each can be pretty tough.

Compound Bow

Compound Bow Location inside Maintenance B Bunker

One of the most powerful ranged weapons available in Sons of the Forest which players obtain by some digging and exploring.

  • Location: The only known location of the Compound Crossbow is the “Maintainance Area B dig site,” an underground bunker at the Southern part of the island. Get your shovel ready, and once inside the bunker, find a dead body over a bathtub and a Compound Bow lying next to it.


A plant with white flowers which contains healing properties. Players can consume it raw or mix it with other plants to form an Energy Mix or Energy Mix+ and restore some health and energy. You can also plant it in a planter if you obtain its seeds while foraging.

  • Location: Grows all over the island but is mostly seen on the Southwest or Northern side of the island, especially near cannibal camps.


Ranged weapon players can equip and take enemies down from a safe distance.

  • Location: You must enter a cave located on the Northwest side of the island. Inside the cave, you will run across a bunker labeled “Food and Dining.” Enter the bunker and go to the locked door on your right. Use the keycard required, enter the room, and find a dead body lying next to the Crossbow you need.

Crunchie Wunchies

A consumable item and cereal brand players can consume to fill up their hunger level.

  • Location: Underground facilities consist of the most Crunchie Wunchies on the entire island, especially if there is Food Storage in these facilities. You can also find Crunchie Wunchies cereal boxes in or around abandoned camps.

Canned Food

A consumable item in the form of canned food which labels as cat food upon opening it with a can opener. Players can consume it for a hunger refill.

  • Location: It is available in crates found in abandoned camps, caves, and underground facilities.

Crossbow Bolt

Ammunition for Crossbow, a ranged weapon players find in a cave.

  • Location: Found in the same cave bunker where you find the Crossbow. Just look on the wall right ahead of the body, some crossbow bolts are stuck in there.

Can Opener

Can Opener – Image Credits: ZaFrostPet

An item used to open Canned Food players find while exploring the island.

  • Location: There are three crash sites, visit the one in the mountains and follow a stream nearby till you run across a tent. Here you can find the Can Opener along with some Canned Food.

Crafted Bow

  • Location: As the name suggests, the only way to get access to this Bow is by crafting it yourself. Combine Stick, Tape, and Rope together in order to craft a “Crafted Bow.” You can find all three items in crates in abandoned camps.

Carbon Fiber Arrow

The strongest type of arrow available in Sons of the Forest. Players can obtain it from only one location we know so far.

  • Location: There is a cave far west of Snowy Mountain, a bit north of the flowing stream. Go inside the cave to enter a bunker inside of it. Here, you’ll find a 3D Printer room, explore the room till you get your hands on the Carbon Fiber Arrows.


You can not trade coins for materials in Sons of the Forest, but you can make a Time Bomb with them. Yes, you can craft a Time Bomb, a powerful weapon by using 5x coins.

  • Location: Coins are pretty hard to come across, but if you look for Wooden Crates near cannibal camps or abandoned sites, you will collect them sooner.


The one and only purpose of cash in Sons of the Forest is to fuel up the fire.

  • Location: You can find Cash in skin pouches or cave bunkers.

Circuit Board

A crafting material that helps in creating multiple useful items such as a Time Bomb and Tech Armor.

  • Location: You can obtain a Circuit Board by smash-opening electronic devices such as laptops, computers, or radios. Some Circuit Boards are inside crates too.


A type of weapon used against Demons to burn them in the end game.

  • Location: Cross is available in a cave located on the Western side of the Mountains. The cave entrance is covered with some wooden board.

Crafted Club

One of the melee weapons available is a Crafted Club. The club helps players smash some enemies down when in close range.

  • Location: Players need to make the crafted club themselves rather than wasting time looking for it. Find yourself a Skull, a Stick, and a Rope in order to make a Crafted Club.

Crafted Spear

The easiest weapon that players can craft in the early game and bear multiple benefits from it such as hunting for animals, killing enemies, and opening containers.

  • Location: You can make a Crafted Spear by yourself by combining 2x Sticks, 1x Duct Tape, and 1x Utility Knife.


Players can obtain this material by exploring the island and using it for crafting armor, Molotov, or a Torch, which are extremely helpful.

  • Location: Cloth is most usually found in caves. Players can also find this valuable item in Camps and Crates.

Camouflage Suit/Camo Suit

An outfit that is intended to wear by Virginia, an in-game companion the player can befriend.

  • Location: The Camo Suit is located at the Northwest beach, specifically inside a Kayak on the shore.

Creepy Armor

A type of Armor that is obtained by skinning the mutants found inside the caves.

  • Location: Creepy Armor is only available by skinning creepy mutants players will find inside the caves.

C4 Brick

A type of crafting material that helps in crafting one of the most powerful weapons in the game, a Time Bomb.

  • Location: C4 Bricks are usually inside crates, bunkers, and caves.

Duct Tape

A utility item that helps in crafting various materials such as spears, armor, and whatnot.

  • Location: Duct Tapes are inside crates that you find in or around abandoned or cannibal camps.

Devil’s Club

It is a Poisonous Plant grown in various parts of the island. Consuming it directly will damage your health; therefore, make sure to convert it into an Energy Mix or Energy Mix+ by combining it with Chicory and Fireweed.

  • Location: Devil’s Club mostly grows near lakes and rivers.


One of the three suits that Virginia can wear.

  • Location: The dress is found inside the Maintenance A dig site. Make sure to have a shovel and the Maintenance Keycard before you look for the dress.

Energy Drink

A consumable item that helps players perish their Thirst and increase their Energy. Your hunger won’t be affected by Energy Drinks.

  • Location: Energy Drinks are inside caves and bunkers. Also, players can find them in or around abandoned camps too.

Energy Bar

Just like Energy Drinks, the main purpose of Energy Bars is to increase your energy. A slight decrease in hunger will also occur by consuming it. So make sure to collect Energy Bars and keep them ready for consumption in case of emergency.

  • Location: Energy Bars are usually found in caves and bunkers. They also spawn in or around abandoned camps, and inside crates.

Emergency Pack

Players obtain an Emergency Pack at the beginning of the game. The pack includes GPS Locator, Tactical Axe, Lighter, and a Guide Book. You must open the Emergency Pack early on to receive all these items.

  • Location: Emergency Pack comes inside your Inventory, just press I and gain access to it.

Energy Mix

Crafting An Energy Mix – Image Credits: ZaFrostPet

A craftable consumable item that helps in increasing energy.

  • Location: Combine 1x Arrowleaf and 1x Chicory in order to craft an Energy Mix.

Energy Mix+

A more advanced version of Energy Mix that increases a bit more energy upon consumption.

  • Location: Combine 1x Chicory, 1x Fireweed, and 1x Devil’s Club to craft an Energy Mix+.

Electric Chainsaw

A tool that helps players gather materials such as wood faster. Electric Chainsaw cuts open anything in its way, including cannibals and mutants.

  • Location: Electric Chainsaw is inside a Recreational Facility located in a cave. Head to the 3D printer icon showing far west on your GPS and go inside the cave there.

Electric Guitar

One of the melee weapons in Sons of the Forest, Electric Guitar is only for taking down enemies, not jamming while hiding in your base.

  • Location: Inside the same Cave as Electric Chainsaw.


A tool that helps with vision in dark places such as caves. Flare lits up for a few seconds and helps players by providing vision.

  • Location: Look for orange crates as they carry Flares inside of them.


A plant with pink flowers that grow randomly throughout the island. Players can consume it directly and gain a small amount of Energy. To make proper use of it though, combine it with 1x Chicory and 1x Devil’s Club and make yourself an Energy Mix+.

  • Location: There is no specific location for Fireweed. Go foraging and look for a plant with Pink petals.


A crafting material that helps in making items such as arrows.

  • Location: Head to the seashore and axe some seagulls, they will drop a few feathers.

Firefighter Axe

A strong melee weapon that deals the most damage of all axes. Players can stun enemies constantly with each hit.

Location: The only known location of Firefighter Axe is Maintenance A Bunker, located on the Northwest side of the island. Dig the area with a Shovel to open up the bunker and start exploring for the Firefighter Axe.

Fly Amanita

A type of mushroom with dark red color. It is not for consumption due to its poisonous nature and has no purpose in the game yet.

  • Location: Fly Amanita is available throughout the island, making it easy to gather.


A pretty rare item that helps provide vision and has only one known location where it can be found.

  • Location: Go west of the Snowy Mountains and look for a purple icon on your GPS. Here, climb up the cliff and cut off a tied rope you find here with an axe. It will lead to a body falling off on the ground. Now find the body and explore the area around it, there is a flashlight in that area.

Flashlight Attachment

A weapon attachment that is equipable on a Shotgun and Pistol. It provides players with vision in dark spots while using the weapons.

  • Location: The Flashlight Attachment is inside a cave west of the Snowy Mountains. Be prepared as the cave is swarmed with enemies.


Glider Location

Avoid walking all the way down from a cliff, simply equip the Glider and jump off. You can cover long distances in a short and more entertaining way with a Glider.

  • Location: Glider is located on Snowy Mountain, specifically on a cliff towards the West.


A frag grenade that deals explosive area damage.

  • Location: Grenades are inside Explosive Crates, a dark grey colored case found in or around Abandoned Camps. You may also find these cases inside the Caves.

Gold Mask

Gold Mask
Gold Mask – Image Credits: WIRED GAMING

A gold mask is one of the two masks in Sons of the Forest with the sole purpose of helping players blend in with Cannibals. A gold mask is worn by Leaders of the other cannibals.

  • Location: There is only one known location of a Gold Mask for now. On the eastern area of the Snowy Mountains lies a pretty noticeable lake. There is a cave east of that lake, go inside and visit Level 5. Explore the area till you locate a dead body with the mask over its face.

Golden Armor

The strongest armor that does not wear off or break the entire game. As you progress through the in-game story, you will have to open a Golden door, and for that, you must have the Gold Armor.

  • Location: Go to the eastern side of the lake, and head towards the east part of a noticeable lake there. The Golden Armor is on Level 2 of the bunker.


A device that helps players navigate and explore the map. You equip it in the early game by opening the Emergency Pack.

  • Location: Players gain an Emergency Pack at the beginning of the playthrough, so, open it to obtain GPS.

GPS Locator

The GPS Locators act as a waypoint and appear on your GPS.

  • Location: Players can find multiple GPS locators throughout the island.

Guide Book

A Guide Book helps immensely in building various things.

  • Location: It is obtained as one of the three items from the Emergency Pack at the beginning of the game.

Guest Keycard

One of the three Keycards in Sons of the Forest, and helps access locations not possible otherwise.

  • Location: Go to the cave west of the Snowy Mountains, right in front of a river flowing. The cave entrance has a cart in front of it. Make sure you have a Maintenance Keycard before you enter the cave for Guest Keycard.

Golf Ball

Item players can have some fun with. Get yourself a Putter and a Golf Ball in order to play golf.

  • Location: There is a golf course far Northeast, go there to collect at least two Golf Balls lying around.

Guarana Berries

A type of red berries that restores health and sleep upon consumption.

  • Location: Mostly grows on the Southern region of the Island.

Health Mix

A consumable item that helps restore a small percentage of your health.

  • Location: The only way to access a Health Mix is by crafting one yourself. Combine 1x Aloe Vera and 1x Yarrow to craft a Health Mix.

Health Mix+

A slightly better version of Health Mix that helps restore a bit more health upon consumption over time.

  • Location: Craft a Health Mix+ by combining 1x Aloe Vera, 1x Horsetail, and 1x Fireweed.


Animal Hide/Hide is obtained by skinning a dead animal. Once you successfully skin one, you will get Hide in return.

  • Location: Players can obtain Hide by encountering any animal, killing them, and lastly, skinning them.

Hide Armor

A wearable armor that players can craft easily.

  • Location: Combine 1x Cloth and 2x Hide in order to obtain a Hide Armor.

Holosprings Pamphlets

This Pamphlet is nothing but a collectible. Currently, there are no uses for it in Sons of the Forest.

  • Location: Go to the Plane Crash Site located on the Southwest of the Island. Now, find the right wing of the crashed plane and you will find a Holosprings Pamphlet lying on it


A wearable outfit in Sons of the Forest that keeps players warm during the night.

  • Location: One of the Hoodies is hidden under a tent in a camp West of the Snowy Mountains. The other Hoodie is located near a Cannibal Camp in the Northwestern region of the island.

Hydnum Repandum

A form of mushroom that players can eat safely.

  • Location: These mushrooms usually spawn near campsites.


A part of a cannibal that can be decapitated by an axe after killing it. It is used to scare away the other cannibals.

  • Location: Almost all cannibals’ heads are able to decapitate and picked up. Moreover, players can encounter these flesh-eaters near the Cannibal Camps.


A consumable plant with green leaves that grows around the island. Players can consume Horsetail directly to gain a bit of energy. You can combine Horsetail with Aloe Vera and Fireweed to craft a Health Mix+, an item that helps in increasing health.

  • Location: Mostly grows in the western region of the Island.


High damage dealing melee weapon that players can use to one-shot enemies.

  • Location: Go to the southeastern Lake and head to the eastern area of it. Enter the bunker located here and visit Level 2 in order to get your hands on the Katana.

King Oyster

A brown-colored consumable mushroom that decreases a bit hunger and increases health slightly.

  • Location: Mostly grows on the western part of the island.

Leather Jacket

A wearable outfit that helps players stay warm during cold and rainy weather.

  • Location: There is a cave far northwest of the Island, near the seashore. Enter the cave and dive deep down till you find a dead body with a Leather Jacket.

Leather Suit

Leather Suit
Leather Suit – Image Credits: DStrike

A red suit only in-game character Virginia can wear.

  • Location: Visit the Northwest side of the island and find a new crash site added to the game. The suit is inside the crashed Helicopter.


An obtainable item that players get by cutting trees or sticks. Leaves are extremely useful as they act as fuel to the fire.

  • Location: Simply chop down any stick or tree on the island to obtain a leaf.

Leaf Armor

The easiest type of armor to craft, Leaf Armor is good for the early game when players are still gathering items. The armor provides low defense compared to the other armor available in Sons of the Forest.

  • Location: Leaf Armor is a craftable material, combine 10x Leaf and 1x Cloth to craft a Leaf Armor.


An item that helps provide vision in dark spots. It is also used as a source to start a fire.

  • Location: Players obtain a lighter at the very beginning of the game as it is one of the items in the Emergency Pack players crash with.

Laser Sight

A weapon attachment that helps players with tracking down enemies with a Laser. It is attachable to both, Pistol and a Shotgun.

  • Location: Laser Sight is inside the Maintenance A Bunker. Make sure to bring a Shovel along as you must dig the area open to find the Bunker’s entrance.


A part of Cannibal’s body that can be dismembered by an axe. Players can even eat the raw leg if they want.

  • Location: Go to a cannibal camp, kill a cannibal, and dismember their leg with your axe.


A log helps in constructing a base or a building.

  • Location: Logs are obtained by chopping down trees.


An item that allows players to heal themselves upon consumption.

  • Location: To craft yourself some medicine, combine 1x Aloe Vera and 1x Yarrow.

Meal Rations/MRE Pack

A non-perishable consumable item that players can find throughout the island in form of small white packets.

  • Location: Mostly, MRE packs are found inside crates and bunkers.

Modern Axe

A melee weapon with great damage upon each swing. It is easily accessible as it does not require any cave tour.

  • Location: Travel Northwest of the Snowy Mountains and you will encounter some Black camp tents. Find a dead body right outside one of these tents and take the Modern Axe from it.


Machete Location – Image Credits: ZaFrostPet

A lightweight weapon that helps in 1v1 combat and is loved due to its low stamina consumption.

  • Location: Head straight North till you end up at the Island’s coast. There lies an inflatable boat with a Machete stabbed in on it, approach the boat and take the Machete out.

Maintenance Keycard

A keycard that helps unlock multiple doors inside various bunkers.

  • Location: There is a bunker Northwest of the Snowy Mountains. Moreover, the location is marked with a green signal-type circle on your GPS. That bunker is hidden under some dirt so get your shovel ready. Once inside, explore the bunker till you find the Maintenance Keycard.

Molotov/Molotov Cocktail

A type of weapon that burns and eventually, melts enemies down. It is a good AoE tool that helps if you’re dealing with a group of mutants or cannibals.

  • Location: Players can craft this useful item themselves by combining 1x Vodka Bottle and 1x Cloth.


A consumable item, players can receive meat from dead animals. If eaten raw, your hunger will slightly restore, but upon eating cooked meat, you restore a lot of hunger in return.

  • Location: Is obtainable throughout the map, just kill an animal and collect meat from it.


A consumable seafood item that never gets rotten or goes to waste.

  • Location: Found underwater on the beach. Make sure you have your rebreather, it will assist you while you collect oysters.

Paper Target

A decorative item with no important usage.

  • Location: Is inside crates and boxes with a random spawn rate.


A firearm that hits enemies from close to mid-range and becomes even better with the help of attachments.

  • Location: There are various locations where you may find a Pistol, but the guaranteed one is far west. Go to the beach and look for an orange raft and it will contain a pistol.

Pistol Rail

An item that allows the pistol to equip attachments.

  • Location: The orange raft where you got your pistol from, head back there, and find a corpse nearby. The corpse is holding a Pistol Rail.

3d Printed Sled

A sled that you can print through a 3D printer. It helps in traveling down a hill faster.

  • Location: Gather 1000ml of Printer Resin and go to the 3d printer room located in any cave bunker. Use the Printer to obtain the Sled.

Printer Resin

An item that helps 3d Printers to run and craft material. You must fill your Printer with Resin before you craft any item.

  • Location: Resin is mostly found in 3D Printer rooms inside the bunkers. You may also become lucky and find them in crates scattered all over the island.

Printed Grappling Hook

A grappling hook is a must in order to craft Zipline Rope. Combine it with simple rope and get yourself a Zipline Rope. Though, the only way to obtain a grappling hook itself is by a 3D Printer.

  • Location: To print a grappling hook, use 100ml of Resin in a 3D Printer and gain two hooks from the process.

Printed Arrow

The printed ammo is both Crafted and Compound Bow ammunition. It is said to be as strong as a Carbon Fibre Arrow.

  • Location: You need 50ml Resin in order to print 5 Printed Arrows on a 3D Printer.


A putter is both, a weapon and a golf club. If you managed to find yourself Golf Balls, you can play golf with Putter anywhere you want.

  • Location: Head to the east side of the Southeastern lake. Enter the cave and explore the area for a Putter. And obviously, Putter is also available on the Golf Course.

Printed Flask

A flask helps collect water from any water source on the island and is refillable.

  • Location: Players can craft a Flask on a 3D Printer by using 100ml of Resin.


A wearable outfit that comes in pink color and provides the highest comfort level.

  • Location: The pajamas are found inside VIP bunkers on the island. You must have VIP Maintenance Keycard to access the Pajamas area in the bunker.

Red Mask

A utility item that helps players blend in with Cannibals without getting attacked. Red Mask is a lower tier mask with Gold Mask being the high tier one.

  • Location: The only possible way of collecting a Red Mask is by crafting one yourself on the 3D Printer.

Rotten Meat

If you do not cook or eat raw meat soon, it will turn rotten. However, there is a possible bug going on where you can convert Rotten Meat back to Raw Meat.

  • Location: It can be inside your inventory if not removed or consumed on time.

Rope Gun

Rope Gun inside a cave

An item that helps cover impossible distances or paths in caves through a zipline.

  • Location: A rope gun is located in only a single cave. The cave is in the western region of the island.


A type of powerful weapon that comes with 6 rounds. There are no attachments available for a Revolver.

  • Location: Head to the Maintenance C Bunker, south of the Golf Course. The revolver is inside the bunker nearby a corpse.

Ramen Noodles

A consumable item that replenishes a good amount of hunger.

  • Location: Ramen Noodles are found in bunkers, caves, and abandoned campsites.


A crafting material that helps in crafting various important items such as Armor, Weapons, and Base materials.

  • Location: Mostly available at seashore, crates, campsites, and cliff edges.


An extremely useful tool that helps players breathe underwater.

  • Location: Rebreather is inside a cave located up North near the coast.

Repair Tool

A tool that assists players in repairing any handmade material.

  • Location: You can craft a Repair Tool yourself by combining 1x Rope, 1x Stick, and 1x Rock.


There are multiple crafting recipes that require Rock.

  • Location: Rocks can be seen lying around throughout the island. However, you may find a bunch of them together on a seashore.


An item with no major purpose except for playing some entertaining music.

  • Location: Mostly, radios are inside multiple caves throughout the island.


Berries that happen to be poisonous and drop the player’s health on consumption.

  • Location: Grows mostly on the Northern region of the island.


The smallest of all berries, Salmonberries help decrease thirst slightly.

  • Location: Salmonberry bushes are mostly seen on the North side of the island.

Skin Pouch

Whenever you kill a cannibal, there is a slight chance of them dropping a Skin Pouch for you to loot. These Skin Pouches come with some items randomly, some of the items are Meds, Berries, Energy Bars, Coins, Cash, and Ammo.

  • Location: No specific location as these Skin Pouches are carried by cannibals.


A ranged weapon that can blow a bunch of mutants or cannibals. Players can also upgrade their shotgun by attaching a laser or a flashlight.

  • Location: The shotgun is inside a grave located in the Northwest region. There is a GPS locator nearby so you can easily track it down.

Shotgun Rail

A type of equipment that allows players to equip attachment on their shotgun.

  • Location: Visit the campsite located Northwest of the island near the coast. Loot the tents along with all the crates and you will find the Shotgun Rail.


A rare mushroom type that increases players’ health slightly along with replenishing their hunger.

  • Location: No specific location, Shiitake mushrooms grow all over the island but are hard to find.

Stun Baton

A strong melee weapon that runs on batteries and acts as a good crowd-control weapon.

  • Location: Head toward the Rope Gun Cave and find a waterfall area. There is a pike of multiple skulls submerged a bit into the water. There is a Stun Baton in between the pike, pick it up.


Players will encounter a lot of skulls throughout the island. These skulls are good for scaring away cannibals and crafting some items. In addition, they are also useful while building a base.

  • Location: Players can burn severed heads and obtain a skull. Caves are also filled with skulls.


A tool that helps dig entrances of many areas such as Maintenance Bunkers.

  • Location: There is a cave west of the Snowy Mountains, that is where you find a shovel.

Stone Arrow

The weakest form of arrows available in Sons of the Forest, To craft them, combine 4x Small Rock, 1x Feather, and 2x Sticks.

  • Location: Since it is a craftable item, it does not spawn anywhere and the only way to obtain one is by crafting it.


Slingshot attached to a dead body

A ranged weapon that only requires small rocks as its ammunition.

  • Location: Right outside the Shovel Cave, there are some dead bodies. One of the bodies contains the Slingshot.

Stun Gun

A close-range weapon that stuns enemies for up to 7-8 seconds.

  • Location: A Stun Gun is in the same cave as the Rebreather that is in the island’s Northern region.

Stun Gun Ammo

A type of ammunition for Stun Gun, a close-range weapon in the game.

  • Location: Stun Gun Ammo is inside crates near abandoned camps.

Small Rock

An item that is used as ammo for your Slingshot.

  • Location: Mostly available on the beach but spawns almost everywhere on the island.


A suppressor for your pistol to reduce the shooting sound.

  • Location: West of the Snowy Mountains lies a crash site, you will find a silencer there.


Almost all plants come with seeds. Players can plant these seeds in a planter and grow their own berries or plants.

  • Location: Whenever players pick up berries and plants, chances are they will drop some seeds in return.

Slug Ammo

A type of ammunition used for Shotgun.

  • Location: Available in supply crates all over the island.

Tactical Axe

The weakest form of an axe that players receive from the Emergency Pack at the game’s start.

  • Location: Open your Emergency Pack by going into your inventory once the game begins.

Time Bomb

A bomb that blows up enemies due to its massive explosion after a few seconds.

  • Location: Time Bomb is a craftable item; therefore, combine 5x Coins, 1x Wire, 1x Watch, 1x C4 Brick, 1x Circuit Board, and 1x Duct Tape.

Turtle Shell

Material players can gather from a turtle. However, there is no use for it currently in the game.

  • Location: The turtle will drop a Turtle Shell if you skin it after killing it.


An item that comes as a requirement to make a tent.

  • Location: Tarps are available inside crates near a crash site or abandoned camps.

Tech Armor

It is one of the strongest armors in Sons of the Forest that requires various materials for its crafting process.

  • Location: Craft a Tech Armor by combining 1x Tech Mesh, 1x Duct Tape, 1x Batteries, 1x Circuit Board, and 1x Wire.


A small base that helps players survive the night by sleeping in it and taking shelter.

  • Location: Create your own tent by combining 1x Tarp and 1x Stick.


An item that helps players with vision in dark areas of the island or during the night.

  • Location: To craft a torch, combine 1x Stick and 1x Cloth.


A wearable outfit that makes you look a bit cooler.

  • Location: Tuxedo is inside the Maintenance A Bunker.


A type of poisonous berries that players should avoid consuming.

  • Location: These berries grow all over the island.

Track Suit

A type of suit only Virginia can wear.

  • Location: The tracksuit is inside a secret bunker located west of the island.

Tech Mesh

A crafting material that helps in creating a Tech Armor.-

  • Location: Players need to create a Tech Mesh themselves with the help of a 3D Printer. Lastly, make sure to gather 250ml resin to craft a Tech Mesh.

Utility Knife

An item that assists players in crafting a spear. It can also be used as a weapon.

  • Location: Utility Knife comes in a player’s inventory by default.

VIP Keycard

A keycard that allows access to rooms not accessible otherwise.

  • Location: There is a cave North of the island with two abandoned Golf Carts right outside of its entrance. That cave has VIP Keycard you are looking for.

Vodka Bottle

Players can craft Molotov and Bone Maker Trap by using a Vodka Bottle.

  • Location: Vodka Bottles are mostly inside bunkers, caves, and crates scattered all around the island.


One of the items needed to craft a Time Bomb is a watch.

  • Location: Watches are quite common in Sons of the Forest and are found easily in crates in abandoned camps and bunkers.


A crafting material that comes as a requirement for crafting Time Bomb and Tech Armor.

  • Location: Wires are mostly inside crates players find in abandoned campsites.


A wearable outfit, Wetsuit is worn to avoid getting wet while underwater, as it can be uncomfortable otherwise.

  • Location: The wetsuit is located in the same cave as Shovel. Also, you must have a Rebreather and a Rope Gun before entering this cave.

Winter Jacket

A wearable outfit that protects players from the harsh winter in Sons of the Forest.

  • Location: Head to the Western Region of the map and find a lake. There are two tents nearby and one of them contains a Winter Jacket.

Walkie Talkie

A communicating device for multiplayer that allows two or more players to communicate while in-game.

  • Location: Players have a Walkie Talkie with them by default.


A plant that contains white petal flowers. You can combine it with Aloe Vera and make yourself a Health Mix.

  • Location: These plants grow all over the island.

Zipline Rope

A zipline rope helps players use Rope Gun and travel through a distance faster.

  • Location: To obtain zip line ropes, players must loot all the supply crates available as these ropes are inside those crates.

Final Remarks

Almost every item comes with a purpose, making Sons of the Forest an engaging game with endless possibilities. Though it may be hard to run across some of the items mentioned on our All Items List in Sons of the Forest, the struggle is always paid off with the new in-game features you get to try out. We hope our Items List of Sons of the Forest was helpful in finding out each item’s purpose and location, Happy Gaming!

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