Sons Of The Forest All Items List With Locations

If you're wandering the island wondering what items it holds, what they do and where to find them. I have you covered with All Items Guide for your playthrough.

Items List Sons of the Forest
A complete list of items in Sons of the Forest so far.

There are a lot of items to try out, with more to come with each update. From something as silly as a radio to something as essential as a VIP Keycard, each item comes with a unique feature to it. Below, I will list items available in Sons of the Forest.

Key Takeaways

  • There are almost 150 items that players can collect and use.
  • With new updates, more items will be added as the game is still in early access.
  • Some materials in Sons of the Forest are simple to collect as they are inside supply crates that lie outside the dangerous caves and bunkers.
  • Some items are located deep inside the cave and are pretty tough to gather.
  • The items in the list include consumables, weapons, crafting materials, and keycards.

General Items


Though it serves some minimal uses, like for edible and or for offensive means, it’s most likely added for comedic purposes. It can be chopped off from any Cannibal’s body.

Album Cover

You can find the Album Cover Collectible in Digsite – Maintenance A. The location of the side is on the Northwest side on your map.


The only purpose of cash in Sons of the Forest is to fuel up the fire. You can find Cash in skin pouches or cave bunkers.

Emergency Pack

Players obtain an Emergency Pack at the beginning of the game. The pack includes a GPS Locator, a Tactical Axe, a Lighter, and a Guide Book.

You must open the Emergency Pack early on to receive all these items. The Emergency Pack can be accessed from your inventory; just press I and gain access to it.

Golf Ball

Otherwise, a useless item that can be used to play. There is a golf course far Northeast; go there to collect at least two Golf Balls lying around.

    GPS Locator

    The GPS Locators act as a waypoint and appear on your GPS. Players can find multiple GPS locators throughout the island.


    You can decapitate almost any cannibal’s head off and use it as a scare tactic to scare off any unwanted visitors.


    Just as the Arm and Head, Legs can be hacked off any cannibal’s body. You can cook and eat it.

    Printer Resin

    An item that helps 3D Printers to run and craft material. Resin is mostly found in 3D Printer rooms inside the bunkers. You may also become lucky and find them in crates scattered all over the island.


    Almost all plants come with seeds, including blackberries, aloe vera, and horsetail. Players can plant these seeds in a planter and grow their berries or plants.

    Skin Pouch

    Whenever you kill a cannibal, there is a slight chance of them dropping a Skin Pouch for you to loot. These Skin Pouches come with random items. Some of the items are Meds, Berries, Energy Bars, Coins, Cash, and Ammo.


    A small base that helps players survive the night by sleeping in it and taking shelter. Players can create their tent by combining 1x Tarp and 1x Stick.



    A tool that can be used to dig. There is a cave west of the Snowy Mountains. That is where you find a shovel.

    Air Tank

    Air Tank inside a Cave – Image Credits: ZaFrostPet

    The Air Tank is a bottle of compressed air used to refill the rebreather. You can gather an Air Tank by looting underground bunkers, Shovel Cave located in the North-West, and the Rebreather Cave located far up north, along the seashore.


    A tool used to scout out locations from far away distances. Binoculars are located at Northwest Seashore. More specifically, they are lying on a Kayak.

    Can Opener

    Can Opener – Image Credits: ZaFrostPet

    A tool used to open canned food items to restore hunger. There are three crash sites. Visit the one in the mountains and follow a stream nearby till you run across a tent. Here, you can find the Can Opener along with some Canned Food.


    A type of weapon used against Demons to burn them in the end game. Cross is available in a cave located on the Western side of the Mountains. The cave entrance is covered with some wooden board.

    Electric Chainsaw

    It is a tool to make resource gathering quicker and can also be used as a weapon. Electric Chainsaw is inside a Recreational Facility located in a cave. Head to the 3D printer icon showing far west on your GPS and go inside the cave there.

    Firefighter Axe

    This axe can be used as both a tool/weapon. It deals incredible damage but slower than the other axes. The only known location of Firefighter Axe is Maintenance A Bunker, located on the Northwest side of the island. Dig the area with a Shovel to open up the bunker and start exploring for the Firefighter Axe.

    Modern Axe

    A tool/weapon with great damage. It is easily retrievable as it does not require any cave tour. Travel Northwest of the Snowy Mountains, and you will encounter some Black camp tents. Find a dead body right outside one of these tents and take the Modern Axe from it.


    It has a normal mode to illuminate dark areas and a UV mode that possibly slows down cave dwellers.

    Go west of the Snowy Mountains and look for a purple icon on your GPS. Here, climb up the cliff and cut off a tied rope you find with an axe. It will lead to a body falling off on the ground. Now, find the body and explore the area around it. There is a flashlight in that area.

    Red Mask

    A utility item that helps players blend in with Cannibals without getting attacked. Red Mask is a lower tier mask with Gold Mask being the high tier one. The only possible way of collecting a Red Mask is by crafting one yourself on the 3D Printer.

    Gold Mask

    Gold Mask
    Gold Mask – Image Credits: WIRED GAMING

    Wearing the Golden Mask helps players avoid cannibal attacks. On the southeastern area of the Snowy Mountains. There is a cave east of that lake.

    Go inside and visit Level 5. Inside, you will find the golden mask.

    3D Printed Sled

    3D-printed sled that can be used for transportation. Gather 1000ml of Printer Resin and use a 3D printer to get the Sled.


    Glider Location

    Avoid walking down from a cliff; simply equip the Glider and jump off. You can cover long distances shortly and more entertainingly with a Glider. Glider is located on Snowy Mountain, specifically on a cliff towards the West.


    An extremely useful tool that helps players breathe underwater. The rebreather is inside a cave located up North near the coast.

    Repair Tool

    A tool that assists players in repairing any handmade material. You can craft a Repair Tool yourself by combining 1x Rope, 1x Stick, and 1x Rock.

    Rope Gun

    Rope Gun inside a cave

    An item that helps cover impossible distances or paths in caves through a zipline. A rope gun is located in only a single cave. The cave is in the western region of the island.


    To craft a torch, combine 1x Stick and 1x Cloth.


    A great tool to have in the dark to illuminate your surroundings. Look for orange crates as they carry Flares inside of them.

    Turtle Shell

    The turtle will drop a Turtle Shell if you skin it after killing it.

    Utility Knife

    An item that assists players in crafting a spear. It can also be used as a weapon. Utility Knife comes in a player’s inventory by default.

    Walkie Talkie

    Players have a walkie-talkie with them by default.

    Printed Flask

    A flask can help retain water on hand. Players can craft a Flask on a 3D Printer by using 100ml of Resin.

    Nightvision Goggles

    The night vision goggles allow the player to see in dark places without the use of any handheld light. They can be found at the exit of the Cultist Cave on the southwest side of the map.


    Sons of the Forest features the following weapons:

    • Compound Bow
    • Machete
    • Stun Baton
    • Katana
    • Slingshot
    • Crafted Bow
    • Crossbow
    • Pistol
    • Revolver
    • Shotgun
    • Crafted Spear
    • Grenades
    • Molotov Cocktails
    • Time Bomb
    • Putter 
    • Guitar

    Weapon Attachments

    •  Laser Sight 
    •  Shotgun Rail 
    •  Silencer 
    •  Pistol Rail 
    • Weapon Flashlight


    Here are the various kinds of ammo types found in the game. I mostly found them lying in ammo cases, supply crates, or bunkers, while some types can be crafted. They’re not that hard to find.

    • Pistol Ammo
    • Buckshot Shotgun Ammo
    • Slug Shotgun Ammo
    • Crossbow Bolt
    • Carbon Fiber Arrows
    • Printer Arrows
    • Stone Arrows
    • Taser Cartridges
    • Zipline Rope


    • Batteries – Can be found randomly in crates or skin pouches
    • Bones
    • Rocks
    • Small Rocks
    • Circuit Boards – Can be found in crates or smashing electrical items such as laptops, radios, etc.
    • Cloth
    • Coins – Coins are pretty hard to come across, but if you look for Wooden Crates near cannibal camps or abandoned sites, you will collect them sooner.
    • Duct Tape – Duct Tapes are inside crates that you find in or around abandoned or cannibal camps.
    • Hide – Hunt down animals to gather.
    • Leaf 
    • Rope
    • Stick
    • Vodka Bottle – Can be found in abandoned camps
    • Watch
    • Wire – Can be found in crates
    • C4 Bricks
    • Feathers
    • Tarp
    • Tech Mesh – Players need to create a Tech Mesh themselves with the help of a 3D Printer. Gather 250ml resin to craft Tech Mesh.
    • Printed Grappling Hook – A grappling hook is a must to craft a Zipline Rope. Combine it with simple rope and get yourself a Zipline Rope. Use 100ml of Resin in a 3D Printer and gain two hooks from the process.


    • Leaf Armor – Combine 10x Leaf and 1x Cloth to craft a Leaf Armor.
    • Hide Armor – To craft Hide Armor, combine 1x Cloth and 2x Hide.
    • Bone Armor – One of the best ways to protect yourself in the early game is by crafting a Bone Armor. Simply combine 4x Bones, 1x Duct Tape, and 1x Rope, and you have yourself a Bone Armor.
    • Creepy Armor – Creepy Armor is only available by skinning creepy mutants players will find inside the caves.
    • Tech Armor – Craft a Tech Armor by combining 1x Tech Mesh, 1x Duct Tape, 1x Batteries, 1x Circuit Board, and 1x Wire. It’s one of the strongest armors in the game.
    • Golden Armor – The Golden Armor can be found deep in the cultist cave, a cave by a lake near the southwestern base of the mountain, or the large lake on the eastern side of the mountain. It’s the Strongest Armor in the game.


    Consumables are essential for survival as they maintain the player’s health and stamina. They can be found all around the island floor, in caves and bunkers, in cases and wooden cases, and on the corpses of enemies and wildlife. Here’s a list of all available consumables with stats.

    Aloe Vera20010
    Bacon Bite00010
    Brain Bite00010
    Cat Food000300
    Cooked Arm000500
    Cooked Fish2500500
    Cooked Leg000500
    Cooked Meat2500500
    Crunchie Wunchies000500
    Devil’s Club-20010
    Dried Arm000500
    Dried Fish2500500
    Dried Leg000500
    Dried Meat2500500
    Energy Bar1001040
    Energy Drink05050020
    Energy Mix0500020
    Energy Mix+01000040
    Fly Amanita-210020
    Guarana Berries00015
    Health Mix500000
    Health Mix+1000000
    Hydnum Repandum00020
    King Oyster10020
    MRE Pack000750
    Printed Flask005000
    Ramen Noodles030-25250
    Raw Arm000100
    Raw Fish1000100
    Raw Leg000100
    Raw Meat1000100
    Rotten Arm-100-2550
    Rotten Fish-20050
    Rotten Leg-100-2550
    Rotten Meat-10-2050
    Steak Bite00010
    Turtle Egg00020

    Consumables Table.


        Different types of berries can be found across the island floor and bushes.

        • Blackberries
        • Blueberries
        • Guarana Berries
        • Salmonberries
        • Snowberries (Poisonous)
        • Twinberries (Poisonous)


        Guest Keycard

        Go to the cave west of the Snowy Mountains, right in front of a river flowing. The cave entrance has a cart in front of it. Make sure you have a Maintenance Keycard before you enter the cave for Guest Keycard.

                                            Maintenance Keycard

                                            A keycard that helps unlock multiple doors inside various bunkers. There is a bunker Northwest of the Snowy Mountains. Moreover, the location is marked with a green signal-type circle on your GPS. That bunker is hidden under some dirt, so get your shovel ready. Once inside, explore the bunker till you find the Maintenance Keycard.

                                                                                VIP Keycard

                                                                                There is a cave North of the island with two abandoned Golf Carts right outside of its entrance. That cave has the VIP Keycard you are looking for.

                                                                                                My Experience

                                                                                                During my playthrough of Sons of the Forest, I noticed almost every item has its purpose, making the game engaging with endless possibilities. Although players might not get to experience all the items mentioned in this Guide, I certainly did not either.

                                                                                                It takes multiple playthroughs to completely get hands-on experience with everything the game has to offer. So, I’d recommend playing through the game at least twice to maybe get a chance to play around with everything.

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