Sons of the Forest Katana Location [Guide]

Learn how to find Katana in Sons of the Forest

SOTF Katana Cover
Sons of the Forest: Katana

Melee kills are the most satisfying in Survival games, just like in Sons of the Forest. The most powerful melee weapon this game contains is the Katana. Getting it might be trickier than you thought, so we are here to guide you.

Sons of the Forest contains many items hidden over the map that protect you against enemies, such as cannibals, which come in six variants. We will also cover how to get those items that can be collected near the location of Katana.

Key Takeaways

  • Katana is placed inside a cave toward the snow side of the island.
  • The cave contains different floor levels that should be explored to find Katana and other useful items.
  • Inside this cave, you will find other things, such as a Putter weapon, Golden Armor, and Golden Mask.
  • To reach the location of all these things, you require a Maintenance Keycard; for that, you need a shovel.
  • After entering the cave and going down the first set of stairs, use the keycard to open the door and search bedrooms in the hallway containing all the items mentioned.

Things Needed Before Getting Katana

You will most likely get close to Katana in the late game, so some things must be collected from around the map. One of these things is the Maintenance Keycard which will help us unlock multiple rooms inside the Katana Cave.

Maintenance Keycard Location

To find this keycard, you must travel close to the cave where you got the Shovel. The exact location is marked on this GPS. This location is also close to one of the Purple Markers if you have yet to visit them.

searching for maintenance keycard
Find your maintenance keycard at this area | Picture Credits: Its Shatter (YT)

At this point, you will notice some equipment placed on the island ground for experimentation. Take out your shovel and start digging over there. The best place to explore will be somewhere close to the center of the targeted area.

You will see steel doors leading you to a hidden bunker when you dig. This is the Maintenance A bunker. Climb down the ladder and walk down the hallway; enter the first room to your right that contains a 3D printer. Your keycard will be to its right.

collecting maintenance keycard
keycard placed to the right of 3D printer | Picture Credits: Its Shatter (YT)

Katana Location

Entering Katana Cave

katana cave
Cave marked in which katana is kept | Picture Credits: Map Genie

Katana is held in an underground cave that has multiple rooms and hallways connected to stairs. To get to its entrance, follow the location on the map below. This cave is in the snowy part of the island, so if you start seeing snow on your way, you are following the right path.

passing through entrance
Entering the Katana Cave | Picture Credits: Its Shatter (YT)

After you enter the cave by passing through a narrow opening, you will see a hole in the ground. Approach it and go down that hole to move forward. Furthermore, follow the stairs and keep walking until you see a closed door. To open that door, you require the Maintenance Keycard, the prerequisite to this mission.

opening the door by using keycard
Open it by using your keycard | Picture Credits: Its Shatter (YT)

Go through the door and down some more stairs to another gate where a cut scene will start playing. We will not discuss the details of that cut scene as it contains spoilers, so it is left for you to enjoy. Moreover, the only important thing for you to know is that you faint during the scene and then wake up after everything is over.

We will explore multiple floors inside the cave one by one. On this floor, just before the stairs to another one, you will notice a hallway leading to a room to your right. You can only pass through the open doors; the closed doors will stay secure.

hallway inside cave
Explore all rooms that have opened doors to get extra items | Picture Credits: Its Shatter (YT)

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Collecting Putter Gun

Explore the hallways that will lead you to bedrooms. You can find the Putter weapon there, which can be used to play golf about anywhere on the island. Using this requires golf balls close to the weapon location inside the room. This is just a side bonus to this Katana hunt.

collecting putter weapon
Putter found on first floor | Picture Credits: Its Shatter (YT)

Collecting Katana

After collecting the Putter gun, return to the open door and move down the stairs to a lower floor. It will look similar to this one. Furthermore, it also contains some open doors in the hallway. The second open door will lead you directly toward the Katana, the strongest melee weapon in this game.

You will find Katana on its stand in the center of the room where furniture is placed. When picked, your character will inspect it, and just like that, you have acquired one of the best melee weapons in Sons of the Forest.

katana found successfully
Collecting Katana on the same floor but different room | Picture Credits: Its Shatter (YT)

Collecting Golden Armor & Mask

Another side bonus of this hunt is the Golden Armor and the Golden Mask. You found Katana in the second open room in the hallway. Leave this room and enter the next door open to get the Golden Armor. It will be on the couch inside the room on the sofa. You can identify it with its black skeleton-looking helmet.

finding golden armor
Golden armor | Picture Credits: Its Shatter (YT)

Leave that room and follow the hallway down to another set of stairs that will take you to the lowest floor level inside this cave. In there, you will find a room that requires your Maintenance Keycard to get opened. Skip that door momentarily and look to its left to identify another room. In that room, you will find your Golden Mask on a table. 

found golden mask
Golden Mask found on the lowest floor inside the cave | Picture Credits: Its Shatter (YT)

Now, all you need is a shortcut exit to take you out of this cave. Almost every cave in Sons of the Forest has an alternative cave exit because getting out from the entrance takes much time, which you are just wasting. To find it, take out your keycard and open the locked door.

On the opposite side, you will find an odd path; follow it till the end, and it will take you out of this cave and into the opening. This marks the end of the Katana Hunt.

Final Remarks

That is all you need to know about finding Katana in Sons of the Forest. Note that the mutants and baby mutants will spawn on your path. Fight them with your axe or other weapons to kill them. If killing mutants with Axe is hard, keep your Pistol or other guns loaded with you.

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