Sons Of The Forest Log Sled [How to Craft]

Learn how to craft a sled in Sons of the Forest using 3D printer

Sons of The Forest: Log Sled
Sons of The Forest: Log Sled

Sons of the Forest, being a survival game, requires you to build your base and upgrade it. To upgrade your base, you need plenty of resources, and one of these significant resources is wood. Transporting wood logs from one place to another requires a great deal of effort, so players are wondering if they can obtain a log sled.

Key Takeaways

  • In Sons of the Forest, a log sled cannot be crafted to transport material.
  • Players can craft a sled that carries them down a hill or river.
  • To craft a sled, players need a 3D printer found in a cave
  • A sled requires 1000ml of printer resins to craft.

Is There A Log Sled?

In the prequel game, ‘The Forest’ players used a log sled to transport wood logs to their settlements. Using a log sled is way more efficient and convenient. But in ‘Sons of the Forest’, you cannot craft this handy gadget. In Sons of the Forest, a log sled has not been introduced yet. You can still craft a sled in ‘Sons of the Forest.’

To craft a sled, you first need a 3D printer

3D Printer Location

The 3D printer is one of the most important gears to find early game. You can print a bunch of helpful equipment using a 3D printer. To find the 3D printer, you need to go to the cave marked red on the map below.

Pinpoint map location of 3D printer in Sons of The Forest
3D Printer Map Location

How to use the 3D Printer?

This cave is quite easy to find as there is a beacon mark on the map near the cave. Just head straight into the cave, and you will find a room with a 3D printer. Crafting using the 3D printer is quite easy. You just need to have enough printer resin to craft. You can find printer resins in the same room. Creating a Sled requires 1000ml of resins.

A 3D in Sons of the Forest to Craft Sled
3D Printer, Sons of the Forest

You can find more information about the game on Sons of the Forest (

Use Of The Sled

To use the sled, equip it from your inventory can click the left mouse button. In ‘The Forest’, you could use a log sled to transport resources and materials, while in this game, it only carries you.

Riding a Sled down hill in Sons of the Forest
Riding a Sled

You can use the sled to go downstream or slide down the mountain. Using the sled is an easier and faster way to travel.


Though you can’t craft a log sled, you can still get yourself a seld to slide to travel. Have fun dashing through the river or sliding down a mountain.

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