Sons Of The Forest Mods [Top 7]

Fractured Peaks is home to seven Diablo 4 Waypoints. They're frequently present in cities or villages and offer you fast travel there.

sons of the forest mods

In the same vein as its predecessor, The Forest, Sons of The Forest shows its potential through its thriving modding community. This guide will run you through the best Sons of The Forest Mods that are currently available as of right now that might enhance your gameplay.

Key Takeaways

  • Optimized Settings For Low-End PC makes it so your old laptop can run this game at 60 fps at the cost of some graphical fidelity.
  • Warps allow fast travel and save time going from one part of your world to another.
  • Save Menu allows you to save your server/world state as it is and transfer it to another machine if you want.
  • Simple Zoom is exactly what it says, a simple 2x zoom.
  • Flight lets you take to the skies and survey your world from the clouds.
  • CHR Ray Tracing Reshade adds a beautiful texture alongside shadows and light physics at the cost of your GPU.
  • MultiplayerUnlimiter lets you include nearly infinite players in your world while ignoring the game’s limitations.
Sons Of The Forest Gameplay
Sons Of The Forest Gameplay

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Optimized Settings For Low-End PC

It’s exactly what it sounds like. Not everyone has the best setup, so this mod should help you get by. It dials down many settings and turns them into potato mode for you. Definitely good for someone who likes to multi-task while gaming or who can’t spare too many resources at once.

Download Link: Optimized Settings For Low-End PC Mod


Fast travel is a feature that has become increasingly common in modern video games, allowing you to quickly move from one location to another without manually traversing the entire world. Additionally, fast travel facilitates exploration and increases the overall enjoyment of Sons of The Forest.
We recommend this as one of the best Sons of The Forest Mods to download and bring into your world.

Download Link: Warps Mod

Save Menu

Saving is a crucial aspect of video games that allows you to preserve their progress and pick up where they left off. It’s perfect for when you want to take breaks during long sessions to rest a bit and transfer progress from one world to another.

That is why I recommend that you use this mod.

Download Link: Save Menu Mod

Simple Zoom

Having a zoom button in video games can provide players with several benefits. Firstly, it can enhance the level of immersion by allowing players to examine the details of the game world more closely, and for games like Sons Of The Forest, it can allow you to peer through the foliage and see all sorts of things.

Download Link: Simple Zoom Mod

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Tired of walking everywhere and abiding by the laws of physics? Well, we have the perfect mod for you. The Flight mod gives you access to freely expolre without consequences and prerequisites. It is a mod for those who love to understand their surroundings and thoroughly map out every little detail.

Download Link: Flight Mod

CHR Ray Tracing Reshade

Bored of your video games not looking like real life and want your graphics card to have a hard time? Well, the CHR Ray Tracing Reshade mod simulates the behavior of light in real time, resulting in more realistic and immersive visual effects. It offers several benefits, including improved lighting, shadows, reflections, and more accurate textures.

It allows a more immersive experience and one of the Sons of The Forest Mods I recommend if you have a system that can handle its intensity.

Download Link: CHR Ray Tracing Reshade Mod


So you seem to have too many friends and not enough multiplayer slots in Sons of The Forest? Well, this mod allows you to set the multiplayer limit to anything you want, which lets you bring as many of your friends into your world for a grand old time.

Download Link: MultiplayerUnlimiter Mod

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