Sons of the Forest Night Vision Goggles Location

This Guide will cover how you can get Night vision Goggles and learn the use of them.

Sons of the Forest: Night Vision Goggles operate on battery power and are a reliable light source, enabling players to see clearly in the dark. This makes them highly effective for improving visibility at night and providing better stealth options than the “Lighter” or “Flashlight” options, as they are less conspicuous.

Key Takeaways

  • You can get night vision goggles in two locations, but you can take them once in Sons of the Forest from either site.
  • You won’t be able to use it with other light sources as it hinders proper vision due to interruptions from sources such as flashlights on guns or in hands.
  • Night vision goggles would facilitate navigation in large cavernous areas that were previously challenging to traverse.

Locations To Find Night Vision Goggles

We have identified two locations where the Night Vision Goggles can currently be found in Sons of the Forest. We will provide the details below.

Location 1

In the cave, with Gold Armor, south of the hang glider, you can obtain the first set of Night Vision Goggles in Sons of the Forest. The location can be seen on the map attached. You need to take several crucial preliminary measures to obtain this invaluable tool. First, acquire a rebreather, essential for navigating the intricate underwater channels.

Additionally, equip yourself with a torch to fend off the looming darkness threatening your sanity. Immediately dive into the underwater tunnel upon reaching the entrance of the cave. Despite the tunnel appearing to split, both routes will eventually lead to the same cave.

At the opposite end of the cave, you will come across a passage that descends and behaves like a waterslide, leading you to a pool of water at the bottom. Swim towards the right side of the tunnel. Under a lit picture of people on the wall, you will body-wearing Night Vision Goggles in Sons of the Forest. For more Sons of the Forest secrets, read Secrets and Exploits.

Location on map of the Night Vision Goggles in Sons of the forest
Location on the map of the Night Vision Goggles in Sons of the Forest (Source: YouTube/Jade PG – Sons of the Forest ) 

Location 2 

To locate the second location, head south down the river from the first location until you reach a cave. Look for a smaller lake or pond that is located to the east of the river. The newly formed cave is located at the farthest southwestern part of the map. When viewed from this angle, which is how the map should be seen, this is the entrance to the cave where you can locate the goggles. Also, read What Does the Cross Do.

The location can be seen on the map attached. Upon entering the cave, turn right, and you will spot a dead skeleton wearing night vision goggles on a chair waiting for you there. There are no enemies present. Instead, you will find a water body leading to a slope that cannot be climbed, as this cave has only one entrance and exit. Obtaining the goggles from this location is straightforward.

Please note that if you possess one set of Night Vision Goggles, the other pair will not spawn. Regardless of which site you choose to obtain your goggles from, please be aware that if you pick them up at the first location, and, and will, they are available at the second location, and vice versa.

Night Vision Goggles
Night Vision Goggles in Sons of the Forest (Source: YouTube/Jade PG – Sons of the Forest ) 

Mastering The Night Vision Goggles

Using it in the daytime may not be a good idea as it can cause temporary blindness and hinder proper vision due to the interruption of light sources such as flashlights on guns or in hands. This also applies to diving, as the light on the diving apparatus can intermittently flash and make visibility more difficult. You can also craft various items that cannot be accessed elsewhere. be 

Additionally, wearing Tech suit armor can further disrupt vision. Switching to night vision goggles with different armor can improve clarity. Flares with goggles on can create a slight foggy effect when walking through them. At least the area can still be somewhat visible without being blinded by bright light. It works on batteries, highlighting the cautious use of batteries to conserve.

So these batteries should be used in the best way possible. However, the storms seemed to have ample usage time without draining quickly. 

Closing Remarks

Night vision goggles have made navigating challenging caves much more accessible, especially in the last burrow added or revamped. Or the massive Caverns where the elusive, mysterious ore and golden suit can be found. Or with the sizeable cavernous area being difficult to navigate in the past. It is easy to pinpoint every enemy and every box. It does provide a clear guide on the different routes using night vision.

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