Sons Of The Forest Pistol Location & Guide

The pistol can be found at one of the Purple Markers, precisely inside the ocean. Collect it from the inflatable boat, along with some ammo.

Sons of the Forest: Pistol

A harsh survival game like Sons of the Forest requires you to fight others and stay alive as long as possible. In this case, we will be fighting aggressive mutants and baby mutants. However, an untrained player using a melee to kill might find it hard, so it’s best to use a gun, like the Pistol.

We will discuss everything about the pistol in this guide, like where to find them, what to expect on pistol location and all the related attachments. Attachments help the gun become more accurate and range, making hitting a target more accessible.

Key Takeaways

  • The pistol is a convenient gun in Sons of the Forest, as it is preferred when melee kills are not working. 
  • Its location overlaps with one of the GPS Locators, specifically, the one inside the water.
  • You can find the pistol inside the inflatable boat after swimming.
  • On the same beach, you will find the Pistol Rail, necessary to connect attachments.
  • Pistol attachments include Laser Sight, Flashlight, and Suppressor.

Pistol Location

Pistol beach
Travel to this beach by looking at the map

If you are looking to find Pistol early in the game, then you would have to travel a lot because the point where your helicopter crashes is very far from where the Pistol is. The pistol location holds importance because it is a similar point where you will find one of the GPS locators.

Due to that, this location will be marked purple on your map, so it is easier to track. However, if you have already collected the GPS locators and don’t remember the location, you can travel to them by following the map below.

Observe that the marker is inside the water, so you must swim some meters before you get there. When you reach the beach end, you will notice something red floating in the water. That is where the pistol is placed.

When swimming, be cautious because a shark will guard that inflating boat you saw from far away. That is why keep something for healing with you, like Medicine, Food, or Herbal Mixes. When the shark is swimming away from the boat, approach it and climb inside.

Over there, you see a dead body, and Pistol will be close to it. Your character will inspect the weapon after picking it. Moreover, find flares and ammo on the same boat to shoot some rounds before going on an ammo hunt.

Pistol successfully found
Pistol found on the inflatable boat

Ammo Locations

In Sons of the Forest, ammo is always contained inside green boxes. Therefore, whenever you find any green box, it must be ammo for some weapon. Furthermore, you will find these boxes near most campsites.

Remember that other items like armor can be crafted in this game, but you can’t make up ammo, so be sure to find it somewhere on the island. You must fully explore all the caves or any specific location.

Moreover, always look for ammo on your main objective when at a critical location. There are higher chances of finding magazines in those places.

After you have collected the gun and its ammo, we need to look for different attachments that will improve the gun’s accuracy and damage. Before searching for attachments, you need to find Pistol Rail; without that, you can’t put attachments on your pistol.

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Pistol Rail Location

Looking for pistol rail
This is the same beach at which you found the Pistol

Swim back to the beach after collecting the pistol. On the beach, follow this blue marker to get closer to the desired location.

Over there, you will see a dead body in a scuba suit, a couple of crates, and other accessories. You can find Pistol Rail on that body. Also, collect 9mm ammo from there and other valuable items that help you survive, like Meds.

Pistol rail successfully found
Collect the Pistol Rail placed on the side of this deadbody

Pistol Attachments

Laser Sight

finding laser
Visit this location to look for Laser attachment

We are starting the hunt with the first attachment for the Laser Sight pistol. Head straight to this location after collecting the gun from inflating boat to find it. In the open area, you will see an abandoned golf cart and a tripod stand; these indicate that you have found the right place.

Stand in the middle of the open area and take out a Shovel from your inventory. If you don’t already have it, you can check out our guide on How to Find Shovel. Keep digging with a shovel until you see a steel door appearing out of nowhere.

The Maintenance A bunker
After digging, you will see this steel door leading you to a bunker

This is the door to a hidden Maintenance A bunker you found. Climb down the ladder and walk down the hallway. Close to the end of the hallway, turn right and head inside the room. On the computer desk, you will find the laser sight. 

Laser successfully found
Collect your laser from the computer table

You can also find a Pennant Line Book and Tuxedo inside the bathroom. Keep walking till the end of it, where you will see a Firefighter Axe placed inside a glass cupboard. You collect this additional item when chasing the laser sight pistol attachment.


The Silencer can be found on the map location shown below.

On the hunt for silencer attachment
Go to the place shown on map to find silencer

As you will see, this place also has the same abandoned gold cart and a tripod in the opening. Once again, open your inventory and click on the Shovel to equip it. Start digging in the middle of the low slope area to progress forward.

Stop digging when the whole steel door is exposed. Open the Maintenance B bunker door and climb down the ladder. Follow the linear path to your right. Enter the room to your right after walking in the shallow water.

On the desk where a laptop is seen, you will also find the Silencer over there. Moreover, some 9mm ammo for your pistol can also be collected from this spot. Take both things and head out of the hideout.

silencer successfully collected
Silencer is found on the right side of laptop

Flashlight Attachment

searching for flashlight inside a cave
Reach this cave to look for Flashlight

Next on the list, we have the flashlight. This attachment can be found inside the same cave you went to find the shovel. You will see three masked dead bodies at the cave entrance, indicating that you have come to the right cave to find the flashlight.

Enter the cave and keep progressing forward. Look for all the corners and secret entrances inside the cave. Note that Rebreather and the Rope Gun will be used frequently to explore the cave fully. Ensure you have them in your inventory before chasing this attachment.

When close to the end of this cave, you will have to swim underwater to find the next opening. Your path will be divided in two, so you must choose where to go next. The path to the left takes you to the shovel, but the right way will directly lead you to the flashlight.

collecting flashlight
Secure flashlight attachment from the deceased body

Before you keep your hands on the attachment, you must kill multiple aggressive mutants waiting for your arrival. Collect the desired item from a dead body. To exit quickly, you must go toward the shovel location and blow up a sluggy to get out.  

Ending Remarks

This is all for the detailed guide on finding the Pistol. Covering everything explained above will take 35 to 45 minutes, as traveling and exploration take much time. To see more guns in Sons of the Forest and learn about their upgrades, visit VeryAliGaming.

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