Sons Of The Forest: Pistol, Attachments, & Ammo Locations

The pistol can be found at one of the Purple Markers, precisely inside the ocean. Collect it from the inflatable boat, along with some ammo.

Sons of the Forest: Pistol

If you are looking to find Pistol early in the game, then you would have to travel a lot because the point where your helicopter crashes is very far from where the Pistol is. The pistol location holds importance because it is a similar point where you will find one of the GPS locators.

Key Takeaways

  • The pistol is convenient in Sons of the Forest, as it is preferred when you need survival in tight situations. 
  • Its location overlaps with one of the GPS Locators, specifically, the one inside the water.
  • You can find the pistol inside the inflatable boat after swimming.
  • You will find the Pistol Rail on the same beach, which is necessary to connect attachments.
  • Pistol attachments include Laser Sight, Flashlight, and Suppressor.

Pistol Location

Pistol beach
Travel to this beach by looking at the map [Image Captured By Me]
  1. GPS Locator Marker: The location of the Pistol is marked in purple on your map due to its proximity to one of the GPS locators. This marker makes it easier to track.
  2. Underwater Approach: When you reach the beach near the marked location, you must swim a few meters into the water.
  3. Shark Warning: I advise being cautious while swimming because a shark guards an inflatable boat nearby. Make sure you have healing items like Medicine, Food, or Herbal Mixes.
  4. Retrieve the Pistol: Once the shark swims away from the boat, approach and climb inside. You’ll find a dead body on the boat, and the Pistol will be close to it.
  5. Additional Supplies: While on the boat, look for flares and ammo to ensure you have some rounds to use with the Pistol.
Pistol successfully found
Pistol found on the inflatable boat [Image Captured By Me]

Ammo Locations

Ammo is always contained inside green boxes. Whenever you find any green box, it must be ammo for some weapon. Furthermore, you will find these boxes near most campsites.

Here’s what you should keep in mind:

  1. Green boxes contain ammo for various weapons, so always check them when you come across one.
  2. Explore caves and specific locations thoroughly to find ammo. It cannot be crafted, so you must search for it on the island.
  3. There’s a higher chance of finding magazines for your weapons at critical locations related to your main objectives.
  4. Once you have the gun and its ammo, focus on finding attachments to enhance accuracy and damage.
  5. Start by looking for the Pistol Rail; you’ll need it to attach other enhancements to your pistol.

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Pistol Rail Location

Looking for pistol rail
This is the same beach at which you found the Pistol [Image Captured By Me]
Swim back to the beach after collecting the pistol. Follow this blue marker on the beach to get closer to the desired location.

Over there, you will see a dead body in a scuba suit, a couple of crates, and other accessories. You can find Pistol Rail on that body. Also, collect 9mm ammo from there and other valuable items that help you survive, like Meds.

Pistol rail successfully found
Collect the Pistol Rail placed on the side of this dead body [Image Captured By Me]

My Recommended Attachments 

1. Laser Sight

finding laser
Visit this location to look for Laser attachment [Image Captured By Me]
I will start the hunt with the first attachment for the Laser Sight pistol, and you can follow these steps. Head straight to this location after collecting the gun from the inflating boat to find it.

In the open area, you will see an abandoned golf cart and a tripod stand; these indicate that you have found the right place.

  1. Use a Shovel: Equip a Shovel from your inventory (if you don’t have one, refer to our guide on how to find a Shovel).
  2. Dig for the Bunker: Start digging with the Shovel in the open area. Continue digging until you uncover a steel door that appears out of nowhere. This door leads to a hidden Maintenance A bunker.
    The Maintenance A bunker
    After digging, you will see this steel door leading you to a bunker [Image Captured By Me]
  3. Explore the Bunker: Climb down the ladder and proceed down the hallway. Near the end of the hallway, turn right and enter the room.
  4. Find the Laser Sight: On the computer desk inside the room, you’ll find the Laser Sight attachment for your pistol. Collect it to improve your weapon’s accuracy.
    Laser successfully found
    Collect your laser from the computer table [Image Captured By Me]
  5. Additional Items: While in the bunker, you can discover other items like a Pennant Line Book, a Tuxedo, and a Firefighter Axe, which can be valuable additions to your inventory.

2. Silencer

The Silencer can be found on the map location shown below.

On the hunt for silencer attachment
Go to the place shown on map to find silencer [Image Captured By Me]
As you will see, this place also has the same abandoned gold cart and a tripod in the opening.

  1. Open your inventory and equip the Shovel. If you don’t have a shovel, make sure to obtain one.
  2. Start digging in the middle of the low slope area to progress forward.
  3. Continue digging until the entire steel door is exposed.
  4. Open the Maintenance B bunker door, which is now accessible, and climb the ladder.
  5. Follow the linear path to your right.
  6. Enter the room on your right after walking in the shallow water.
  7. You will find the Silencer pistol attachment on the desk where a laptop is located.
  8. Additionally, you can collect some 9mm ammo for your pistol from this spot.
  9. Take both the Silencer and the ammo, and then exit the hideout.
silencer successfully collected
Silencer is found on the right side of laptop [Image Captured By Me]

3. Flashlight Attachment

searching for flashlight inside a cave
Reach this cave to look for Flashlight [Image Captured By Me]
Next on the list is the flashlight. This attachment can be found inside the same cave where you went to find the shovel.

  1. Locate the Cave Entrance: Find a cave entrance with three masked dead bodies nearby. These bodies indicate that you’ve found the correct cave for the flashlight.
  2. Enter the Cave: Proceed into the cave and explore its interior. Pay attention to corners and secret entrances as you progress.
  3. Prepare Equipment: Ensure you have the Rebreather and the Rope Gun in your inventory before entering the cave. You’ll need these items to explore the cave fully.
  4. Swim Underwater: As you reach the end of the cave, you’ll need to swim underwater to find the next opening. The path will split into two directions.
  5. Choose the Right Path: Take the right path, as it will directly lead you to the flashlight attachment. The left path leads to the shovel.
  6. Confront Mutants: Before getting the flashlight, be prepared to confront multiple aggressive mutants in the area. Eliminate them to secure the attachment.
  7. Collect the Flashlight: Retrieve the flashlight attachment from one of the deceased bodies.
  8. Exit the Cave: To exit quickly, head back to where you would find the shovel. You may need to deal with any remaining threats, such as sluggy creatures, to exit the cave safely.
collecting flashlight
Secure flashlight attachment from the deceased body [Image Captured By Me]
This is all for the detailed guide on finding the Pistol. Covering everything explained above will take 35 to 45 minutes, as traveling and exploration take a lot of time. 

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