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Rope in Sons of the Forest
A detailed guide on Rope in Sons of the Forest.

The first few crafting materials you must collect contains a Rope in Sons of the Forest. However, if you’re looking for it at the wrong places, you may end up getting yourself killed before running into one. With the help of our guide, find yourself Rope in Sons of the Forest faster and protect yourself sooner by using it in crafting armor or building a base.

Key Takeaways

  • A rope can be used in crafting multiple vital items, such as Bone Armor, a bow, a club, or a repair tool.
  • To find a rope, players must explore Caves, Abandoned Camps, Cannibal Camps, Beach/Seaside, Crash Sites, Cliff Edges, and 3D Printer Rooms.
  • There are two types of ropes players can collect, a Regular Rope used for crafting, or a Zipline Rope used for well, zip lines.
  • Rope helps craft some of the most important early-game equipment and helps players protect themselves faster.

How To Obtain Rope

In the early game, a rope is a vital crafting material you must gather right off. Players can craft a bow, a repair tool, or bone armor, all by using rope as a crafting material. Various other items are crafted with a rope too, providing immense benefits for someone who just started.

Currently, the game does not allow players to craft a rope like you could in The Forest; therefore, your only option is to explore for them. And trust us, if you don’t know the right places to look for a rope in Sons of the Forest, you’ll have a hard time tracking this material.

Here are all the locations we know so far, that contain a rope in Sons of the Forest:

  • Caves
  • Abandoned Camps
  • Cannibal Camps
  • Beach/Seaside
  • Crash Sites
  • Cliff Edges
  • 3D Printer Rooms


Players can access and explore a bunch of cave systems available in Sons of the Forest. You can find caves on your GPS with a white cave-shaped icon. These caves provide multiple supplies including Ropes. Make sure to check the Cave Entrance as it usually has a Rope spawned there. If not, you must dive deeper into the cave and look for a Rope.

Abandoned Camps

Rope At A Camp – Image Credits: ZaFrostPet

Wherever there are traces of human beings, chances are, these places have Ropes of both types. Abandoned Camps exist all over the Island’s map, just look for a camp-shaped icon on your GPS. Explore these camps and collect a Rope, along with various other important supplies.

Cannibal Camps

A place with lots of Rope spawn rate, but sadly infested with huge cannibals ready to feast on you. If you are not armed, do not try collecting Rope from here. These camps are not available on the map, but a ton of them exist so you might run across here quite early. Once you do find a cannibal camp and kill the cannibals, start looting crates and containers for Rope. Some of it might be lying around on the ground too.


Take a walk on the shore, you will bump into shipwrecks or debris, even bodies sometimes. All these things carry a Rope with them a majority of the time. This way is the easiest and quickest to collect a Rope, especially for players in the early game.

Crash Sites

You may find crashed helicopters while exploring. These sites have crates and other items lying around, you can find Rope on these sites. There are dead bodies here carrying supplies too. Moreover, after the initial cutscene, make sure to look at the crash site nearby too, you might get yourself a Rope right off.

Cliff Edges

Whenever you run across cliffs, go to its edge and walk or climb around till you find your valuable items, including a Rope. You can not find the cliff location marked on your map; therefore, keep exploring the environment till you run across one.

3D Printer Rooms

3D Printer Room showing on a map – Image Credits: Serroh

Keep an eye on your map for green signals, as it indicates a 3D Printer Room location. The area is pretty rare but contains a generous amount of loot, and if you are lucky, you may find a lot of Rope as loot here. Not to forget, 3D printers themselves are a useful material so whether you are looking for Rope or not, make sure to always check out those green signals showing on your map.

Types Of Ropes

You will run across two types of Ropes in Sons of the Forest:

  • A Regular Rope
  • A Zipline Rope

Both these ropes have different uses and benefits and can be found in the same locations we have mentioned. The biggest visible difference between the two is that a Regular Rope is in round form, although the Zipline Rope is folded in an 8-shaped knot.

What Can You Craft And Build From Rope

Now that you are aware of the Rope Location in Sons of the Forest Island, your next step is to use it in crafting, as that’s what it is for. Following are the things you can craft from a Rope, along with their recipe.

Regular Rope

From Regular Rope, you can craft quite a lot of useful material, such as:

  • Bone Armor: An easy-to-make early-game armor to protect yourself. Press “I” to open your inventory and craft a Bone Armor by combining 1x Rope, 1x Duct Tape, and 4x Bones.
  • Crafted Bow: A ranged weapon used to take down enemies. In order to craft a bow, combine 2x Sticks, 1x Rope, and 1x Duct Tape.
  • Crafted Club: A melee weapon used to hit enemies in close range. You can craft it by combining 1x Rope, 1x Skull, and 1x Stick.
  • Repair Tool: This can help repair items built by players. Craft a Repair Tool by combining 1x Rope, 1x Stick, and 1x Stone.
  • Tree Shelter 1: A base for players. Build it by pressing “B” and adding 70x Logs and 1x Rope.
  • Tree Platform 1: Helps in creating a Tree Shelter. Build it by adding 7x Logs and 1x Rope.
  • Tree Platform 2: Helps in creating a Tree Shelter. Build it by adding 35x Logs and 1x Rope.
  • Look Out Tower: Helps in building a base. Build it by adding 60x Logs and 1x Rope.
  • Bone Maker Traps: Helps secure your base. You can create it by adding 3x Rocks, 2x Sticks, 1x Vodka Bottle, 3x Leaves, and 1x Rope.
  • Fly Swatter Trap: Helps secure your base To build it up, add 10x Sticks, 1x Rope, and 3x Rocks.
  • Ceiling Skull Lamp: Provides a light source to help players at night. Create it by adding 1x Skull and 1x Rope.

Zipline Rope

As the name suggests, Zipline Ropes are used to travel faster with the help of a Rope Gun. That may be the only use of Zipline Rope in Sons of the Forest, but it is an extremely vital one, especially in exploring caves deeper.

Final Remarks

While stranded on an Island after a crash landing, you must find yourself crafting materials right away and protect yourself from danger lurking around. One of these vital crafting materials include a Rope. Yes, a simple Rope can help you craft various items, assisting you especially in the early-game. So what are you waiting for? Go on and find yourself a bunch of rope lying around.

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