Sons of The Forest Shovel Location [Definitive Guide]

A step-by-step guide on how to get Shovel in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest cover
Sons of the Forest: Shovel Location

The path to be followed is quite lengthy. You need to explore three caves out of ten in the whole game. There is a separate cave for each item required for our objective.

I will begin with the aim of reaching the location of the Rope gun. All you need is a rope gun, a rebreather, and patience. Let’s look at how we plan on acquiring the shovel.

Key Takeaways

  • A shovel is an essential tool when it comes to digging in Sons of the Forest.
  • You can’t dig at every point in the game; there are specific areas where using a shovel is allowed.
  • It can also be used to build up a trap for mutants or any other reasons, depending on the situation.
  • Finding a shovel requires having two things beforehand, a Rope Gun and a Rebreather.
  • The Rope Gun can be found inside a cave towards the West of the map and on the center line. It is used to go above those areas where walking is not an option.
  • The Rebreather will be hidden in the cave far up North. It is used to swim underwater for a more extended period.
  • After equipping these two, go to the cave close to the center of the map, just under the mountains covered in snow. 
  • When you thoroughly and fully explore the cave, you will successfully find the shovel.

Rope Gun Location

the rope gun cave
Cave in which rope gun will be found

The first step to getting the shovel is to acquire the Rope Gun to traverse the region easily. The closest cave to the center of the map is the one just to the left of the snow mountains; the rope gun is in the cave on the left of the cave in the center.

This cave entrance is near a crash site you will explore when you get close to the advised location. The access will be blocked by wooden tiles nailed to the stone wall. You can use the axe in your inventory to break the blockage and pass.

using axe to break wood
Break the wooden planks to continue your journey
  1. Once you are through, you will be surrounded by darkness, so take out your torch and move forward.
  2. You can light up a torch by using a lighter.
  3. The cave is filled with mutants and baby mutants that should be killed if they are on your path. I recommend trying not to go for kills that are away from your desired direction.
  4. Inside the cave, your pathway is linear, so you will only explore a little.
  5. Keep your spear and axe ready, as deadly enemies can appear anytime.
  6. If you have trouble dealing with mutants, you can switch your difficulty level to Peaceful, and the enemies won’t spawn.
  7. When you go deeper into the cave, you will find a narrow opening blocked by a mutant known as Sluggy.
  8. To make a path forward, find time bombs on the dead bodies and throw them on the beast to open the narrow passage.
using timebombs to blow up sluggy
Explode Sluggy to open the narrow passage

Some indicators that you are on the right path include finding notes on lying dead bodies. Besides that, you might also find some bodies in groups hanging off the ceiling, which looks very scary. These hanging bodies will repeatedly come, so don’t confuse yourself that you are running in circles.

the hanging bodies inside the rope gun cave
Miners hanging off the ceiling inside the cave

When close to your final destination, you will see hanging skeletons instead of bodies indicating a change. After that, you will come across a point where your path is divided in two. Going on the left way will be the wiser option because the right entrance hides more powerful mutants behind.

When you chase the left entrance and reach the end of the cave, you will find your Rope Gun, which will be highly used later on. When you equip it by pressing E, your character will inspect the weapon and then casually hold it.

rope gun found successfully
Press E to add Rope Gun to your weaponry

Rebreather Location

the rebreather cave
Cave in which you will find the Rebreather

A rebreather is a valuable item when it comes to staying alive underwater. Inside the shovel cave, some regions are only accessible through underwater passages. However, you can’t hold your breath for a long time without the rebreather. That’s why you need it.

You can follow our detailed guide to learn where to find the Rebreather to use later for Shovel. 

Getting The Shovel

the shovel cave
Cave in which you will find the shovel

As already mentioned, Shovel is in the cave that is closer to the center of the map. It will be just on the West of the snowy mountains.

You can find the cave entrance, where you will see three bodies inside shallow water tightened to a vertical wooden plank.

If you wish, you can collect Slingshot from one of the bodies, another valuable item. I suggest you save your game progress before going into the cave, as some powerful mutants lie there, and you might get killed.

slingshot found at the entrance of shovel cave
Press E to add slingshot to your inventory

Keep your torch on, as it’s very dark inside the cave. After walking a little, you will notice that your character can’t go any further, as a gap can kill you. To go beyond it, look at the ceiling to find a spot to use the Rope gun.

using rope gun in shovel cave
Use a rope gun to slide and reach the other side of the cave

The path is very linear, so there is significantly less chance that you will get lost inside the cave. After crossing, you must dive underwater and keep descending until you find an opening to a tunnel.

Keep going to reach the other side of the tunnel and come out of the water.

underwater tunnel in the shovel cave
Swimming to the other end of the underwater tunnel

Here, a group of mutants will find you, so kill them using equipment such as frag grenades, as one or two can take out the whole group. Continue moving forward, and you will see a couple of miners dead on the ground.

A hidden passage will be beyond them; you must jump on the spikes to find it. The secret pathway is filled with water, so keep swimming until you escape. 

go through here to move forward
The entrance to the hidden pathway

Making a right will give you a flashlight attachment for your weapons, but to get that, you will have to fight a group of powerful mutants first, which is the hardest part of this journey.

fight these mutants to stay alive
More aggresive mutants found before reaching flashlight attachment

After you acquire the flashlight attachment, go back underwater and take the alternative option. At the end of that passage, you will successfully find the shovel, but first, you need to clear out a wave of mutants that comes before it.

The shovel will be on the body of a dead miner just sitting on the ground.

shovel successfully found
Collect the Shovel from a dead miner

My Thoughts On Getting Shovel & Other Items

The cave is a huge one, with a lot to explore in it. Going back the way you just came will be very hectic and require much time that could be better spent. Looking at a shortcut, you will find the Blob blocking an exit. You can blow it using grenades which clears a shortcut exit from this cave.

This is all for a detailed guide on adding a shovel to your inventory. The journey might require much effort, but you only explore three caves and find the desired items. The shovel will be of much help later on in the game when you want to dig stuff out.

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