Sons Of The Forest Turtle Shells Location

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Sons of the Forest Turtle Shells Guide
Sons of the Forest Turtle Shells Guide

Sons of the Forest allows players to collect Turtle Shells from the bodies of previously-killed turtles. Acquiring Turtle Shells items can be challenging if you originated in the highlands or the forest. If you’re looking for a location and strategy for getting the Turtle Shell in Son of the Forest, keep reading my article.

Key Takeaways

  • Turtles are creatures having raw meat and shells.
  • Go towards the seashore and find turtles there.
  • Slaughter the turtles using an axe or spear.
  • The flesh of a turtle can be used to restore health.
  • Turtles’ shells can not make water flasks in the game.
  • Instead of a shell, you can use a 3D printer to create water flasks.

Turtle Overview

A turtle is a docile creature that can give the player two valuable items: Raw meat and a protective shell. Sons of the Forest game features two kinds of turtles:

  • Marine Turtles
  • Freshwater Turtles

When they are killed, freshwater turtles do not leave behind a turtle shell.

Location To Get Turtle Shell

Players in Sons of the Forest can collect turtle shells from creatures in the open sea. According to my opinion you may find the island’s tame wildlife all along its shores, whether you’re on the northern, eastern, western, or southern side.

Gamers have the option of beginning their adventure on any one of the beaches and searching for a turtle. Getting a hold of its shell is the next step to take. I assure you from my experience that you will have to slaughter the turtle to obtain its shell.

Sons of the Forest Turtle Shells
Turtle Shell Locations Credits (MapGenie)

How To Get Turtle Shell

You can accomplish this task by utilizing a weapon such as a spear or an axe. After the player has struck the turtle with the axe a few times, they can interact with it. This should increase your current inventory by one shell. Players should open the item and crafting window to examine the shell in the screen’s top right corner.

Once the player has the shell, they can harvest the flesh from the remaining turtle corpse to satisfy their hunger. You can restore your health while using meat. The Sons Of The Forest Best Axe guide provides information about the axe.

Turtle killing
Slaughtering of Turtle Credits: (ZaFrostPet)

Use Of Turtle Shell

In the first version of the Forest game, players could craft an improvised rain catcher and sled out of turtle shells. Turtle shells don’t seem to be used in Sons of the Forest.

In my opinion any guide that suggests they have a purpose is either mistaken or deliberately trying to mislead its readers. As of the first build available in Early Access, you cannot use them as sleds, place them to collect water, or manufacture them into a Water Collector.

You can use a 3D Printer as a sled to help you speed down cliffs and a flask to store water. You’ll need to gather some Printer Resin and head to the 3D Printer underground lab to make these.

Turtle Shell
Shell of Turtle

Final Words

So, there isn’t much need to kill turtles to get water flasks. The water from the rivers and lakes in the game appears safe to drink, and you will learn how to craft a water flask early on in the adventure. A river cannot be scooped up with the shell, and it cannot be used to carry water.

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