Sons of the Forest: How To Unlock Arm Door [Step-By-Step]

Want to end the game but stuck on this challenge? Find out all the required materials to unlock the Arm Door!

Sons of the Forest Arm Door Location
Sons of the Forest Arm Door Location & Guide

To open the Arm Door, you require two essential items: the Maintenance Keycard to access the bunker and the Golden Armor, which acts as a key for the door. Your first objective will be to get them as soon as possible and gather other necessary resources.

Key Takeaways

  • You must acquire two items before you start this task. These are the Golden Armor and the Maintenance Keycard.
  • Go to the green-circled marks on the map in the Northeastern part to get the Maintenance Keycard.
  • Golden Armor is present in Level 2 of the Southeastern Bunker.
  • Use the Golden Armor to unlock the Golden Door.
  • Maintenance Keycard is also required to open the door bunker, which leads to the Golden Arm Door.
  • Take a Shotgun or Pistol and ammo to take care of the enemies on the way.
  • Keep a melee weapon in case you run out of ammo.

Maintenance Keycard

Sons of the Forest features many items necessary to access other important items in the game. Keycards are one of them, and Maintenance keycard is one of the primary ones among them. It is found near a green-circled area on the map on the island’s Northeastern side.

Using the Maintenance Keycard to open the Bunker Door
Using the Maintenance Keycard to open the Bunker Door | Credits: WoWQuests (YouTube)
  1. The keycard is hidden underground, and you must use a shovel to dig the place up and get it.
  2. Once you get the keycard, you can go to the bunkers for precious items like the Golden Armor and the Katana.
  3. Additionally, you will use this keycard to open the bunker’s door, which leads to the Golden Door.

Golden Armor

The Golden Armor is one of the best armor in the game, providing decent defense stats against any attack. In addition to its stats, it is also required to open the way toward the end of the game.

  1. Head to the Southeastern green-marked location on your GPS, leading you to a bunker.

  2. Prioritize getting the Maintenance Keycard first, as it will be essential for opening the bunker door containing the Golden Armor.

  3. Once you have the Maintenance Keycard, make your way to the Level 2 basement of the bunker. The Golden Armor can be found on a couch in a room there.

  4. Remember that the bunker will be infested with hostile entities, so be prepared for a challenging encounter.

  5. Once you’ve equipped the Golden Armor, you’ll be ready to progress toward the endgame.

The Golden Armor in the Bunker
Using the Maintenance Keycard to open the Bunker Door | Credits: WoWQuests (YouTube)

The Golden Arm Door is underground in a bunker on the island’s Eastern shore. To locate it, players must use GPS and wander around the said location. Eventually, they will see the opening of the bunker, which faces the seaside. A green marker on the GPS map marks the place.

Bunker Door Location in Sons of the Forest
Bunker Door Location | Credits: WoWQuests (YouTube)

You must use the Maintenance Keycard acquired beforehand to unlock the bunker door. Once the door is unlocked, enter the facility and follow the illuminated path.

Lights light up the inside of the bunker in a few portions only. You can use a torch or flashlight to help in this scenario.

Follow these steps to reach the door. You can find a room with a bed in there if you like to save your progress.

  1. Go down the stairs till the end, and you will see a door on your left side.
  2. Enter the hallway through that door and most past three doors till you reach another stairway.
  3. Go down the stairway. You will encounter a yellow door on your left and enter that room and the next hallway.
  4. There, take the way marked on the signboard as “Wet,” which will take you to a mansion-type location.
  5. Go into the mansion through a half-open door on the right side.
  6. Enter the bathroom, and there will be a broken wall that emits steam.
  7. Go through that steam, and you will find yourself in a cave.
  8. The Golden Arm Door will be at the end of the cave.

Unlocking The Arm Door

Golden Arm Door in Sons of the Forest
Golden Arm Door | Credits: WoWQuests (YouTube)
  1. Once you have gone through all the enemies and got the Golden Armor, approach the door.
  2. You will get an option to open the door.
  3. Press E to use your hand covered with Golden Armor. 
  4. The Golden Armor will function as the key for the door. 

Optional Items

Although the Maintenance Keycard and the Golden Armor are the essential items for this task, some other tools will also help you a lot in this quest. These tools are not necessary, but by using them, you can face challenges very easily.

1. Shotgun or Pistol

Shotgun lying on the Bar Counter
Shotgun lying on the Bar Counter

A good weapon is a must to complete this mission. This is why I always prefer a pistol or shotgun for ranged attacks.

These will help you take care of the enemy swarms in the bunkers and the cave, but remember that they can run out of ammo too. So, please be sure to use them wisely.

  1. Shotgun: You can find a shotgun on the bar counter in the final room of the bunker where the Door is located. Keep an eye out for it in this area.

  2. Pistol: The pistol can be found on an ocean boat while searching for the GPS Locator. Swim through the water to reach the boat and obtain the Pistol. Follow the purple markers on the map to locate the boat, where you can find the pistol.

2. Cross

Cross is a unique item in the game that helps to kill demons. You will encounter them in caves or bunkers; they are not easy to defeat without the cross.

You can get the cross by searching one of the bunkers marked on the map. You will require the Maintenance Keycard here as well.

3. Katana

Katana is one of the most powerful melee weapons in the game, and it comes in handy if you run out of bullets in the middle of a fight. Similar to other unique weapons, it is found in a bunker, which can be accessed only by the Maintenance Keycard. Getting your hands on this weapon is a good option if you wish to slaughter the mutants.

My Thoughts On The Arm Door

Access to the Arm Door or the Golden Door is one of the final tasks of Sons of the Forest, and accomplishing it is not easy. My best tip is to get the mentioned items first and then go for the mission because you will be in big trouble if you run out of vital resources in the middle of the fight.

If you have more queries, drop them in the comments section below, so I can help you out.

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