Sons Of The Forest: How To Get Virginia [Step By Step]

A complete guide on how you can get Virginia, with easy methods you can follow along to make her your companion.

Sons Of The Forest How To Get Virginia Cover Page
Sons Of The Forest: How To Get Virginia

Virginia is a newly introduced friendly mutant and human hybrid NPC with three arms and legs whom players encounter early on and throughout the game.

Key Takeaways

  • Virginia is a friendly human-mutant hybrid NPC.
  • Players must maintain physical distance, hold no weapons before her, and try not to scare her off to get her as a companion.
  • Virginia is exceptionally effective in fights as a companion, as she can wield 2 weapons simultaneously.
  • Place a GPS locator on Virginia to track her location at all times.

How To Get Virginia

Now, the methods to be carried out to make Virginia your companion are straightforward. Let me break down the whole process for you.

  1. Approach Cautiously: When you notice Virginia in your vicinity from a distance, don’t make any sudden movements or gestures. Stand still or walk away slowly to avoid alarming her.

  2. Hide Weapons: Ensure you don’t have any weapons equipped or visible when you’re near Virginia. Carrying weapons can make her feel threatened.

  3. Avoid Harming Her: Do not harm Virginia in any way. This is crucial for gaining her trust.

  4. Be Patient: Building a companionship with Virginia takes time and patience. It may require several gradual attempts. During this time, avoid any actions that could make her feel threatened or uneasy.

  5. Earn Trust: Over time, as you consistently approach her without posing a threat, Virginia will begin to trust you. You’ll notice a shift in her behavior as she becomes more comfortable around you.

  6. Beneficial Interactions: Once Virginia trusts you, she may bring you random items like animals for food, materials, herbs, and more. These interactions indicate that she has become your companion.

Advantages Of Having Virginia As An Ally

Once you have successfully managed to earn Virginia’s complete trust and friendship, she can be super helpful as another companion alongside Kelvin. Here are all the benefits that I got to experience:

  1. Combat Capabilities: Virginia possesses robust combat capabilities, making her a formidable ally in hostile environments. Her extra hand gives her an edge in combat situations.

  2. Dual Arsenal: Virginia can simultaneously carry two weapons, such as a pistol and a shotgun, allowing her to handle different combat scenarios effectively. This versatility makes her a valuable asset in fights.

  3. Improved Combat Skills: With each battle she participates in alongside you, Virginia’s weapon knowledge and combat mechanics gradually improve. This means she becomes more skilled and resilient as a fighter the longer she stays as your companion.

  4. Assistance in Camp Setups: Virginia can assist you in setting up and defending your camp. She can help block camp boundaries to deter enemies and wait for potential threats to appear.

  5. GPS Locator: To keep track of Virginia’s whereabouts, it’s recommended to equip her with a GPS locator. This allows you to quickly locate and assist her if she wanders off or encounters danger.

Sons Of The Forest Virginia Fighting
Virginia Using Both A Pistol And A Shotgun To Fight Off Enemies | Image Credits: IGN

Final Thoughts

To wrap up, I conclude this guide on Sons Of The Forest, where you learn how to get Virginia. Ensure to maintain a friendly and non-harmless interaction with her at all times if you wish her to remain your secondary companion throughout the game.

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