Sons Of The Forest: How To Get Virginia

Learn how to get Virginia as your companion in Sons Of The Forest

Sons Of The Forest How To Get Virginia Cover Page
Sons Of The Forest: How To Get Virginia

If you love interacting with NPCs in games, you are in for a treat. In this Sons Of The Forest guide, we cover how you can befriend and become allies with Virginia, a brand new NPC in-game, so without wasting further time, let’s begin.

Key Takeaways

  • Virginia is a friendly human-mutant hybrid NPC.
  • Players must maintain physical distance, hold no weapons before her, and try not to scare her off to get her as a companion.
  • Virginia is exceptionally effective in fights as a companion, as she can wield 2 weapons simultaneously.
  • Place a GPS locator on Virginia to track her location at all times.

Who Is Virginia?

Virginia is a newly introduced friendly mutant and human hybrid NPC with three arms and legs whom players encounter early on and throughout the game.

How To Get Virginia

Now the methods to be carried out to make Virginia your companion are straightforward. As soon as you notice she is near your vicinity from a distance, immediately stand still or walk away from her, hide away any weapons you carry, and allow her to assess you and your surroundings.

She’ll be super intimidated by your presence at first, so make sure not to move towards, carry any arsenal around in her presence, and try not to harm her, or else you will consume a lot of time to make her your companion.

As a result of all this effort, Virginia will start trusting you from that point onward if she does not find you as a threat.

Remember that this companionship process will take several gradual attempts, so you must be patient! Eventually, you will notice a shift in her behavior as she brings you random stuff like animals (for food), materials, herbs, etc. This is a sign that she has started to become your companion.

Advantages Of Having Virginia As An Ally

Once you have successfully managed to earn Virginia’s complete trust and friendship, she can be super helpful as another companion alongside Kelvin. Her combat capabilities are extraordinarily robust and enormously influential, all thanks to her extra hand.

Adding on, Virginia can simultaneously carry 2 arsenals at the same time once you provide her with them. For instance, she can equip both a pistol and a shotgun.

Subsequently. this makes her an excellent companion in challenging hostile environments if you and Kelvin alone struggle to kill off mutants or cannibals. This will add an extra set of hands (literally) on your side.

She’ll start taking down enemies efficiently as her weapon knowledge and mechanics improve gradually with each fight she participates in with you. The longer she stays as your companion, the more resilient she’ll become when fighting.

Sons Of The Forest Virginia Fighting
Virginia Using Both A Pistol And A Shotgun To Fight Off Enemies | Image Credits: IGN

Not only that, but Virginia will also assist you in your camp setups to help you survive. For example, blocking your camp boundaries and waiting for enemies to appear.

Furthermore, we highly recommend placing a GPS locator on Virginia to keep tabs on her whereabouts as she vanishes intermittently for long periods. This way, you can immediately run toward her whenever required.

Final Thoughts

To wrap up, we conclude our guide on Sons Of The Forest, where you learn how to get Virginia. Ensure to maintain a friendly and non-harmless interaction with her at all times if you wish her to remain your secondary companion throughout the game.

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