Sons Of The Forest: Zipline Gun Location

In this guide find out how to obtain the zipline gun and traverse through the caves like batman.

Sons Of The Forest Zipline Gun location
Zipline Gun Location Guide | Image Credit: WoW Quests

Sons Of The Forest is a survival game, So you would need to search for all types of supplies all over the Island. One of those key items is ropes as it is an essential item in the crafting of many items like bows and armor. To learn more about where to find ropes you can visit this guide. However today we will be discussing another kind of rope called the zipline rope. It is a necessary item to have in the game. So let’s find out where is the Zipline Gun location in Sons Of The Forest and talk about many of its uses.

Key Takeaways

  • Zipline Gun is Located in a cave on the West Side of the GPS Map.
  • Zipline Gun is a Useful gun needed to Progress through the Main Quest line.
  • Improves Traversal speed through the use of Zipline ropes.
  • The cave is infested with Dangerous Enemies so Come Prepared.
  • You need to Craft Zipline rope to have the Ammo.
  • The gun’s ammo Needs a Rope and a Grappling Hook to be crafted.
  • A grappling Hook can be Created by using a 3D Printer.

Zipline Gun Overview

Sons Of The Forest Zipline Gun Location
Zipline/Rope Gun | Image Credit: WoW Quests

The Zipline Gun has many perks that are very useful for exploring. Unlike just the rope it does not have a use in crafting however normal rope is required to craft A Zipline. The zipline helps you to traverse and explore deeper locations inside caves and it also becomes easier to traverse up and down hills using a zipline.

However, the tricky part is to obtain the Zipline gun. The gun is found deep inside a cave that is filled with cannibals and dangerous mutants that you need to encounter and get through to reach further. It is necessary to be well-equipped to get through the cave and finally get the Zipline Gun.

Before committing to the search for the location of the weapon, It is advised that you go prepared. You should replenish all your medical, food, and water supplies so you don’t run out while exploring the cave for the zipline gun.

Carrying a weapon that is easy and efficient to use long-range is also very helpful to save you from getting eaten by cannibals. One such weapon like that would be the pistol or the bow if you have not found the pistol yet. If you want to look for the pistol before looking for the zipline gun then visit this guide. Bringing a firestick or a Flashlight is also advised as inside the cave it gets too dark and some source of light is needed to fight and figure out your route.

There is also a boring option to go look for it in peaceful mode. In this mode, no enemies would be spawned so it would be far easier to move around inside the cave and look for the zipline gun freely.



The cave that the zipline gun is in exists on the west side of the GPS map. You can go south of the circle lake where the 3 rivers intersect to find the cave. The cave entrance is a crack inside a huge rock that leads to a cave.

Sons Of The Forest: Zipline Gun Location
Entrance of Zipline gun cave with map location | Image Credit: Subscribe

Cave Walkthrough

Squeeze through the crack to enter the cave and move forward until you arrive in a room flooded with cannibals so prepare to fight and defeat them to proceed. Now you need to move forward while sticking closer to the left side of the cave. 

When you see a huge mutant stuck between a space in the walls, there would be a dead body of a worker kneeling on the ground. Near it you can find two-time bombs, Now pick one up and throw it at the mutant. After you detonate the time bomb the mutant would be shredded into pieces opening up the path through the space inside the walls.

Sons Of The Forest: Zipline Gun Location
Mutant stuck in the wall, 2 timebombs nearby | Image Credit: Subscribe

Now keep moving in the forward direction where you can see dangling bodies hanging from the roof. While you are moving forward you will come across a small passage that will lead you further deep inside the cave. Now the ceiling would start to get lower and it would become dark. When you spot glittering rocks on the wall there would be two directions to go in. The right direction will lead you to some resources while on the left is the route toward the zipline gun.

Sons Of The Forest: Zipline Gun Location
Passage with low ceiling | Image Credit: Subscribe

So now you would find yourself inside the next part of the cave, So follow along the right wall and stick to it while moving forward. Along the way, you will find many bodies hanging from the roof of the cave and many Mutant babies that would try to attack you.


If you do not want to fight you can always run without looking back to avoid dealing with combat. So after some way along this route, you would see some light sources. Following along that way would eventually lead you to a briefcase. 

Sons Of The Forest: Zipline Gun Location
Zipline Gun in Briefcase | Image Credit: MillGaming

You can now pick up the Zipline Gun from the Open case. Then near the briefcase, there already is a Zipline which you can ride now to zip down and exit the cave with ease.


Some tools are necessary to find in Sons Of The Forest to progress the main story of the game. One such item is the Zipline gun as both the gun and the Rebreather are also needed to find the shovel which also is a necessary item to progress your main tasks in the game. To learn where to find the Rebreather visit this Guide.

The main Two uses of the Zipline Gun are, After obtaining the Zipline Gun you can now interact with Ziplines that already exist around the map to move faster. The other use is that you can also create your Ziplines using the Zipline gun. Your Ziplines can help you ascend and descend from hills. Ziplines also offer you an escape route from your base if needed. You can get creative while using the Zipline gun to make Ziplines to help you in any scenario.

Sons Of The Forest: Zipline Gun Location
Interact option with Zipline | Image Credit: AerO R2

Now to make a Zipline You just need to point at the destination of your Zipline and shoot. Then you can set the other end of the Zipline somewhere near you. Afterward, you can simply interact with the Zipline to ride it. You can also use the zipline from both directions as the Zipline is powered and can also take you uphill. Another benefit of the zipline gun is that you can pick up your Zipline rope after you have used it which will restock your grapple hook ammo.

Zipline Rope

Sons Of The Forest Zipline Gun Location
Zipline rope | Image Credit: WoW Quests

Now to use the Zipline Gun you would also need to have its ammo. You need to craft a grappling hook to create Ziplines. There are two items you would need to craft it. Rope and Grappling Hook.

Ropes are not that hard to find as they are pretty common loot. You can find some at the Zipline Gun cave. Searching and looting some abandoned camps, random containers or bunkers may also lead you to find it as well.

If you are lucky you might find some grappling hooks lying around. However, the main strategy is to create grappling hooks using the 3D printer. It cost 100ml of printer resin to craft two grappling hooks. To know more about where you can find a 3D printer visit this guide.

You can now use the inventory mat to combine both these items and get you some ammo to create Ziplines.


The Zipline Gun is easy to use and very worth it to go find. It helps you in the progression of the main quest line while still being a very fun gun to use. Although the finding process can be a little tricky but fear not after following this guide you will know exactly where to look for.

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