Sons Of The Forest: Zipline Gun Location

Check out the zipline gun location in the sons of the forest and learn how to use it to fully explore all the caves.

Sons Of The Forest Zipline Gun location
Zipline Gun Location Guide | Image Credit: WoW Quests

The Zipline Gun aids exploration significantly, allowing access to deeper cave areas and easier hill traversal. Crafting it requires a normal rope. To acquire it, navigate a dangerous cave filled with cannibals and mutants, necessitating proper equipment and ample supplies.

Before searching, I strongly advise you to embark well-prepared with medical, food, and water supplies. Carry a long-range weapon like a pistol or bow for defense against threats. Additionally, bring a light source, such as a flashlight, due to the darkness inside the cave.

Alternatively, a peaceful mode exists, eliminating enemy spawns and facilitating easier exploration for the Zipline Gun within the cave.

Key Takeaways

  • Zipline Gun is Located in a cave on the West Side of the GPS Map.
  • It is a Useful gun needed to Progress through the Main Quest line.
  • It improves Traversal speed through the use of Zipline ropes.
  • The cave is infested with Dangerous Enemies, so come Prepared.
  • You need to Craft Zipline rope to have the Ammo.
  • The gun’s ammo Needs a Rope and a Grappling Hook to be crafted.
  • A grappling hook can be created using a 3D printer.
Sons Of The Forest Zipline Gun Location
Zipline/Rope Gun | Image Credit: WoW Quests


All you need to do is to head to the west side of the map using the GPS. You can go south of the Circle Lake where the 3 rivers intersect, to find the cave. The cave entrance is a crack inside a huge rock that leads to a cave.

Sons Of The Forest: Zipline Gun Location
Entrance of Zipline gun cave with map location | Image Credit: Subscribe
  1. Enter the cave by squeezing through a crack.
  2. Defeat the cannibals in the flooded room to continue.
  3. Proceed, staying closer to the left side of the cave.
  4. Locate a huge mutant trapped between wall spaces near a dead worker’s body.
  5. My best strategy is to pick one of the two-time bombs nearby, throw it at the mutant, and detonate it. This action will shred the mutant, clearing the path through the wall space.Sons Of The Forest: Zipline Gun Location

    Mutant stuck in the wall, 2 timebombs nearby | Image Credit: Subscribe

  6. Proceed forward, where you’ll notice hanging bodies.
  7. As you continue, you’ll find a narrow passage leading deeper into the cave. The ceiling lowers, and the area darkens.
  8. When you see glittering rocks on the wall, two paths emerge: the right leads to resources, and the left takes you to the zipline gun.Sons Of The Forest: Zipline Gun Location

    Passage with low ceiling | Image Credit: Subscribe

  9. Proceed into the next cave section and hug the right wall as you advance.
  10. You’ll encounter hanging bodies and Mutant babies attempting to attack you.
  11. If you do not want to fight, you can always run without looking back to avoid dealing with combat.
  12. So, after some way along this route, you would see some light sources.
  13. Following along that way would eventually lead you to a briefcase. 
Sons Of The Forest: Zipline Gun Location
Zipline Gun in Briefcase | Image Credit: MillGaming

You can now pick up the Zipline Gun from the Open case. Then, near the briefcase, there is already a Zipline that you can ride now to zip down and easily exit the cave.

Is It Worth It?

In Sons Of The Forest, finding specific tools is crucial for advancing the main story. The Zipline gun, along with the Rebreather, is essential to locate the shovel, a key item for progression.

The Zipline gun serves two main purposes. Firstly, it allows interaction with existing Ziplines across the map, facilitating faster movement. Additionally, it enables players to create personalized Ziplines for ascending and descending hills, crafting escape routes from their base and offering versatile options to tackle various scenarios creatively.

Sons Of The Forest: Zipline Gun Location
Interact option with Zipline | Image Credit: AerO R2

To create a Zipline, aim at your desired location and shoot. Place the other end nearby. Interact with the Zipline to ride it in either direction, as it’s powered and functions uphill. An advantage is that you can reclaim the Zipline rope, restocking your grapple hook ammo.

Sons Of The Forest Zipline Gun Location
Zipline rope | Image Credit: WoW Quests

To operate the Zipline Gun, acquire its necessary ammo by crafting a grappling hook, combining a Rope and a Grappling Hook. Ropes are commonly found in the Zipline Gun cave, abandoned camps, or containers.

Obtain or create grappling hooks using a 3D printer for 100ml of printer resin, which yields two hooks. Combine these items in your inventory to create Zipline Gun ammo for setting up Ziplines.

The Zipline Gun is easy to use and very worth finding. It helps you progress the main quest line while still being a very fun gun to use. The unlock process can be a little tricky fear not, after following this guide, you will know exactly where to look.

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