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Soulja Boy Wants to Sell Game Consoles… Again

It just doesn’t end with Soulja Boy’s crazy ideas, eh? Seems like the rapper is looking to sell another one of his “SouljaGame Consoles”. In the past, he tried to enter the game industry by selling “his” video game console. Of course, it turned out that he was just reselling Chinese hardware at a huge markup.

However, if his pictures on instagram as anything to go by, he is looking to try again.

New SouljaGame Console Underway?

The first outlet to notice this new development is none other than Game Informer. SouljaGame is going to “Crank Dat” attempt number 2 at the console manufacturing business. However, it seems like this time Soulja Boy will attempt to make a new console from scratch:

… That is until you realize that there’s a very similar console being sold right around the corner in Alibaba. In other words, it seems like Round 2 of the SouljaGame console match is going to end very similarly to the way Round 1 concluded.

While I’m not against the idea of making new consoles to compete against the big three of the industry… There’s also something to be said about attempting to break into the market with overpriced hardware from China. The whole movement from Soulja Boy doesn’t seem to make any sense yet again.

However, we’ll have to sit down and watch as the story develops for this one. Who knows? Maybe this is an old unit that he’s using for demonstration purposes. You know, something to show off while saying “I’m not dead” to the community at large.

At times like this, I wonder what could’ve happened to the Slightly Mad Studios game console. Remember that one? It seems like it was nothing but vaporware but I still have high hopes for it.

Anyway, what do you think about the latest Soulja Boy venture? Do you think it’ll have a similar ending as the SouljaGame console? Do you think Rerez will make another Worst Ever video on it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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