Crisis Core Reunion SP Turbo [Unlock Guide]

Learn how to obtain the highly powerful SP Turbo Materia for your character to cheese most enemies in Crisis Core Reunion.

SP Turbo Crisis Core
SP Turbo Crisis Core

Among the best Materia in Crisis Core Reunion, SP Turbo is also prominent among players who want to dish out better damage from their character. For those unaware, SP Turbo focuses on utilizing Zack’s SP or Solider Points to deal the best attack impact on the opponents. Unlike Blast Wave, which is a Command Materia, SP Turbo Crisis Core is a Support Subset that can significantly improve the combat strategy of your character, thus paving the way for excellent gameplay. 

If you are also one of those players pursuing maximum attack impact while expending SP, this guide is just for you. Our guide entails everything you need to know about SP Turbo Materia and how you can unlock it in the latest Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII Reunion. With that said, let’s get right into it. 

Key Takeaways

  • Crisis Core Reunion features numerous Materia for your character, while SP Turbo is a notable addition that unlocks one of the unique perks.
  • Acquiring the SP Turbo Materia enables players to utilize increased attack effects over the cost of SP that they have accumulated throughout the campaign.
  • Especially, those players that consider farming SP through boss fights and dungeons can significantly benefit from the SP Turbo to deal the best attack impact while also receiving HP as Attribute Bonus.
  • Like most Materia and equipment items available in Crisis Core, you can obtain SP Turbo through different approaches. You can either pursue campaign progression, unlock the Materia through the chest or even consider a specific boss fight; players have complete freedom to pick up their SP Turbo Materia. 
  • As for the campaign progression, you will have to complete mission Signs of Materia M9-2-6. In the end, defeating the Jabberwock will reward players with SP Turbo.
  • Moreover, players avoiding engaging in any kind of combat can search for a chest containing SP Turbo during mission A Fresh Start of M9-4-3.
  • Players that want to get their hands on the Materia early in the campaign can consider defeating the boss Emperor Sahagin during mission Nibelheim II M2-2-4 and claim the reward of SP Turbo. 

SP Turbo In Crisis Core

Fighting the formidable foes in Crisis Core Reunion is no easy feat and requires special consideration of the character’s equipment and Materia. While most of the equipment might work for early-level players, game mechanics will put Zack against some of the worst nemesis as you progress through the campaign. 

SP Turbo Icon
SP Turbo Icon

This is where Materia like SP Turbo in Crisis Core comes in handy to assist players in utilizing all the Solider Points they have accumulated by defeating enemies. Once acquired, players can increase their damage by spending the SP. For example, suppose you have accumulated Millions of SP in your playthrough. In that case, SP Turbo Materia is a must-have to enhance your character abilities with a massive boost in attack impact. 

Here are the stats for the SP Turbo in Crisis Core:

  • Rank: 6
  • Category: Support Materia
  • Gil: 0
  • Level: 5

Apart from the primary role of SP Turbo, another major aspect that makes SP Turbo a prominent addition to your character is the unique Attribute Bonus. Acquiring the SP Turbo for your character will also bring Bonus HP for your character. Since SP Turbo comes with five levels, you can unlock +10% HP for each consecutive level. 

Bonus HP, coupled with an enhanced attack will allow Zack to cheese most of the enemies in the Crisis Core Reunion. If that sounds amusing enough, let’s look at different ways you can obtain the SP Turbo Materia in your playthrough. 

How To Obtain SP Turbo In Crisis Core

Developers have done an excellent job of balancing the game and allowing players to discover and obtain different Materia at several sections of the game. You can unlock the Materia through campaign progression, chest rewards, or even defeating a Crisis Reunion boss. Let’s discuss all the different approaches you can consider to unlock SP Turbo for your character. 

Campaign Progression

The first and the most straightforward strategy to get your hands on SP Turbo Materia is through campaign progression. It is the best tradeoff for players always looking for new rewards by completing specific missions. For that instance, one particular mission, Signs of Materia M9-2-6 will also dish out the SP Turbo Materia.

All you need to do is to complete the mission, and you will receive unique Materia ready to use further in the campaign. Also, make sure you are well-equipped to defeat the enemies in the dungeons during the mission. Especially defeating the Jabberwock right at the end of the mission will not be easy. But in the end, you will receive the SP Turbo, which is definitely worth the struggle.

You can incorporate the unique mechanic of DMW in Crisis Core Reunion to make the most out of Zack during combat. 

Defeating Jabberwock
Defeating Jabberwock
SP Turbo Unlocked
SP Turbo Unlocked

Unlocking From Chest

Apart from the mission, players will also be able to receive the Materia from a chest. You can find this chest during the mission A Fresh Start of M9-4-3. Scrounge each corner of the dungeon during this mission to increase your chances of getting SP Turbo Materia. 

Defeating Emperor Sahagin

Lastly, players can consider defeating monstrous Emperor Sahagin just to obtain the SP Turbo. Although it is a minor boss with an early encounter in mission Nibelheim II M2-2-4, it features a massive HP of 10,445 and 61,020 for Hard Mode players. For that instance, you may expect the boss to be pretty challenging for your playthrough. 

However, the proper starting equipment and above mentioned DMW strategy could assist players in defeating the boss and receiving the SP Turbo Materia. 

Final Words

Materia never goes as an exception to pave the way for a smooth and powerful combat experience in Crisis Core Reunion. Fortunately, just like SP Turbo, players can pick up their Materia of choice with the help of multiple approaches. It allows you to utilize complete freedom over gameplay and make the decisions that fit perfectly for your character. 

That is about it for our guide on SP Turbo and how to obtain it. Do you find this guide helpful for acquiring the best Materia for your character? What is your most accessible approach to obtaining the SP Turbo in Crisis Core Reunion? Share with us in the comments section below. 

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