Interview: Spider Fox Is The Wild Creation Of A Developer And His Son

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Spider Fox - via Planet 47 Games

If you are seeking a unique and fun action-adventure game to play, Spider Fox is worthy of checking out because of the weird yet cute setting and mechanics it has to offer. You play as a combination of a spider and a fox, which is an experiment by a Mad Scientist, and you are tasked to stop him from doing crazy experiments on a wide array of creatures. 

You will be able to use web-slinging, climbing, and numerous tactics to navigate the vibrantly colorful world and solve different challenges. The game also features detailed rewards to help you progress easily. We interviewed Wes, the solo developer behind Spider Fox, to learn what inspired him to create such a colorful and engaging world. 

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Spider Fox – via Planet 47 Games

Please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your work on Spider Fox.

Wes: My name is Wes, and I am a solo video game developer who worked on Spider Fox with my 5-year-old son.

What inspired the concept of combining a spider and a fox in this adventurous game?

Wes: My son and I wondered what would happen if we combined the scariest thing in the world, a spider, with one of the cutest things, a fox, and out from that premise grew a fascinating world of ideas.

Spider Fox - via Planet 47 Games
Spider Fox – via Planet 47 Games

The game promises a diverse array of landscapes and encounters. Could you elaborate on the process of designing these environments and challenges to ensure they feel both engaging and cohesive within the game world?

Wes: I wanted to make sure each environment was different. Each map would offer new challenges and introduce different types of web interactions and enemies. To achieve this, I had to make sure the look of the maps was completely different.

Boss battles are key challenges in the game. Can you provide insight into how these encounters are crafted to provide both excitement and strategic depth for players?

Wes: This is similar to the answer above. Any battles or designs of bosses would be determined mostly by their environment.

Spider Fox
Spider Fox – via Planet 47 Games

If there is one thing that we love the most, it would be the sound design. Could you discuss the inspiration behind the game's soundtrack and how it enhances the player's experience, especially during exploration segments?

Wes: At first glance, the Spider Fox character might still look a bit frightening and still too much like a spider. By having the Spider Fox make cute sounds and having an uplifting soundtrack to go with the game, it helped make you feel like Spider Fox was maybe a little bit cute and not scary after all.

How long the game had been under development?

Wes: Since this was not my full-time job and I could only work on it when I had the time, it took about a year from pre-production to the release of the game.

Crazy Doctor in Spider Fox
Spider Fox – via Planet 47 Games

With the game just released recently, how has been the feedback so far?

Wes: The feedback has been amazing actually. If you look at the Steam reviews, the game is sitting at almost 100 positive reviews, and most players have said it has exceeded their expectations.

Could you share any anecdotes or interesting development challenges you faced while creating Spider Fox that helped shape the final product?

Wes: One of the biggest challenges in game development was figuring out the best way to create the combined hybrid animals that Spider Fox would cure.

I finally decided to use a method in the Animation blueprints in Unreal Engine for the animals to manipulate the bone of the skeleton for the animal meshes. This allowed me to basically hide parts of the animals and combine them.

Spider Fox - via Planet 47 Games
Spider Fox – via Planet 47 Games

What is next for Spider Fox? Can you share details on upcoming content or features players can look forward to in future updates or expansions?

Wes: I would like to explore the web-slinging more. I think there could be more opportunities to use it in the game, and players seem to enjoy using it. I am also considering an arachnophobia mode that would allow the player to play as a fox combined with something other than a spider.

Anything else you would like to share with the readers?

Wes: A lot of the ideas in this game came directly from my 5-year-old son. He has a big imagination. He was a lot of help coming up with the animal combinations. He also came up with what the spider would eat, the rainbow web, and some other features of the game.

Spider Fox is an action-adventure 3D platformer game developed and published by Planet 47 Games. The game was released on April 3, 2024 for PC. 

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