Splatoon 3: All Bosses Guide

We will help giude you every boss you can encounter in Splatoon 3 and give you possible weaknesses for each of them.

splatoon 3 bosses

Main Points:

  • Splatoon 3: Return of the Mammalians is the newest entry in the Splatoon franchise.
  • Splatoon 3 has a story mode that includes some bosses after completing a specific set of levels.
  • These bosses are pretty interesting in their design and story involvement as it relates to the player with callbacks to the previous story.
  • Each boss is unique and has a different moveset which needs equally unique countermeasures to overcome.

So you decided you want to play Splatoon 3 but don’t have much free time? Don’t worry; we will help detail all the facts about Splatoon 3 boss and their attack patterns.

Splatoon 3 is, as the name suggests, the third installment in the Splatoon series of games. They started with a simple gameplay concept which evolved into what we see before us today. With a colorful cast of characters and fantastic world-building with accompanying lore.

Key Takeaways

  • DJ Octavio is a returning face from Splatoon 2 & has a limited number of attacks that are easy to read. To counter his attacks, players need to cover their platforms with ink & destroy his fists mid-flight or shoot their friend, Smallfry, toward him & start blasting again.
  • Frye is one of the easiest bosses to defeat & has simple attacks. To counter her attacks, players need to shoot all the eels she launches & wait for her cube to stop spinning. Once it stops, they should spray the cube & climb up top to splat Frye or move out of the way when she spins her cube & starts moving toward them.
  • Shiver has a rocket-pack strapped shark, & players should always keep attacking the shark since it shares the health bar with Shiver. To counter her attacks, players need to cover the area they are running in with ink and immediately get out of the way when she flicks her tail, keep track of the shark’s movement when it pops out of the platform, & make Shiver vulnerable by waiting for her attacks to finish & spraying her shark.
  • Big Man is the most straightforward boss to defeat, & players only need basic shooting skills & judgment to win the fight. To counter his attacks, players need to keep a decent portion of the stage covered in ink & shoot him constantly while dealing with his little clones if they surround them.
  • Mr. Grizz (Ursanine Anomaly #3) is the most significant boss in Splatoon 3 & has a wide variety of attacks that players need to counter. His attacks include throwing bombs, creating a shockwave, & creating a wall of ink. Players need to keep moving & avoid his attacks while also shooting him constantly to defeat him.

You may not believe us when we say this, but we have actual evidence to back this up. Just to give you a cursory glance at the lore of the Splatoon universe, Splatoon 3 takes place five years after the events of Splatoon 2. Now taking place in the Spatlands, a barren and battle-scarred wasteland from the wars waged by the Inklings and Octolings.

splatoon 3 gameplay
Splatoon 3 Gameplay

NOTE: The names of the attacks are given by us after thinking about what might fit their vibe the best.

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DJ Octavio (Octobot King)

Ok, so you completed the tutorial stages and are now ready to face whatever the game throws at you. And as soon as you think of this, you are greeted by a boss battle. But not just any old boss battle. Instead, a returning face from Splatoon 2.

It’s none other than DJ Octavio, this time in his giant mech suit titled the Octobot King. But something he shares with the rest of the bosses is that his attacks are pretty easy to read. He also has a limited number of attacks.

Attacks 🐙 Description Counter
Rocket Fist DJ Octavio launches his fist in your direction slowly. Cover your platform in as much ink as possible and destroy the fist mid-flight.

After doing so, you must quickly refill your ink supply.
Ink Vaccum DJ Octavio activates a vacuum that sucks up any ink your fire. Once this happens, you must shoot your little friend, Smallfry, toward them and start blasting him again.

Frye (The Eel Deal)

splatoon 3 boss eel deal fyre
Fyre Introduction Scene

Now you will face one of the real Splatoon 3 Bosses in Frye. We hope you liked that joke since it couldn’t have been more sarcastic if we had tried. Frye is one of the easiest bosses you will come across in Splatoon 3, and yes, we did include DJ Octavio in that list.

Her attacks are very simple and can be dealt with efficiently unless you are unfortunate enough to have a disability that prevents you from aiming and shooting effectively.

Attacks 🐍 Description Counter
Eel Barrage Frye spins her giant cube around and launches eels that can fly, divebomb, or crawl. Shoot all the eels and wait for the cube to stop.

Once that happens, spray the cube and climb up top to splat Fyre.
Homing Home Fyre spins her giant cube and starts to move towards your location. Move out of her way, preferably by swimming through your ink, and wait for her to launch an eel attack so you can splat her.

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Shiver (The Cold Blooded Bandit)

splatoon 3 bosses shiver
Shiver Introduction Scene

The second real boss you face after Fyre and not including DJ Octavio since he was technically a training boss. Just like Fyre Shiver has a little gimmick. We saw that it was her cube with Fyre, but for Shiver, it was her rocket-pack strapped Shark.

Her attack patterns are also quite simple, but you have to be careful since she has a high chance of killing you the fastest out of all the Splatoon 3 Bosses we have discussed.

One key thing when fighting Shiver is always to keep attacking the shark since it shares the health bar. This will allow you to try and splat Shiver faster and speed up your runs considerably.

Attacks 🦈 Description Counter
Tail Flick Shiver’s shark flicks its tail at you from the side to try and splat you with a high-pressure splash. The best counter to this is simply to cover the area you are running in with ink and immediately get out of the way.

This should be easy since this attack is quite linear.
Inky Dive Shiver and her shark travel underneath the platform and pop up in a particular area to try and splat you. Keep track of the shark’s movement thanks to its fin.

The moment it pops out, start blasting it with ink to get its health bar drained.
Sharknado Shiver and her shark create multiple cyclones and ride atop them while trying to spray you. Once again, keep track of where the shark moves and which cyclone it is currently on.

Make sure to wait for its attacks to finish, then spray it, making Shiver vulnerable to being splatted.

Big Man (The Hype Manta Storm)

splatoon 3 big man boss
Big Man Introduction Scene

Contrary to the name, the hype around the big man is all fake. He is the most straightforward boss you will fight, and that’s because you have to do the least amount to get a win.

The only thing, and we are serious here, the only thing you need to win this fight is basic shooting skills and judgment. One of the more disappointing Splatoon 3 Bosses since the game does an excellent job of getting you hyped for the captain of Deep Cut, only to disappoint.

Attacks 🐟 Description Counter
Deep Dive Big Man transforms into a giant version of a manta ray and dives into the stage.

He will then start roaming the stage and spread ink wherever he goes.

Every time you ink him, he will split into smaller manta rays until you eventually ink all of them.
The only counter to this is to keep a decent portion of the stage covered in your ink and shoot him constantly.

His little clones can be trouble if they surround you, so make sure to deal with them.

Mr. Grizz (Ursanine Anomaly #3)

splatoon 3 bosses mr grizz
Mr. Grizz Introduction Scene

Now we come to the most significant boss in all of Splatoon 3. The actual evil mastermind that requires the help of the entire list of bosses you have beat to combine forces and face off against him. He is the business-minded and task-oriented bear known as Mr. Grizz.

Mr. Grizz, in the story, wishes to bring back the era of mammals as the dominant species, which is a no can do from the squidlings.

This boss fight is the most unique out of all previous fights. It revolves around you going through multiple mini-levels to get to the end and do some damage to Mr. Grizz. We are intentionally trying to keep some things secret since the boss fight is genuinely epic and should be experienced by the player firsthand.

Here is a hint to defeat Mr.Grizz: think of this as an old-school Sonic boss fight. If you know, you know 😉.

Attacks 🐻 Description Counter
Claw Slash Mr. Grizz launches five waves of ink which travel at different speeds.

In the later phases, this move is used back-to-back to create multiple obstacles for the player.
The best way to counter this move is to simply side-step it since it’s pretty linear.
Paw Slam Mr. Grizz slams both his paws down onto the ground spewing ink in a cone around him while also knocking you back quite a bit, There is no counter to this except moving back from the slam’s initial vicinity’s knockback effect.
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