Splatoon 3: BEST Food & Drinks

Want to get the Best Food in Splatoon 3 for buffs and advantages over your foes? Look no further as we cover all the best foods and drinks.

Best Food in Splatoon 3

One could say food is crucial to sustaining life; however, that is somewhat the case in Splatoon 3. It is not necessarily required to stay alive but is very beneficial for advancement.

Key Takeaways

  • The Crab N Go food truck offers food and drink options that offer various perks to players or their team.
  • Food choices like Marigolden Garden Greens and Mega Mountain a la Marigold provide benefits to the entire team in terms of boost.
  • Drinks such as Smoothie Especial, Matcha Reviver, Citrus Hip-Hopper, and others offer effects like increased speed or resistance.
  • It is recommended to select food options that boost the team as a whole.
  • When choosing drinks, personal preference and desired in-game benefits (e.g. defense, offense) should be considered, for instance, Stompin Grape for defense-oriented gameplay or Speedy Cazpacho for offense-oriented play.

Best Foods And Drinks

A summary table featuring the best Food and Drinks:

1Smoothie EspecialSpecial Power Up.
2Matcha ReviverRespawn.
3Citrus Hip-Hopperpower up I.
4Super Sub JuicerSub Power Up.
5Stompin’ Grapeincreased resistance
6Sub Limeincreased resistance
7Actionberry Twistincreased Action Intensity.
8Salty Melon SpecialSpecial Saver.
9Ma’s Special FriendSpecial Charge Up.
10Cherry Apple Fizzincreased speed
11Speedy Cazpachoincreased speed
12Ink-Well Chillerincreased recovery
13Sub Berry Blaster BlitzSub Ink Saver.
14Main Mega Pucker-UpMain Ink Saver.

1Marigold’en Garden Greensdouble XP.
2Mega Mountain a la Marigolddouble battle Cash.
3The Peseatariat Royaledouble XP.
4The PeseatariatXP gain 50%.
5Commercial Crab Trap Sandwichdouble battle Cash.
6Crab Trap Sandwichbattle Cash 50%.

Splatoon 3 has multiplayer lobbies in which players can go into normal or ranked games and battle opponents. These matches are called the Anarchy battle.

Food Stall

If you are craving something before your tiresome battle, The game devs have conveniently placed a Food truck to provide the players with multiple different types of food and drinks.

This truck is called the “Crab N Go,” and it requires some sort of payment for the food, which can be either Food tickets or Drinks. As stated earlier, these foods give you all kinds of buffs and can even help your entire team. This is a list of all the food items in Splatoon 3

All Food Options

Food Effects
Marigold’en Garden Greens All your teammates gain double the amount of battle XP.
Mega Mountain a la Marigold All your teammates gain double the amount of battle Cash.
The Peseatariat Royale Only you gain double the amount of battle XP.
The Peseatariat The amount of battle XP you gain is increased by 50%.
Commercial Crab Trap Sandwich Only you gain double the amount of battle Cash.
Crab Trap Sandwich The amount of battle Cash you gain is increased by 50%.
Food Menu in Splatoon 3

These are all the available food options in Splatoon 3 and another thing to note is the increased XP you gain can help you with your grinding of the game.

If you are hardcore grinding and want to be the best, then consuming food would be beneficial for you to progress faster. However, lets cover all the Drinks in Splatoon 3 now.

All Drinks Options

Drink Effects
Smoothie Especial This Smoothie provides you with a very Special Power Up.
Matcha Reviver By consuming Matcha, you get a quick Respawn.
Citrus Hip-Hopper By consuming Citrus drink, you get a power up which is the Super jump. This allows you to jump higher than normal.
Super Sub Juicer This Smoothie provides you with a Sub Power Up.
Stompin’ Grape By consuming Stompin drink, you get an increased resistance to Ink.
Sub Lime By consuming Sub Lime drink, you get an increased resistance to Sub.
Actionberry Twist By consuming Actionberry Twist, you get an increased Action Intensity.
Salty Melon Special By consuming Melon, you get a Special Saver.
Ma’s Special Friend By consuming Ma’s Special drink, you get a Special Charge Up.
Cherry Apple Fizz By consuming Cherry drink, you get increased speed in your Swimming.
Speedy Cazpacho By consuming Cazpacho, you get increased speed in your Running.
Ink-Well Chiller By consuming Chiller, you get increased recovery in your Ink.
Sub Berry Blaster Blitz By consuming Blaster drink, you get a Sub Ink Saver.
Main Mega Pucker-Up By consuming this drink, you get a Main Ink Saver.

This concludes all the available Food and Drinks in Splatoon 3. Now, let’s move on to the best Food and Drinks.

Our Picks

For the best Food and Drinks recommendation in Splatoon 3, we would advise going for something that would benefit the entire team. Such Foods include the Marigolden Garden Greens which provides all of your teammates with double the amount of battle XP and Mega Mountain a la Marigold which provides all of your teammates with double the amount of battle Cash.

Lastly, in Drinks, we would recommend going for something that you feel like would enhance your abilities In-Game. For Example, if you would like to go for something that gives you resistance and better Defense options, we would advise going with the Stompin’ Grape or the Sub Lime.

However, if you feel like going for something that could be used offensively or is just a good upgrade during the game, we would recommend going for Speedy Cazpacho or the Ma’s Special Friend.


Wrapping the Best Foods and Drinks in Splatoon 3, it is all very dependent on what kind of playstyle you have. Everything offers a different kind of buff and you should obviously go for something that benefits you the most.

Also if you want more Splatoon 3 content, check out our guides on How to Change Characters in Splatoon 3 or How long does it take to Beat Splatoon 3. Good Luck battling your foes in Splatoon 3!

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