Splatoon 3 Best Gear Abilities [Tier List]

This guide will inform you of all the Splatoon 3 Best Gear Abilities that will make you win your fights without ever struggling.

Splatoon 3 Best Gear Abilities [TierList]
Splatoon 3 Best Gear Abilities [TierList]

Splatoon 3 has numerous pieces of Gear that all give different abilities. These abilities can be crucial in your fights in you use them correctly. Furthermore, they can allow you to overturn the tide of a battle and cement your victory as the strongest. However, to do that, you will need to know what Gear Abilities are the best that you can use.

Thus to aid you in this process, we have divided them into separate tiers, as you can see below.

  • S Tier – The best of the best, they add the most value to your kit.
  • A Tier – These are excellent abilities that elevate the level of your kit.
  • B Tier – This tier contains situationally powerful abilities that serve moderate value.
  • C Tier – Flawed abilities that need work and effort to be helpful.

Now that you know the tiers and what type of Gear abilities they will contain, let’s take a more detailed look at what each of the tiers holds for us.

Key Takeaways

  • Gear Abilities play an integral part in the outcome of your fights.
  • Some Gear Abilities are inherently strong than others and have a massive impact.
  • Even abilities that might seem mundane or useless have their situational uses.
  • Find Gear Abilities that fit your playstyle the best from the upper tiers.

Splatoon 3 Best Gear Abilities 

Here is a summary table for the Best Gear Abilities in Splatoon 3:

1S-TierComebackStealth JumpSpecial SaverInk Resistance UpQuick Super JumpSwim Speed UpNone
2A-TierSpecial Charge UpNinja SquidQuick RespawnInk Saver(main)Intensify ActionRun Speed UpInk Saver(sub)
3B-TierSub Power UpOpening GambitSub Resistance UpTenacityNoneNoneNone
4C-TierDrop RollerObject ShredderHauntThermal LinkNoneNoneNone

Splatoon 3 Gear Abilities Menu in game

Gear Abilities Menu in Game


Splatoon 3 S-Tier Gear Abilities

Here we have the pinnacle of Gear Abilities. They are highly potent and allow you to outplay your opponents.

Ability Effect
Comeback This ability allows you to gain advantages by dying for a brief period; it is helpful for individuals who partake in combat frequently. Furthermore, you can extend the duration of Comeback by utilizing it in conjunction with Quick Super Jump. This power is at its strongest when coupled with mid to close-range weapons.
Stealth Jump It enables you to Super Jump to your friends without much fear of being surrounded by long-range weaponry like the Splat Charger by making your Super Jump landing invisible. Moreover, It is beneficial for pushing back your opponents at the frontline so you can get an advantage and put pressure on the opposing squad. This ability has the most impact when combined with close to mid-range weapons.
Special Saver This ability is highly Suggested if you frequently fight on the front lines where death is a typical occurrence, particularly in anarchy battles. Furthermore, doing this allows you to charge your special more rapidly and suffer less loss when you drop dead. Lastly, when coupled with close-range weapons, this ability is at its strongest.
Ink Resistance Up The best skill if you’re fighting on the front lines because it increases your ability to survive combat by lowering the amount of damage you take and allowing you to move more quickly through enemy ink. Moreover. since this power works with all weapons, it is significantly more effective.
Quick Super Jump It’s generally helpful to move more quickly around the map. When used with Quick Respawn, it makes it difficult for your opponents to advance against your squad. Moreover, you can use any weapon with this gear ability.
Swim Speed Up It enhances your agility, enabling you to move over the battlefield more swiftly and effortlessly while dodging your opponent’s strikes. Overall, incredibly helpful in most circumstances. Furthermore, given that it functions with all weapons, it is a very potent skill.


Splatoon 3 A-Tier Gear Abilities

You can find some excellent Gear Abilities in this tier which will boost your kit to newer levels. They allow you to make creative plays to decimate your opponents.

Ability Effect
Special Charge Up A valuable ability to get when having weapons that focus on specials to fill up gauges quickly. If you’re the type of player to die a lot, consider using Special Saver instead. Furthermore, weapons with potent specials make this gear ability extremely powerful.
Ninja Squid This ability has a high outplay potential since it eliminates ink spatter when you walk around in squid mode. Suitable for players who frequently indulge in close-quarters combat. Moreover, close Ranged weapons allow this gear ability to shine prominently.
Quick Respawn It reduces your respawn time and allows you to get back in the fight quickly. Helpful if you’re trying to rush your opponents to push them back, especially if you pair it up with Quick Super Jump. Moreover, this ability is most potent when used with Closed Ranged Weapons.
Ink Saver (Main) A functional ability that you can use on each significant weapon. It primarily concentrates on guns that consume a lot of ink, so you can shoot more while paying less. Moreover, to increase the effectiveness of this gear ability, you can combine it with Chargers, Splatlings, and Blasters.
Intensify Action An ability recommended for aggressive players who utilize Squid Rolls and Squid Surges. It makes it easy to perform said actions to outmaneuver your enemy quickly. Moreover, this ability is most potent when used with Dualies.
Run Speed Up You can avoid more of your opponent’s strikes if you have greater mobility which this ability provides you. Moreover, it works best if you use it to push your enemies and use non-inkable surfaces during battles. Optimal when used in close range.
Ink Saver (Sub) You may be able to use your sub-weapon more frequently or be able to fire more ink after using it since it enables you to reduce the ink usage of your sub-weapon. Moreover, they are suitable for use with sub-weapons that consume a lot of ink. Additionally, this ability is particularly effective when combined with expensive sub-weapons.


B-Tier Gear Abilities

Moving on in our Splatoon 3 Gear Abilities guide, we have the B Tier. Here, we have some good Gear Abilities that enable you to dominate your opponents in certain situations. Moreover, some of them are good to such an extent that they work better than A-Tier Abilities.

Ability Effect
Sub Power Up As the name suggests, this ability enhances your sub weapon allowing it to become more impactful.
Opening Gambit You have more movement speed for the initial 30 seconds of your fight.
Sub Resistance Up You take less damage and adverse effects from sub-weapons damaging you.
Tenacity Your special gauge fills up automatically if your team has fewer active players than the enemy.

Opening Gambit is a powerful combat ability that provides you with increased maneuverability during the initial stages of a fight. You can use it to catch opponents off guard and make decisive plays. It can even allow you to end fights instantly or just go past them once and for all.

Sub resistance up can also be powerful when facing opponents who rely primarily on their sub-weapons. In such scenarios, you will be able to overcome their damage and dominate the fight to get that victory.



This tier contains flawed weapons that need additional effort and time to be functional. These are only to be used when you are going for a particular build or are fond of it.

Ability Effect
Drop Roller When performing a super jump, it enables you to execute a roll in the direction you are facing.
Object Shredder You deal enhanced damage to all non-player targets.
Haunt Upon respawning, the position of the opponents who splatted you are shown on the mini-map, allowing you to track them down and exact revenge.
Thermal Ink Players hit with bullets from your main weapon remain revealed even after putting distance between you.

These abilities don’t really serve a purpose that majorly impacts your gameplay. For example, Object Shredder isn’t that strong against other players, and the increased damage you gain doesn’t really amount to much. However, increased damage still increases your firepower against mobs, so if you are in need of it, you should take it.

On the other hand, thermal ink can be pretty powerful, but it is rarely used as you usually keep track of your enemies. However, if you lose eyes off them, Thermal Ink can be a powerful ability to finish off your enemies.


Gear Abilities play a crucial role in determining your kit’s overall firepower. They are necessary if you want to obliterate anything that stands in your way without any worry. Among them are some strong contenders for the best ability due to the amount of impact they bring to the table. Moreover, the additional perks you get from them are too sweet to pass up.

However, this does not mean that you should view every ability as good or bad. Some abilities which might have been placed lower here might fit your playstyle well and allow you to excel. Thus you should find abilities that suit your more than their respective tier. Furthermore, if you are going for a specific build, don’t hesitate to try out different things.

With that, we conclude our Splatoon 3 Best Gear Abilities guide. Let us know down below which gear ability is your favorite!!

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