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This Splatoon 3 Deep Cut will inform you of everything related to it to make your gameplay more immersive and fun.

Splatoon 3 Deep Cut Trio [Explained]
Splatoon 3 Deep Cut Trio [Explained]

The Deep Cut is a group of three characters holding the Anarchy Spalcast to spread and discuss everything happening in the Splatoon world. They talk about the upcoming events and what happened over the period you were gone. Shiver, Frye, and Big Man are the three characters that make up this group. So to better understand this trio, let’s take a more detailed look.

So without further ado, let’s jump into this Splatoon 3 Deep Cut guide!

Key Takeaways

  • The Deep Cut is a trio of Shiver, Frye, and Big Man.
  • They host the Anarchy Slapcast together and talk about events in the Splatoon three universes.
  • You can fight all of them in Hero Mode, for which you will need some pointers.

Deep Cut Trio

Here is a summary table for the Deep Cut Trio in Splatoon 3:

1ShiverTail FlickInky DiveSharknadoKeep Track Of The Shark’s
2FryeEel BarrageHoming HomeNoneShoot All The Eels
3Big ManDeep DiveNoneNoneKeep Decent Portion of Stage Covered In Ink

Splatoon 3 Deep Cut Trio
The Deep Cut Trio


Shiver in Splatoon 3

Shiver is of the Octoling species and showcases it in pride. She has sparkling crimson pupils and bright blue hair. She is very easy to spot due to her pierced ears. You will be able to spot three earnings on her right ear. If you are still unsure of finding her, remember that her blue hair will cover the left side of her face making her stand out.

She is an Idol and became a fan favorite from the start. Her sly attitude and charming personality make her a celebrity among others. Moreover, she acts mysterious, making the players curious and even the in-game characters curious about her.

Furthermore, you can even fight Shiver in Hero Mode. She appears as the third boss and pushes you to your limits. Only those prepared will be able to defeat her easily. You can find her in the Landfill Dreamland after you unlock the Pursuit of the Precious. Once you reach there, a cutscene will trigger, and your fight will ensue.

How to fight Shiver?

Defeating Shiver and her Megladon in Splatoon 3 can be a challenging encounter, but with the right strategy and awareness, you can overcome this boss battle. Here are some tips and attack patterns to help you defeat Shiver:

  1. Cover the Battle Area with Ink: As the battle platform is relatively small, covering it with ink is crucial. This will allow you to move more easily and dodge Shiver’s attacks effectively. Keep the platform inked to maintain your mobility.

  2. Watch for Megladon’s Mouth Opening: Most of Megladon’s attacks begin with it opening its mouth. Pay close attention to its mouth and be prepared to react when it opens. This is a key moment to counterattack.

  3. Use Small Fry to Interrupt Attacks: When you see Megladon’s mouth open, quickly toss a small fry into its mouth to interrupt its attacks. This tactic will make the battle easier by preventing some of Shiver’s dangerous moves.

  4. Time Your Attacks Carefully: Shiver will call forth whirlpools that can force you off the ground and disrupt your movements. Be cautious and anticipate her movements. After the second jump, Megladon will fire a beam at you. You can choose to either evade this attack or take a risk by attempting a counterattack.

  5. Counterattack Strategy: To execute a counterattack, aim for the brief moment when Megladon’s mouth is open after its second jump and throw a small fry inside. This can deal significant damage and potentially end the fight quickly, but it is a high-risk play.


Frye in Splatoon 3

Next up in our Splatoon 3 Deep Cut guide, we have Frye. She is the second boss of the Hero mode and hosts the splatville podcast with Shiver and Big man. Some people also call her the eel deal due to her insane damage and difficulty in beating her. Thus to ensure that you have a smooth time fighting her, we have added tips you can use when fighting her.

How to fight Frye?

Facing off against Frye in the “Future Stares Back” stage of Splatoon 3 can be a challenging encounter, but with the right strategy and tips, you can increase your chances of success:

  1. Destroy Eels: As soon as the eels spawn, prioritize eliminating them. These eels can be annoying and deal damage, so taking them out quickly will make the fight more manageable.

  2. Ink the Cube: When Frye’s cube lands on the ground, ink the sides of the cube to create a path for yourself to climb up. Being able to reach the cube quickly will give you an advantage in the battle.

  3. Cover the Stage with Ink: Ensure that you ink a significant portion of the stage. The ink provides you with increased mobility and speed, making it easier to dodge Frye’s attacks and reposition yourself during the fight.

  4. Pay Attention to Frye’s Lines: Listen to what Frye is saying during the battle. She will utter specific lines that indicate the type of attack she’s about to unleash. Being aware of these cues allows you to prepare and plan your response accordingly.

    • “Ready or Not, Here I come”: When Frye says this, it means she’s about to charge at you. Be ready to dodge her charge attack.

    • “Come on, you threw my balance off”: This line suggests that the cube will stop spinning, providing you with an opportunity to attack Frye.

Big Man

Big Man
Big Man

Lastly, we have the Deep Cut member Big Man. As the name suggests, Big Man is a huge manta ray that looks like it’s in a trance. The character only says one word, “Ay!” which all have different translations to help you understand what he is saying.

Big Man is an idol and showcases his musical ability to entertain people. Moreover, he hosts the Anarchy Podcast with the other Deep Cut members. Even though he looks pretty friendly, don’t let it fool you from the fact that you can still fight him in Hero Mode.

How to fight Big Man?

You can fight Big Man after you unlock The Obscure Chiaroscurist stage. From there, head to Happiness Research Lab to trigger a cutscene, after which you will face off against Big Man.

  1. Shoot His Shadows: Big Man uses his shadows to move around the battlefield, making it difficult to predict his movements. To counter this, shoot his shadow to break it into smaller pieces. Continuously shooting the shadow will damage him and prevent him from emerging for a while.

  2. Watch for the Shadow with Weapons: Among the smaller shadow pieces, one will fire off weapons to damage you. Keep an eye out for this shadow and eliminate it quickly to avoid taking damage. Prioritize targeting the shadow with the weapon.

  3. Ink the Stage: Big Man’s shadows will ink the stage, limiting your mobility. To make it easier to move around and dodge attacks, spread ink around your area. This will help you maintain control of the battlefield.

  4. Identify Big Man’s True Form: The shadow with the weapon is Big Man’s true form. If you can identify it among the copies, focus your attacks on it to deal significant damage and expedite the fight. Targeting his true form will help you secure victory faster.

With this, we conclude our Splatoon 3 Deep Cut guide. Let us know down below which Deep Cut member is your favorite!!

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