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You’ll need to decide between playing as an Inkling or an Octoling initially. Although they have different personalities, eyes, and haircuts, the two do not vary in terms of gameplay. While Octolings have separated eyes and thicker, rounder hair, Inklings have linked eyes and smoother hair.

You can pick either option on the left side to play as an Inkling or either option on the right to play as an Octoling when the game first launches. From there, you may select the appropriate hairdo.

There are 24, including 8 for Octolings and 16 for Inklings. Below are screenshots and the entire list of the available hairstyles.

Key Takeaways

  • Splatoon 3 offers customization options, including hairstyles.
  • The game has 8 Octoling and 16 Inkling hairstyle options.
  • Players can choose to play as an Inkling or an Octoling character.
  • The hairstyles vary between the two options, but gameplay remains the same.
  • Octolings have thicker, rounder hair, and separated eyes, while Inklings have smoother hair and linked eyes.
  • Some of the available Inkling hairstyles include Megalobraid, Cornrows, Bed Head, Soaked, Hippie, Top Knot, Chanel, Slick, Wave, BuzzCut, DoubleBun, Hipster, Banger, Spiked, Pigtail, and MushCut.
  • The Octoling hairstyles include Tentatwists, Octoblocks, Fade, Surfcurl, Tentacurl, Punk, Pony, and Afro.
  • The hairstyles offer a range of customization options for players to make their characters unique, but you cannot change the hair color as it always matches your team’s ink color.

All Hairstyles Summarized

Here is a summary table for all hairstyles in Splatoon 3:

1MegalobraidInkling Hairstyle11
2CornrowsInkling Hairstyle22
3Bed HeadInkling Hairstyle33
4SoakedInkling Hairstyle44
5HippieInkling Hairstyle55
6Top KnotInkling Hairstyle66
7ChanelInkling Hairstyle77
8SlickInkling Hairstyle88
9WaveInkling Hairstyle99
10BuzzCutInkling Hairstyle100
11DoubleBunInkling Hairstyle110
12HipsterInkling Hairstyle120
13BangerInkling Hairstyle130
14SpikedInkling Hairstyle140
15PigtailInkling Hairstyle150
16MushCutInkling Hairstyle160
17TentatwistsOctoling Hairstyle00
18OctoblocksOctoling Hairstyle00
19FadeOctoling Hairstyle00
20SurdcurlOctoling Hairstyle00
21TentacurlOctoling Hairstyle00
22PunkOctoling Hairstyle00
23PonyOctoling Hairstyle00
24AfroOctoling Hairstyle00

And it isn’t just weapons and levels getting new customization options – Splatoon 3 hairstyles are also getting an overhaul, with lots of new versions of them being added to alter your appearance. This goes for both Inklings and Octolings since you can choose to play as an Octoling character this time. There are now eight Octoling haircuts and 16 Inkling options. Perfect for forming the coolest outfits!

All Inkling Hairstyles in Splatoon 3

Inkling Hairstyle #1 – Megalobraid

Splatoon 3_Megalobraid_Hairstyle
Megalobraid Hair Style-Inkling

Similar to the Inkling female haircut from the first Splatoon, but with one tentacle braided to give you a punkish attitude. Players of Splatoon looking for a slight variation on the basic style might try this hairdo. You’re a seasoned veteran who enjoys using a roller to plunge right into the action.

Inkling Hairstyle #2 – Cornrows

Splatoon 3_Cornrows_Hairstyle
Cornrows HairStyle-Inkling

Inkling Hairstyle #3 – Bed Head

Splatoon 3_BedHead_Hairstyle
Bedhead HairStyle-Inkling

Inkling Hairstyle #4 – Soaked

Splatoon 3_Soaked_Hairstyle
Soaked HairStyle-Inkling

Inkling Hairstyle #5 – Hippie

Splatoon 3_Hippie_Hairstyle
Hippie HairStyle-Inkling

Inkling Hairstyle #6 – Top Knot

Splatoon 3_Topknot_Hairstyle
Topknot HairStyle-Inkling

Inkling Hairstyle #7 – Chanel

Splatoon 3_Chanel_Hairstyle
Chanel HairStyle-Inkling

Inkling Hairstyle #8 – Slick

Splatoon 3_Slick_Hairstyle
Slick Hair Style-Inkling

Inkling Hairstyle #9 – Wave

Splatoon 3_Wave_Hairstyle
Wave HairStyle-Inkling

Inkling Hairstyle #10 – BuzzCut

Splatoon 3_BuzzCut_Hairstyle
Buzzcut HairStyle-Inkling

Inkling Hairstyle #11 – DoubleBun

Splatoon 3_DoubleBun_Hairstyle
Doublebun HairStyle-Inkling

Inkling Hairstyle #12 – Hipster

Splatoon 3_Hipster_Hairstyle
Hipster HairStyle-Inkling

Inkling Hairstyle #13 – Banger

Splatoon 3_Banger_Hairstyle
Banger HairStyle-Inkling

Inkling Hairstyle #14 –Spiked

Splatoon 3_SpikedHair_Hairstyle
Spiked HairStyle-Inkling

Inkling Hairstyle #15 – Pigtail

Splatoon 3_Pigtail_Hairstyle
Pigtail HairStyle-Inkling

Inkling Hairstyle #16 – MushCut

Splatoon 3_MushCut_Hairstyle
Mushcut HairStyle-Inkling

Those are all the Inkling hairstyles. Now, let’s move on to the 8 Octoling hairstyles:

All Octoling Hairstyles in Splatoon 3

Octoling Hairstyle #1 – Tentatwists

Splatoon 3_Tentatwists_Hairstyle
Tentatwists HairStyle-Octoling

Octoling Hairstyle #2 – Octoblocks

Splatoon 3_Octoblocks_Hairstyle
Octoblocks HairStyle-Octoling

Octoling Hairstyle #3 – Fade

Splatoon 3_Fade_Hairstyle
Fade HairStyle-Octoling

Octoling Hairstyle #4 – Surfcurl

Splatoon 3_Surfcurl_Hairstyle
Surfcurls HairStyle-Octoling

Octoling Hairstyle #5 – Tentacurl

Splatoon 3_Tentacurl_Hairstyle
Tentacurl HairStyle-Octoling

Octoling Hairstyle #6 – Punk

Splatoon 3_Punk_Hairstyle
Punk HairStyle-Octoling

Octoling Hairstyle #7 – Pony

Splatoon 3_Pony_Hairstyle
Pony HairStyle-Octoling

Octoling Hairstyle #8 – Afro

Splatoon 3_Afro_Hairstyle
Afro HairStyle-Octoling

Can You Change Hair Color?

What you can’t alter is your hair color. Hair color changes automatically every time you log into the game and then again at the start of the match, where it always matches your team’s ink color.

How to Change Hairstyles

Though you pick your hairstyle during character creation before ever setting foot in Splatsville, you can change it at any point after you arrive in the city, too. To do exactly that follow these easy steps:

  • First, open the equipment menu by pressing “+”
  • Navigate to the other menu (fourth option).
  • From here you can use “L” and “R” to navigate to the Style Tab.


The Style tab will allow you to change your hairstyle as well as your eyebrow style. You can also change your pants from this tab at any point when you are in Splatsville.

Those are all of the current hairstyles in Splatoon 3, but make sure to check out our other Splatoon 3 guides for more tips and tricks, including How To Change Skin Color In Splatoon 3
and How To Cancel Matchmaking In Splatoon 3.

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