Splatoon 3: How Long To Beat It? [Our Experience]

We will show you all it takes to beat the entire Splatoon 3 campaign mode and snag a few extra goodies along the way.

splatoon 3 how long to beat

Short answer, it takes approximately 4 hours to beat the primary campaign/story mode. However, if you want to go for every stage and get that coveted 100% completion rate, it’ll take a bit longer, depending on your skills.

splatoon 3 stormy mode team
New Squidbeak Splatoon | Courtesy: Splatoon Wiki

But if you want the long-winded answer about Splatoon 3 How Long to Beat, then we will happily oblige. Ok, so we come to this rough estimate because four bosses are in the game, alongside a fifth secret boss who is tougher to take on than the others. These, alongside other small things and self-imposed challenges, extend the game’s run time.

Key Takeaways

  • Splatoon 3 takes place five years after the events of Splatoon 2 in the Spatlands.
  • The campaign mode is very straightforward and can be completed quickly without much difficulty.
  • The story of the campaign is called “Return of the Mammalians,” and it takes place in Alterna, a snow biome littered with weird things called Furry Ooze and laboratories.
  • The campaign has seven worlds with different levels to complete, each with a unique theme and challenges.
  • It takes approximately 4 hours to beat the primary campaign/story mode, but it’ll take longer if you aim for 100% completion rate.
splatoon 3 gameplay
Splatoon 3 Gameplay

Splatoon 3 Campaign Levels

In terms of what we can give you advice or there isn’t much since the campaign is very straightforward and can be quickly completed without much difficulty considering the game is designed with children as its primary demographic.

However, we can talk about the story of the campaign. It’s called “Return of the Mammalians,” which makes it seem like more mammals are likely to appear soon. You will again embrace the Inklings’ role in fighting against the Octarians, the series’s primary antagonists. Although this time, they appear to be mutated with brown fur and glowing purple eyes.

The story takes place in Alterna, a snow biome littered with weird things called Furry Ooze and laboratories. The New Squidbeak Splatoon recruits your player character as their newest member, Agent 3. You may recognize the previous Agent 3 as the captain of this squad.

So now that we have talked a little bit about the story, let’s get on with the Splatoon 3 How Long to Beat guide by telling you all about the levels you can look forward to completing in your journey.

splatoon 3 story mode location
Alterna Visual | Courtesy: Splatoon Wiki

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Introduction – The Crater

  1. Octarians in the Crater? Yikes!
  2. Sink into the Ink and Swim!
  3. Boxes Locked! Keys, please!
  4. What are they? Can we stop them?

World 1 – Future Utopia Island

  1. Get to know Alterna, your only choice
  2. Octopods at rest tend to flip out!
  3. The string’s the thing
  4. Splat you on the flip side
  5. What caused the Big Bang? You!
  6. Relic Restoration
  7. Zip, splat, and jump
  8. Become one with your Smallfry
  9. Deadly dance hall – Jump, jump!
  10. Doors, doors, doors and more! (Doors)

World 2 – Cozy and Safe Factory

  1. Twirling, swirling, whirling
  2. Absorbency and you
  3. Tread heavily
  4. Soak it to me!
  5. Switching things up
  6. The Ink-Conservation Project
  7. Splitting Crosshairs
  8. Getting lost in three easy steps
  9. The future stares back

World 3 – Cryogenic Hopetown

  1. Climbing the corporate splatter
  2. Try curling! Alterna’s 11th most popular athleisure activity!
  3. They said we’d have flying cars and we do! Kinda!
  4. Rail pass
  5. Ink Wheels – Experience tomorrow’s technology today!
  6. Conveyor-belt tightening
  7. Time trial and errors

World 4 – Landfill Dreamland

  1. Splash the block party
  2. Octohoppers don’t have a sense of humor (and they hate puns)
  3. Those aren’t birds
  4. The path to perfect penmanship
  5. Amusing a bemused muse
  6. Propelled to greatness
  7. Ink fast, hotshot
  8. Easy ride, tricky targets
  9. Charge now, splat later
  10. Flying worst class
  11. Let’s put a pin in that
  12. Stamp ’em out

World 5 – Eco-Forest Treehills

  1. Learn to reflect, and this one is in the bank
  2. A compulsive collector’s paradise
  3. Low viz, high risk
  4. The upside to enemy’s backside
  5. Trouble round every corner
  6. Barriers! They’ve got you covered
  7. Simply zip casting!
  8. One-way ride through Target Town
  9. Making waves with Splashdowns
  10. Uh oh! Too many snipers!
  11. Shooter on rails
  12. You’ll go far if you shoot far
  13. Zipping over the neighborhood

World 6 – Happiness Research Lab

  1. Bet you mist us!
  2. Torture tour
  3. Breathe in, breathe out
  4. Keep it rolling
  5. Dive and dash
  6. Octarian heights
  7. Conserve ink – splat sustainably
  8. The sinking feeling
  9. Don’t tease with the keys
  10. Enter the stamp gauntlet
  11. Mission: Fly-Fishin’
  12. The enemy ink is lava!
  13. The obsucrest chiaroscurist

World 7 – Space Center

  1. Alterna Space Center: Entrance
  2. Alterna Space Center: Hangar
  3. Alterna Space Center: Lift
  4. Final Boss Fight

Overall, Splatoon 3 is a very good game and a fun experience while the story mode lasts. After completing the campaign, if you so choose, you can play the multiplayer modes which the game was designed around and have more inky fun.

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