Splatoon 3 Secret Kettle: Unlock & Beat Guide

We will talk about the Secret Kettle, which includes how to find it and how to beat it.

splatoon 3 secret kettle

So you decided to play Splatoon 3 but want to find that secret level? Don’t worry; I will help detail all the facts about Splatoon 3 Secret Kettle, how to unlock it, complete it, and 100% beat it.

Key Takeaways

  • Secret Kettle in Splatoon 3 is a secret level that can be unlocked after completing every single level in the story mode.
  • The Secret Kettle consists of three stages, each with unique challenges to overcome.
  • To beat the Secret Kettle, it is recommended to upgrade the Hero Shot, unlock all bomb types, and use regenerating armour.
  • After completing the Secret Kettle, players are rewarded with a unique headdress named Teddy Band, which makes the player stronger every time they respawn, and the final Alterna Log, providing some backstory.
splatoon 3 gameplay
Splatoon 3 Gameplay

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How To Unlock The Secret Kettle

So, if you want to know about the Splatoon 3 Secret Kettle, then I can assume that you have completed the story mode and maybe heard about this mode in online threads and forums. Well, I have you covered.

Once you have completed the story mode, you should go back to ensure that you have completed every single level. Yes, even the ones that are non-essential since you can’t get the Secret Kettle without it.

Alterna Landscape | Courtesy: Splatoon Wiki

Once you beat every stage, you will have unlocked the Secret Kettle, and you can access this by going to the main stage, where you fall into Alterna and turn around.

How To Beat The Secret Kettle

There are three stages to the Splatoon 3 Secret Kettle. These stages each have unique ways of getting past them and the best way to overcome the challenge they represent. However, you may be shocked to find that each attempt at the Secret Kettle costs you 333 power eggs.

Stage One

This stage consists of everything that makes up an average level but uses the Squid Roll and Squid Surge abilities more. This is relatively easy to pass on your own and not break too much of a sweat unless these are your worst abilities to use.

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Stage Two

Now, once onto the second stage, you get to encounter target dummies that must shoot like an on-rails shooter. Quite similar to some of the levels you already surpassed in story mode.

Stage Three

This is the part where the going gets tough. This stage is where you will come face to face with multiple Elite Octlings. They pack quite a punch and have a large spread AOE attack which covers a large area in ink. So the only way I would suggest to avoid them is to dodge these projectiles or destroy them before you don’t have a chance to land.

Tips And Tricks

  1. Upgrade Hero Shot: This will help take down the bosses in the third stage.
  2. Unlock all Bomb Types: These will help diversify your weapon arsenal when taking on giant waves.
  3. Regenerating Armor: A single piece of Armor is provided to you, and if you can survive the first stage, you are granted bonuses and buffs in the later stages.


After going through the Secret Kettle trial and coming out on top, you will be rewarded with a unique headdress named Teddy Band. The power behind the Teddy Band is that every time you respawn, it makes you stronger. It takes the adage of “what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger” and flips it on its head.

Another additional piece of content you get is the final Alterna Log. This will provide some backstory if you are interested in that aspect of Splatoon 3.

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