Splatoon 3 XP Farming: The Definitive Guide

Splatoon 3 is finally out and it has tons of customizations and trendy items. To get the best items in the game follow this XP Farming Guide.

XP Farming Guide
Splatoon 3 XP Guide

Splatoon 3 has finally arrived, and so is the struggle of XP Farming to get the items the game has to offer. I already loved the customizations Splatoon 1 and 2 had to offer; now, this one will be super exciting.

Key Takeaways

  • In Splatoon 3, leveling up is a crucial aspect for players as it allows them to unlock new gear and weapons, as well as gain more recognition within the community.
  • There are five key rankings in the game: Fan, Fiend, Defender, Champion, and Ruler.
  • To increase level, players must engage in a variety of quests & activities that will earn them XP, or experience points. The more XP a player earns, the higher their level will become.
  • To maximize XP gain, players can visit Carb N Go for food items, play the campaign mode, participate in Salmon Run, or engage in ranked battles such as Anarchy Battles.
  • Eating from Carb N Go before a match doubles the XP earned.
  • The campaign mode is another great way to earn XP, as well as receive food tickets, which can be redeemed for more food items to help with leveling up.

However, leveling up in Splatoon 3 comes under essential tasks. You need to rank up to get access to amazing stuff, such as you can unlock stores and purchasing clothes and gear, among others. All you have to do is participate in different quests and activities to grind your XP to rank up fast.

Get Food From Carb N Go

Get Food From Carb N Go
Get Food From Carb N Go (imagecredits: HDHaZmY)

Carb N Go is a food shop in Splatoon 3 where you can get food and drink items by exchanging food-related tickets. Certain things are extremely beneficial and can raise your XP level by a great amount.

Consume them before participating in the match, which doubles the amount of XP and currency you will receive later after the completion. These food items are listed below:

  • Marigold’s Garden GreensBy taking this, the XP gained for all the team members gets doubled. Using greens during the squad mode is most favorable, so you all can benefit from it.
  • Royal PescatariatThis food item also doubles the XP points.
  • Pescatariat– This one boosts the players’ battle experience by 50%.

As I have mentioned earlier, to get the edibles, you must have the food tickets as you cannot purchase them with money, and this is the only way in Splatoon 3. These are the specific currencies that are particularly developed for this purpose.

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Campaign Mode

Campaign Mode XP Farming
Campaign Mode

You should Play the campaign mode; it doesn’t matter if you are already good at playing it overnight. It allows you to get many collectibles, and as I  have discussed, you can obtain the food tickets from here and later exchange them in the food shop.

So, don’t miss this in Splatoon 3, as it also helps you farm XP. Here, you can use the new weapons; this will help you to understand their operation in depth.

Salmon Run And Other Ways

Salmon Run And Other Ways
Salmon Run And Other Ways

Furthermore, the salmon run next wave also gets you the tickets as a reward, and you can acquire them through the catalog. Last but not least, there is a chance to get the tickets as a prize through Shell out machine, but as the rewards obtained are random, it all depends on your luck.

You can try out any of these methods to get tickets and enhance your level.

Ranked Combats- Anarchy Battles

Ranked Combats for XP Farming
Ranked Combats- Anarchy Battles

The Anarchy battles offer the second-best XP farming method, demanding time commitment but facilitating rapid point accumulation and ranking up. These competitive battles reward higher XP for higher-level players. Those averse to intense competition can stick to the former method.

Anarchy battles in Splatoon 3 replace ranked matches from previous games, where players compete for higher ranks in 5-minute sessions. Two modes are available: Anarchy battle, Open for solo or group play, and Anarchy battle series for random squad matchups. Winning five matches in the series is the goal, but losing three means losing the series. There are four match modes, each briefly explained for clarity.

Clam Blitz

A multiplayer mode that unlocks at level 10. It consists of two teams and a total of 8 players. As the match begins, players rush toward collecting the Clam that is randomly placed on the map. The number of Clams to be collected is 30.

After getting them, players have to throw clams to the opponent team’s clam basket; by doing this, they receive the points. The power clam is handy in breaking the other team’s barrier, and you can create it by getting the 8 clams.

Splat Zones

eight-player game mode is based on two equal teams, and each team has 4 players. The goal of this mode is to dominate all the zones given on the map. The players take control of the zones by inking them and have to keep that area covered for a certain time to win the match.

So, the main focus should lie on the inking process, and the team should also select the better weapons that may efficiently perform this task.

Tower Control

As the name says, teams in this mode must keep the tower under control and take it to the Enemy’s territory. The team who reaches the location first within the time wins.


The Canon, called Rainmaker, spawns on the map in this mode. The task for each team is to take this at the marked location of the opponent base. First, break the shield and then move it towards the desired area. The given objective must be completed on time; otherwise, the team will lose.


Customization is very important, and I also understand the grind it requires to make your character truly unique from others. I have tried my best to share with you the best possible methods to gain maximum experience in the game in a very short time. If you follow this guide properly, XP Farming won’t be an issue anymore.

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