Squad Busters Have All Your Favorite Supercell Heroes & More

The huge character roster and the overall gameplay experience is worth trying.

Squad Busters Have All Your Favourite Supercell Heroes And More
Squad Busters Have All Your Favourite Supercell Heroes And More

I believe mobile gaming is underrated. Sure, most mobile games are no match to bigger AAA titles, but they usually are equally fun. They aren’t bulky, cost little, and don’t require expensive builds for a good experience. Interestingly, by 2021, Mobile gaming covered 59% of the overall gaming industry. While most of it owes to the rising e-sport giants, we cannot neglect many new additions.

Key Takeaways

  • Squad Buster, a new release from Supercell, has over 3o characters including all the characters from the franchise’s previous releases.
  • The gameplay might sound simple at first but it includes a high level of thinking and strategizing. Although, it can feel monotonous sometimes.
  • While the graphical work is excellent, the whole experience becomes more immersive with its two prominent gaming modes catering to both short thriller seekers and long-term strategizers.
  • The pay-to-win mechanism might be the only big drawback of the game. However, the limited tickets can also hinder the gameplay experience.
Rise in Mobile Gaming
Rise in Mobile Gaming – via Statista

One amazing addition for mobile gamers is Supercell’s Squad Busters, released just one month ago. And let me tell you, Squad Busters does not disappoint. This game brings together all your favorite Supercell heroes in a way that’s fresh, fun, and full of surprises. If you are a fan of Clash of Clans, you will certainly love Squad Busters. Why am I saying this? Let me explain:

Diverse Range Of Characters: The Unique Selling Point

I think the highlight of this game is its expansive character roster. It is certainly a delight to see all your favorite heroes from various Supercell games come together. It’s like a Supercell Avengers but with more chaos and humor. Whether it’s the Barbarian King from Clash of Clans, the cunning Bandit from Clash Royale, or the explosive Shelly from Brawl Stars, they are all here.

Prominent Characters from Squad Busters
Prominent Characters from Squad Busters

And the best part? each character retains their unique abilities, making every match a thrilling experience. For example, the Barbarian King can still unleash a powerful ground slam and his powerful sword swings can take out multiple enemies at once, while Shelly’s shotgun blasts can still be the quickest way to take down enemies.

If you have played the previous games from Supercell, you’ll master this game in no time. It’s like the characters are getting united in a new world. 

Simple Yet Strategic Gameplay

Well, the character roster is not the only thing where this game shines. Squad Busters has a perfect balance between simplicity and strategy. The gameplay mechanics are easy to pick up, especially if you have played other Supercell games, but offer enough depth to keep players engaged. You control a squad of heroes and battle against other players strategically in real time.

The main goal of Squad Busters is to be faster and smarter than your opponents at grabbing gems. Matches are quick and intense, with teams battling it out in cool maps like Gold Mines, which I think is inspired by Clash of Clans and starry battlefields which feels like a throwback to Brawl Stars.

As each hero has unique abilities, you must know how to use them effectively to win the game. I feel like the gameplay is closer to Brawl Stars, as it emphasizes more on character abilities and teamplay. The only major difference is that it has a wider range of characters from various Supercell games and therefore, more variety in strategy.

Similarly, as you brawl and collect rewards, your characters level up. One interesting feature of the game to me is that you can combine them with other characters of the same kind and create even stronger Ultra versions.

These upgraded heroes have even better abilities, making them like mini-bosses on the battlefield. I loved the maxed-out version of Barbarian King and how his whirlwind attack cuts through enemies.

Design, Modes, And Possible Flaws

Supercell games are known for their polished graphics and Squad Busters is no exception. The game features vibrant, colorful visuals that bring the characters and environments to life. Similarly, all characters are enhanced but they still retain their original looks.

a snapshot from squad busters
A snapshot from Squad Busters gameplay

As far as gaming modes are concerned, Squad Busters offers exactly what you would expect from it. If you are looking for a quick thrill and something fast-paced, the main Squad Showdown mode is your way to go where teams are pitted against each other in a battle for dominance. 

For those who enjoy more strategic gameplay, I recommend Resource Rumble mode. In this mode, teams must collect resources while defending their base from enemy attacks. But keep in mind that it requires careful planning and teamwork and can be exhaustive.

Finally, no game is perfect Squad Busters is no exception and players are already on forums discussing the issues they are facing. While its gameplay can be fun, players complain about it being monotonous.

Similarly, the ugliest thing about it for me is the pay-to-win scenario. Honestly, Supercell could do better in this regard. Limited tickets and playtime are other issues that can annoy you if you want to play it for more than half an hour in one go. 

Overall, definitely recommended!

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