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Super Bomberman R Online

Stadia “Exclusive” Super Bomberman R Online Will Launch on PC

If you’re one of the few people that had a SEGA Saturn in the ’90s, you might have played the cathartically chaotic Saturn Bomberman.
The game enabled 10 people to battle it out through the use of a dinky controller peripheral, proving an interesting augmentation of conventional local multiplayer.

For those huddled around a 27-inch CRT TV — focusing on tracking their pin-prick of a character just as much as defeating the other players — the prospect of a 64-player Bomberman would’ve seemed ludicrous.
Luckily, through the power of the internet, Bomberman has now evolved to bring large-scale multiplayer online — and you needn’t bring a magnifying glass to the party this time.

Introducing Super Bomberman R

Super Bomberman R launched in 2017 for consoles and PC. Konami surprised fans last year when they announced a 64-player online version of the game, exclusive to the Google Stadia platform.
Mere months after its release, though, it has been revealed that the game is now launching on PC.

As originally reported by Twisted Voxel, the news was discovered via an ESRB webpage which denotes a PC version of the game.
When a game is revealed to have been rated, it often means it’s coming very soon.

Exactly how this version of the game will differ from the current one is unclear; the page gives a rating summary but only describes the game in general.

The Stadia version was free-to-play for all subscribers, but a paid premium pass was also available. This would unlock a cast of Konami characters for the game, such as Naked Snake, Simon Belmont, Pyramid Head, and many more.
We don’t know whether the PC version will have the extra content, whether it’ll be free to play, or which PC service the game will launch on.

Another Stadia exclusive lost

The future of the Stadia platform is uncertain to say the least; “exclusives” invariably make their way to other platforms, and a huge blow was dealt when Google shut down their internal development studios last month.

Meanwhile, other companies are capitalising on cloud streaming. As Amazon and Sony test the waters, Microsoft steams ahead with the Xbox Game Pass. The service hit a huge 18 million subscribers at the beginning of the year, with 100 million monthly active users.

As one Stadia user on Reddit put it, adopters are most disgruntled about the perceived lack of consumer commitment on Google’s part: the notion that the company will prematurely discontinue Stadia after a year of lacklustre effort.

And so Stadia might end up like the SEGA Saturn, in the end: the platform attempted to capitalise on a new way to play, but with little foresight in its execution; it’s a platform invested in and supported by a ton of people, fading into irrelevance shortly after its release.

Are you a Stadia user? How do you feel about the future of the platform? Let us know below.
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