Star Wars Jedi Survivor Abilities [Full Guide]

Here is all you need to know about the basic abilities in Star Wars Jedi Survivor!

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Abilities

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Abilities can be used in various ways. Some are familiar with combat and exploration, such as Force and BD-Noculars. There are sub-categories in Force that range from Push/Pull and Mind Tricks on enemies. Other abilities help Cal reach ‘difficult to reach’ places with Wall Runs, Cable Swings, and Jedi Flip.

Key Takeaways

  • You unlock Abilities as you progress through the storyline.
  • Abilities are used in multiple scenarios, from Exploration to Combat.
  • So far, there are 8 Abilities for BD-1, 13 for Force, and 13 for Exploration.
  • Your companion BD-1 can assist you during combat and deal with B1, B2, and Probe Droids later in Star Wars!
  • You can also discover new abilities as you explore the open-world map.
  • Some places are locked to you because you don’t have the required powers to access those areas.
  • Finish the story and access those areas you couldn’t before!

Here is a summary table for the Best Abilities in Star Wars Jedi Survivor:

BD-1ForceSingle StanceDouble Blade StanceDual Wield StanceExploration
-Stim Canisters
-BD-1 Electro Dart
-Koboh Grinder
-Slice B1 Droids
-Slice B2 Droids
-Slice Probe Droids
-Slice Security Droids
-Radial Push
-Confusion Major Fauna
-Plunging Slam
-Mind Trick
-Precision Evade
-Soaring Lift
-Twin Pull
-Basic Attack
-Cleaving Swing
-Stun Meter
-Lightsaber Throw
-Lunging Strike
-Basic Attack
-Focus Attack
-Lightsaber Throw
-Basic Attack
-Focused Parry
-Lightsaber Throw
-Wall Run
-Jedi Flip
-Powered Zipline
-Companion Assist
-Ascension Cable
-Ascension Cable v2
-Merrin's Charm
-Nekko Mount
-Nekko Mount Jump
-Relter Tame

As you embark on your journey, battling various enemies from Storm Troopers to Raiders, you’ll gain Skill Points and XP. The XP you gain will unlock new abilities for Cal. Surprisingly, 75 different Skill Abilities for Cal can be unlocked using Skill Points. However, Abilities are unlocked differently.

As a matter of fact, you get to unlock the Ascension Cable during the first 20 minutes of Star Wars Jedi Survivor for free. It acts as a Grappling Gun that lunges you forward toward reachable areas. Coincidentally, while you make your way toward the Senator, you unlock the ability to Confuse enemies.


You will unlock more abilities for Bd-1 as you progress further in Star Wars! – Image Captured By Us
Stim CanistersWhenever you're low on health while fighting big bosses, you can count on BD-1 to replenish your health bar! Press Q on your PC and BD-1 will drop a Stim for you.
BD-NocularsEver wondered what BD-1 views from his eyes? With BD-Noculars, you can observe the environment, set beacons, and more while looking from the eyes of BD-1 as binoculars!
BD-1 Electro DartDuring an exploration of the Open-World map, you'll find exposed electrical circuits. BD-1 can shoot Electro Darts on targeted areas and help clear the way.
Koboh GrinderKoboh Matter is a material in Star Wars that can be used to burn enemies and obstacles that block your path. BD-1 can shoot Koboh Matter on the ground and cause a burning effect.
Slice B1 DroidsYour combat assistant can slice through weakened B1 Droids!
Slice B2 DroidsBy progressing through the storyline, BD-1 can improve his combat abilities and can now slice and damage B2 Droids while they are weakened by your attacks!
Slice Probe DroidsYou will also find yourself in combat with Probe Droids, but don't worry, BD-1 will help you finish them off by damaging Probe Droids during Combat!
Slice Security DroidsBD-1 can slice through KX Series Security Droids once you weaken them with your attacks. Your pal can assist you in combat!


Force Abilities – Image Captured By Us
Force AbilitiesUses
PushThis ability can help you in Exploration and during Combat. You can push enemies off a cliff or an edge or push objects away from you using Force. Push also comes in handy when you're trying to position big rocks and containers to climb hard-to-reach areas.
Radial PushA standard Push Ability works on single targets whereas, the Radial Push can target multiple enemies and also stagger them! Cal can easily damage them while they are staggered.
PullAgain, the Pull Ability can be used during Combat and in Exploration. Cal can pull weaker enemies toward himself and push them away causing damage. Weaker enemies can die upon impact. However, strong enemies are slightly pulled towards you, giving you an opportunity to strike when they're vulnerable. In combat, Cal can pull ropes, rocks, and other objects toward himself. He can also use the Pull ability to pull objects and climb them to reach Hard-To-Reach places.
ConfuseThe Confuse Ability can be used on enemies to target their allies for a short period of time. It is an amazing ability that can assist you in combat against a group of enemies. Press CTRL and Z to confuse your targets. They will start attacking their allies for a brief amount of time!
Confusion Major FaunaThe standard Confuse ability works only on enemies, whereas, the Confusion Major Fauna can be used to confuse strong animals that roam free in the wild!
SlamSlam your enemies to the ground using this Ability! It can also be used against inanimate objects during Exploration.
Plunging SlamUnlike the standard Slam, Plunging Slam can be used on multiple enemies causing an area of effect damage!
Mind TrickYou will see more of Mind Tricks during special cutscenes. You will use Mind Trick during the cutscene with Senator Sejan who will give you the access codes! It is a useful ability to influence weaker enemies.
Precision EvadePrecision Evade is very useful in combat and requires precision to work. When the enemies are highlighted with red aura, their attacks cannot be dodged. Instead, you can evade them. However, with this ability, when timed perfectly, can evade enemy attacks in a cool animation that also recovers your Force meter!
SlowIt causes everyone near the vicinity to slow down while you attack them at normal speed. This ability allows you to refocus your precision and damage your targets. However, keep in mind that the enemies will still be able to shoot and attack you!
LiftA simple ability that allows Cal to lift objects and weak enemies in the air.
Soaring LiftThe Soaring Lift is used to levitate a group of enemies in the air for a brief amount of time.
Twin PullIt can be unlocked in the Skill Tree. Twin Pull allows Cal to pull and hold two enemies and push them back with Force!



Single Stance
Single Stance – Image Captured By Us
Single StanceUses
Basic AttackCal can perform a basic attack by pressing left-click on your mouse.
BlockDodge and Parry enemy attacks to break their shields by timing the Block using Right-Click on your mouse! You need to hold the button.
Cleaving SwingPress the F button on your keyboard to perform a Cleaving Swing!
Stun MeterPress the Left-Click and F buttons to stun your enemies.
Lightsaber ThrowThrow your Lightsaber toward enemies by pressing Right-Click and F!
Lunging StrikeCal will perform a heavy attack when you hold the F button on your keyboard!


Double-Bladed Stance
Double-Bladed Stance – Image Captured By Us
Basic AttackA Basic Attack can be performed by pressing the Left-Click on your mouse during a Double-Bladed Stance.
BlockBlock an incoming attack by holding the Right-Click button on your mouse.
Focus AttackPress the F button to damage multiple enemies!
Lightsaber ThrowCal will throw his Lightsaber at multiple enemies and damage them. Your Lightsaber will come back to you. You will need to press the Right-Click and F buttons for this to work!

Dual Wield

Dual-Wield Stance
Dual-Wield Stance – Image Captured By Us
Dual-Wield StanceUses
Basic AttackPress the Left-Click button on your mouse to perform a basic attack while in a Dual-Wield Stance.
BlockUse both your Lightsabers to block an incoming attack and parry your enemies to stagger them. Hold the Right-Click button on your mouse for this to work.
Focused ParryDuring the Dual-Wield Stance, Cal can automatically dodge weak incoming attacks at him while you hold the F button on your keyboard. This Ability is very useful in combat when you have to dodge fast attacks from enemies!
Lightsaber ThrowThrow one part of your Lightsaber toward enemies to damage them from a distance by pressing the Right-Click and F buttons.


There are more Exploration Abilities for you to unlock! – Image Captured By Us
HolomapThe Holomap can be used to see your exact location on the map and set beacons. You can also view it to look at Marked Objectives, Rumors, and Collectibles.
Wall RunYou unlock Wall Run early on in Star Wars. It allows Cal to run on walls and reach harder-to-reach areas. Cal can also jump between two walls and reach higher places that are inaccessible.
Jedi FlipJedi Flip allows Cal to double jump and reach further toward an area or wall.
Powered ZiplineYour faithful companion, BD-1, can be used as a zipline to travel from ropes and reach locations that are far away from you. There are some machines that BD-1 can interact with. he can cause them to fire ropes toward hard-to-reach areas and help you slide against them by acting as a zipline.
Companion AssistCal can use his companions to assist in combat when fighting with teammates. You can press CTRL and Z to target an enemy for your companion to attack!
Ascension CableYou unlock this tool early in Star Wars. It allows you to grapple toward marked areas to reach a ledge or any other object in an area.
Ascension Cable v2A modified version of the Ascension Cable allows Cal to reach further into hard-to-reach locations.
SwimYou can swim and dive in a pool of water using the right and left clicks of your mouse!
DashYou can cover a larger distance with Dash.
Merrin's CharmCal can teleport through a force field but it happens for a short period of time.
Nekko MountYou can Mount on creatures using the Confuse Force Ability to travel the land!
Nekko Mount JumpAs the name suggests, you can jump while mounted on a Nekko beast!
Relter TameCommunicate with a Relter to fly you across hard-to-reach places!

Final Thoughts

You unlock Star Wars Jedi Abilities more when you finish the storyline and discover hard-to-reach areas. Some of them are extremely useful in combat as well as Exploration. So far, Star Wars optimization is working poorly, causing many players to face issues early on.

Playing at the minimum graphics also seems to cause Stuttering and FPS drop if you want to find out what settings work in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, head on toward our “Star Wars Jedi Survivor Best Settings” guide! 

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