Star Wars Jedi Survivor Achievements [All 53]

If you wish to unlock all the achievements in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, then you are in for a long journey.

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Achievements

Achievements or Trophies are unlocked by completing specific requests during your gameplay. In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, there are 53 of them that are categorized for your understanding. However, some achievements involve massive story spoilers, so be aware.

This guide will be all about achievements in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and how to unlock them. Mostly, you would have to play each story chapter. Let’s dive right into it!

Key Takeaways

  • There are 53 achievements in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.
  • Unlocking all of them is not an easy task as it requires time and work.
  • These trophies can be divided into sections such as Encounter, Story-related, etc.
  • Some Achievements require you to find specific items.
  • Mostly, they are related to the main story missions, which are unmissable.
  • If you want to earn all the Achievements/Trophies, you must spend over 25 hours at this game.

Achievements In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

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Early missions Gameplay

We will divide the 53 achievements into separate categories so it is easy for you to track which ones you can get the fastest. Note that no trophies or achievements are unlocked by playing a game on any specific difficulty setting.

To get them, players might be asked to finish several tasks during combat or when exploring the planets.

Main Story Achievements

This category belongs to those trophies earned during the main story missions. It would be best to explore all the planets to achieve every trophy.

Part 1

Achievements Description
King of the World You must approach the tallest building in Koboh. Then, climb to its top to unlock the achievement. It will be a yellow tower in Harvest Ridge, a piece of land in Rambler’s Reach region. 
There is No Try Players must lift a ship out of Tar pits on the same planet, Koboh. From the Mantis, move towards the West, where the green dinosaur symbol is. Keep moving West until you reach a Meditation point, your area of interest.
Reconnaissance Use your companion, BD-1, to inspect an enemy in your range. Ensure the opponents are unaware that you are close so they don’t attack you. Use BD-1’s tactical scan to explore your opponent’s details. 
Now, this isn’t Podracing Hop on any creature you find, and travel at least 500m to achieve this. 
Cleaning Up We have to be in Koboh again. Clean up the refresher inside Pyloon’s Saloon to unlock the achievement. Make your way to the Meditation Chamber entrance. After entering, you will find a security door leading to Pyloon’s Saloon.
They’re Probably Fine You first need to find a Mount for this one. After locating them, hop on and find a cliff where you can drop them off. When on top, make a big jump and get off them in mid-air so they fall, and you must climb back to the peak to survive.
Skywalker This achievement requires you to keep your feet in the air for a minute. That means no touching the ground or the walls. The easiest way to do this is to find a pole and hang from it for a minute.
It’s a Trap Get back to the Koboh planet. On it, you must discover and search the Phon’Qi caverns from start to end. Ensure you have unlocked the Lift and Dash abilities because you will need them.
Can You Pet the Bogling? Unlock the achievement by petting Boglings in Koboh. You must be in Rambler’s Reach area and find stables on the planet. You will always find a Boggling in this area. Approach it and interact to complete the objective.
Caij Match You must gain the attention of a mysterious stranger, a bounty hunter. This is a side quest. It involves players interacting with Caij Vanda in Pyloon’s Saloon. The mission requirements are to pick up 16 Bounty pucks and return them to Caij.
Who gives a Puck Unlock the achievement after you collect your first bounty. They are 16 in total. This is related to the previous trophy as well.
Greezy Money You will earn this trophy after successfully trading 25 items.
12 Main Story Achievements 1/2 (without spoilers)

Part 2

The remaining 13 story achievements contain Major Spoilers.

Achievements Description
Rooftop Duel This achievement unlocks by winning your first boss fight against the Ninth Sister Inquisitor.
For Saw Gerrera The trophy requires you to escape from the empire as Cal.
Grab Some Seat Players can unlock this by speaking with the owner of Koboh Cantina on planet Bogano. You must approach and him inside the Cantina.
The Past Made Present A Jedi will be stuck in the Bacta Tank, a healing device found frequently. Approach the Bacta Tank and follow the instructions to unlock the achievement.
Survivor, We Adapt This unmissable trophy can be unlocked by meeting with Nightsister Merrin and traveling. This will be a part of the main story, so you don’t have to make extra effort.
Among the Masters You will meet the Jedi masters when Cal talks to their holograms in the temple. That is how you unlock the achievement.
For the Path Players can unlock this trophy by playing the “Reaching Pilgrims Sanctuary” mission.
Out of Bedlam There is a group of pirates named Bedlam Raiders. They have kidnapped a friend of Cal’s. You are required to free him by defeating the pirates.
Tanalorr Bound You are required to find the Abyss Compass. Players will find it during the mission “Research Tanalorr.” The task is completed on Jedha.
Tragedy When you are on Jedha for the second time, you will unlock another planet, Nova Garon. Doing this will get you this Achievement.
At the Precipice Players are required to survive Nova Garon for this one.
Into the Abyss This is an exploration achievement where you must find a route to Tanalorr.
A Place you could call Home This is a significant achievement as it’s worth more points. You can unlock it by finishing the story.
13 Main Story Achievements 2/2 (with spoilers)

Task Completion Achievements

Achievements Description
Max Capacity Unlocking this requires you to fulfil 11 Cantina Recruits. Easiest way to do this is to follow the story, as you will get some of them like that.
Perk of the Job Perks are abilities that players can equip to enhance their combat experience. To unlock the achievement, you must equip one perk in the three categories at once.
Skoova Diving It would be best if you filled an aquarium inside Cantina. Players can do this by interacting with Skoova Stev, who can find the fish for you to fill the aquarium.
Gambler You can interact with a Holotactic mini-game during your gameplay. Earn the achievement by winning all the matches.
Intergalactic Geographic Players must scan every type of enemy required to complete the Tactical Guide. Use the upgraded version of Cal’s droid, BD-1, to get through this achievement.
Splurgle You are required to buy complete Merchandise of Doma Denra, who you met in Rambler’s reach at the Koboh planet.
The Jedi Path Players must upgrade Cal’s three skill trees to the maximum. You can approach the achievement by updating the skill tree according to combat, the easiest way out.
Blood, Sweat, and Tears You must find 15 collectibles known as Force Tears to unlock the trophy. They appear in color purple and require you to defeat an enemy before getting them.
Star Tours Players are to search every Jedi Chamber. It includes solving puzzles and engaging in combats.
The Jedi Survivor Achievement can be unlocked by finishing the story mode on the hardest difficulty, Jedi Grand Master.
10 Task Completion Achievements

Cosmetics Achievements

Achievements Description
Cobra Cal Players are required to put on their headbands and train. Visit a nearby training area and use weapons to get through this achievement.
A Presence I’ve not felt since… The trophy requires Cal to wear an old outfit. It can be found in a chest at the spawn of Oggdo. However, you have to find Fort Kah’lin first.
Hey, Luke at us Players need to fill Cal’s three slots with new cosmetics. Skimming through the story will get you the cosmetics.
Kitted Out You will unlock this achievement if you customize Cal’s lightsaber, the blaster, and BD-1. Some customizations will also enhance your combat.
Road House Dropkicking an enemy when wearing Mullet accessory will help you unlock the trophy.
5 Cosmetics Achievements

Encounter Achievements

Achievements Description
Han Slowlo You must eliminate 50 opponents using the Slow ability. With the ability, enemy movement will be slowed.
So Uncivilized Eliminate 10 enemies by shooting them when Point Blank skill is equipped. You can unlock it by spending one skill point.
You’ve got a Friend Players must ask their companion, Bode or Merrin, to assist them during any fight.
Catch! Roller Mines are bombs that can be used to destroy objects. Players must use single bomb to take out 3 opponents.
They never saw it coming. When in stealth, take out 20 enemies to unlock the achievement. Stealth is essential as the enemy should be unaware that you are close.
This is Canon Earning the achievement requires dragging an opponent into the Shattered Moon mining cannon.
I’m a Living Legend Destroying every legendary adversary is the objective. There are 13 in total with different locations and attributes.
Get down from there You have to lift your opponents in the air using the Force ability. Then, use a lightsaber to eliminate them. Repeat this 20 times to unlock the trophy.
One with the force Use the Focus sight ability to read enemy moves by slowing down the time. Perform this numerous times to counter 50 attacks.
Mirror Match Confuse an enemy of the same type as your character, e.g., Jedi Knight. Use the Jedi Mind Trick ability to confuse and eliminate the opponent.
Pinpoint Players must make time precision releases ideally ten times. Perform the act by holding the attack button. Release it at the perfect instant to deal more damage.
Slam Dunk Use the Slam Ability to take out five enemies at a time. You can bring the enemies close by using the Force Slow Ability.
Riposte Players must face enemies that acquire the Force Pull skill. You are demanded to counter their attack when they are using the ability.
13 Encounter Achievements

Getting all the achievements will take you through an adventurous journey. Most trophies are story-related, which is effortless to achieve. Visit VeryAliGaming to find more helpful guides on the latest releases.

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