Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Best Difficulty Settings

A detail guide covering all the best difficulty settings in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor so you can have an ideal experience in the game.

Star Wars: Jedi Survivor Best Difficulty
Star Wars: Jedi Survivor Best Difficulty

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has many difficulty options with varying parry windows, damage, and aggression levels, but which one should you choose? Let’s explore which is the ideal difficulty for you with this article.

Key Takeaways

  • There are a total of 5 difficulties In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.
  • These include: Story Mode, Jedi Padawan, Jedi Knight, Jedi Master, and Jedi Grand Master
  • Difficulties are based on different factors in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.
  • Story Mode is the easiest difficulty, while Jedi Grandmaster is the hardest difficulty.

Combat Difficulties And Differences

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has 5 difficulty settings, going from the easiest to the hardest, respectively: Story Mode, Jedi Padawan, Jedi Knight, Jedi Master, and Jedi Grand Master. Jedi Padawan is the latest difficulty introduced between Story Mode and Jedi Knight.

You can see a summary of each difficulty below:

Combat Mode Apparent Difficulty Description
Story Mode Beginner For casual players who want no combat challenge
Jedi Padawan Easy For casual players who want some combat challenge
Jedi Knight Medium For players who want a balanced combat challenge
Jedi Master Hard For players who want a difficult combat challenge
Jedi Grand Master Veteran For players who want the ultimate combat challenge
Table showing all the difficulties from Star Wars: Jedi Survivor in a condensed form

Story Mode

Story Mode, Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

  • Parry Timing: 5/5 (Higher is Easier)
  • Incoming Damage: 1/5 (Higher is Harder)
  • Enemy Aggression: 1/5 (Higher is Harder)

Story Mode is for the couch gamers who want a cinematic storytelling experience instead of dwelling too much on learning combat. Enemies are not too hostile at this difficulty, and their A.I. tends to keep them from coming together in large groups.

Furthermore, they don’t tend to attack aggressively and fast, giving you more than enough time to react and make some flashy moves. Pick this difficulty if you want to max out the graphics settings and want to turn the game into a movie experience.

Jedi Padawan

Jedi Padawan, Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

  • Parry Timing: 4/5
  • Incoming Damage: 2/5
  • Enemy Aggression: 2/5

Jedi Padawan, the most recent addition to Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s difficulty levels, is a mode that offers a well-rounded combat experience with modest hurdles requiring melee action.

This mode’s fighting is intended to ease players into the game’s mechanics, enabling them to become acquainted with the fundamentals before progressing to more difficult modes.

Enemies in Jedi Padawan are slightly more aggressive than those in Story Mode, making combat engagements more intense and hard. The adversaries respond quickly and may inflict severe harm on gamers.

The fighting in this mode, on the other hand, is forgiving, allowing players to learn from their mistakes and develop their abilities without incurring too severe a penalty for failing.

Furthermore, Jedi Padawan is a great mode for players who want to explore the game’s environments and story without being overwhelmed by combat. It provides a well-balanced experience that allows players to enjoy the game at their speed without feeling rushed by continual combat.

Overall, Jedi Padawan is an excellent starting place for those who are new to Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and wish to gradually learn the game’s fundamentals.

Jedi Knight

Jedi Knight, Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

  • Parry Timing: 3/5
  • Incoming Damage: 3/5
  • Enemy Aggression: 3/5

Jedi Survivor provides players with a variety of difficulty levels to select from, with the Jedi Knight mode being the toughest. This mode is intended to give players a well-balanced combat experience that is demanding enough to keep them interested but not so difficult that they become frustrated.

Players may expect a modest degree of opponent damage and aggression in Jedi Knight mode, making it perfect for people who are used to melee-action fighting but do not desire too difficult gameplay. The mode also has a medium parry window, which allows players to easily block opposing blows.

Furthermore, Jedi Knight mode is ideal for players who want to enjoy the game’s story and explore the environments without encountering too many obstacles. The fighting in this mode is intended to complement the game’s storyline while also providing players with a fun and engaging experience.

Overall, Jedi Knight mode is a great option for anyone searching for a demanding but not excessively difficult fighting experience. It strikes a wonderful combination between challenge and pleasure and is an excellent starting place for novice players.

Jedi Master

Jedi Master, Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

  • Parry Timing: 2/5
  • Incoming Damage: 4/5
  • Enemy Aggression: 4/5

For those looking for a more tough challenge, Jedi Survivor has a hard option called Master difficulty. This mode is meant to put even the most expert players to the test, with adversaries that are more aggressive and attack in groups.

Players must be prepared to confront formidable adversaries that will persistently follow them and leave no room for rest on Master difficulty. The opponents are fast to respond and have learned battle strategies, making them tough adversaries.

To win in the mode’s combat confrontations, players must be very strategic and accurate in their maneuvers.

Furthermore, Master difficulty reduces the reaction time for parrying and dodging, making it even more difficult for players to block or evade enemy attacks. To avoid suffering damage, players must be very talented and have a thorough grasp of the game’s fundamentals.

The challenge given by Master Difficulty, on the other hand, is not without reward. Players who complete the mode will be rewarded with a sense of achievement and a better grasp of the game’s fighting systems.

Furthermore, Master difficulty is an excellent mode for players who want to test their abilities and see how far they can go. The mode offers a highly immersive and dramatic experience that will put even the most experienced gamers to the test.

Overall, the Master difficulty is a very difficult setting that should only be attempted by experienced players seeking a big challenge. For those who are ready for the effort, the mode’s fierce adversaries and complex fighting mechanics make it an exciting and gratifying experience.

Jedi Grand Master

Jedi Knight, Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

  • Parry Timing: 1/5
  • Incoming Damage: 5/5
  • Enemy Aggression: 5/5

The Grand Master difficulty level in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor provides the greatest challenge for skilled players. This mode is intended for those looking for a punishing combat experience that pushes their abilities to the utmost.

The adversaries’ hostility is at its pinnacle in Grand Master difficulty, making them much more formidable and nasty than in earlier settings.

The attackers are not only stronger and quicker, but they also deploy advanced offensive methods to overwhelm the player, such as flanking and coordinating strikes. Players’ health depletes quickly in only five hits or fewer, making the battle nasty and unforgiving.

Furthermore, to advance in this mode, players must learn to anticipate their opponent’s moves and react quickly. The attackers encircle the game’s protagonist, Cal Kestis, and attack from many directions at the same time, giving little space for error.

Only the most competent and dedicated players will be able to survive and triumph at the Grand Master difficulty level.

Comparing Damage Taken At Each difficulty

Dying after getting ganked by multiple enemies, Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Each difficulty option presents a new challenge that forces players to adapt and develop their abilities. One of the most important aspects distinguishing the modes is opponent damage.

The adversaries in Jedi Grand Master mode are harsh and do the most damage to Cal Kestis. This mode offers the greatest challenge for gamers seeking a high-intensity fighting experience.

Story Mode, on the other hand, provides a far more forgiving combat experience, with foes delivering the least amount of damage to Cal Kestis.

To demonstrate the changes in opponent damage between difficulty settings, the table below illustrates how many non-heavy hits players can absorb in each setting:

Difficulty Non-Heavy Hits Before Death
Story Mode 12
Jedi Padawan 8
Jedi Knight 6
Jedi Master 4
Jedi Grand Master 3
Table showing the damage-survivability from Star Wars: Jedi Survivor in a condensed form

The amount of non-heavy hits that players can take before dying fall substantially as the difficulty level increases, as seen in the table. To survive in higher-difficulty settings, players must be very proficient and have a thorough grasp of the game’s fighting principles.

Furthermore, enemy damage is not the only factor influencing combat in Jedi Survivor. The difficulty level of each mode is also determined by the enemy’s aggressiveness level, assault patterns, and fighting mechanics.

Overall, the changes in opponent damage throughout difficulty settings make Jedi Survivor a very immersive and demanding game that rewards players who put in the effort to understand its combat techniques.

Changing The Difficulty

Gameplay Settings Screen, Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Jedi Survivor allows players to change the difficulty levels at any moment during gaming. This function is very useful for players who find a certain difficulty setting too easy or too severe and wish to switch to a different option.

To change the battle modes in Jedi Survivor, go to the Pause Menu and select the Settings option, which is represented by a gear symbol. Players can change the “Difficulty” option under the Gameplay menu to their favorite mode.

The game’s UI is simple to use and allows players to move between modes without interfering with the game’s progress.

A big feature of Jedi Survivor is the option to alter difficulty settings as much as needed. This feature allows players to adapt the game’s difficulty to their skill level and expertise.

If a player finds the Jedi Knight mode too difficult, they can change to the Jedi Padawan option for a less intense encounter. Similarly, if a player finds a setting too easy, he or she can adjust the difficulty to make the game tougher.

It’s worth mentioning that altering the difficulty levels does not affect the story’s progress or any acquired achievements. As a result, gamers may switch between difficulty settings as much as they choose without affecting their overall gameplay experience.

Finally, the ability to change the difficulty settings in Jedi Survivor allows players to customize their gameplay experience. This feature guarantees that players may enjoy the game’s fighting mechanics while their skill level and experience are taken into account.

Closing Remarks

That’s it for today guys, we hope you enjoyed this guide and will be able to select the best difficulty settings according to your own playstyle. 

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