Star Wars Jedi Survivor Best Skills [All Trees]

A detailed guide about the best skills available in Star Wars: Jedi Survivor.

Best Skills in Star Wars Jedi Survivor
Best Skills

Are you also looking for the best skills in the Star Wars Jedi Survivor? Let us assist you then as we will discuss all the most demanding and popular skills in this article.

Key Highlights

  • In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, there are three skill trees, which are divided into nine skill trees.
  • There are a total of 75 skills in the game.
  • First is the Survival tree, and has no branches.
  • Second is the Lightsaber tree, which includes five stances: Single, Double Blade, Duel Wield, Blaster, and Crossguard.
  • The Last is the Force tree, which involves Confusion, Telekinesis, and Jedi concentration.

Here you go with the best skills in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Through the information below, you will learn about all the valuable skills of each tree separately.

Skill Tree
Skill Tree (Captured By VeryAliGaming)

Best Skills-Survival Tree

Survival Skills
Best Skills-Survival Tree (Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming)

In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, these skills help you survive despite critical situations. This tree is distinct from other skill trees because it doesn’t divide into further branches. The focus of these skills lies in assisting you to stay alive by retaining your health.

This skill tree is worth investing in, but no worries if you cannot get it in the game’s early stages, as you may need it when things get quite challenging. Now Let’s discuss the best survival skills that you must consider.

Improved and Perfected Stim Formula

This one is one of the best skills in survival trees, and you can get access to it initially. Through this skill, Cal can attain healing each time he uses the Stim, which enhances life and prolongs survival time.

Survival Skills

With this skill, you can attain the maximum amount of life, and as survival skill comes in the later stages, it will be quite helpful while going through the harder parts of the game. It costs 1 Skill Point.

Focused Sight

As you keep holding the dodge button, this skill allows you to automatically escape the melee strikes coming your way automatically. You can use it while dealing with multiple enemies. It costs 2 Skill Points.

Best Skills-Lightsaber Tree

Lightsaber Tree Skills
Best Skills-Lightsaber Tree (Captured By VeryAliGaming)

In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, there are 5 stances in the Lightsaber tree: Dual Wield, Crossguard, Single, Double Blade, and Blaster Stance. But there is a limit that you are only allowed to activate two stances at a time,

So it is necessary to figure out which ones can be more important than others and which you should opt for in accordance with your play style. Now moving on to the details of the best skills of each stance individually.

Dual Wield Stance

It gets unlocked in the early stages during the fight with  Ninth Sister. The Dual Wield stance allows you to carry out fast-paced attacks, and you can easily overcome enemies. This stance is best for offensive players, but you must practice it to experience its full potential.

The best skills in this one are:

Backstep Slash

It encloses the combination of power and speed.  By you hold the Block button and then press attack, it will allow you to execute the attack and leap backwards. By doing so, you can damage the enemies while maintaining a distance that keeps you safe from their attacks.

The Backstep Slash costs 1 skill point.

Dancing Blades

The effect it gives is as interesting as its name, as when you hold the block key and then press the force attack key, you can throw the lightsabers that will go while bouncing between the multiple targets. This can deal significant damage to the hordes of enemies.

And being a ranged attack enables you to hurt your enemies while staying at a distance. You need 3 Skill Points for the Dancing Blades.

Precision Release

The precision release skill is effective against the melee and lets you stagger the enemies surrounding you. Besides this, the amount of damage you may deal with through this skill is impressive.

When an enemy is about to hit you, release the force attack key, and you will be able to perform the more destructive attack while leaving the other enemies staggered. It costs 2 Skill Points.

Crossguard Stance

The Crossguard is the new style introduced in the Star Wars Jedi Survivors. It unlocks after combat with Drya Thornne. It is the most potent stance, deals heavy damage to the enemies, and stuns them while making them vulnerable to follow-up attacks. The best skills of the Crossguard stance are:

Reaching Cleave

This skill enhances the range of the Cleaving Swing, and you can cause great damage to single-target enemies. Furthermore, you can combine it with the normal string attacks as well. For more improvements, you can upgrade it to make it more effective. It costs 1 Skill Point.

Greater Impact

The Greater Impact skill makes it convenient for you to have ranged combat with enemies; specifically, it increases the shockwave. Press the Force key in the air, and a shockwave will be produced as you slam into the ground.

It leaves the enemies staggered and gives you a chance to make attacks. This costs 1 Skill Point.

Rolling Thunder

Speaking of ranged attacks, the Rolling Thunder is the most damaging one and can clear multiple enemies in one straight line in front of you. It does attack that way, but Rolling Thunder is still on the top.

Holding the Block and Force keys lets you throw a lightsaber towards the line of enemies. This skill costs 2 Skill Points.

Sundering Swipe

Another skill that helps you clear a large group of enemies is the Sundering Swipe. You can strike multiple enemies by Holding the Block and Attack button. Apart from this, you can use it against larger targets as it doesn’t use the force meter. It costs 2 Skill Points.

Single Stance

This style has satisfactory attack speed, allowing you to take down weaker enemies swiftly. Moreover, the Single lightsaber stance is the one Cal begins with. It is versatile and has various skills, but we will look into the best ones. It is available at the start.

Cyclone Slash

You can perform the potent overhead swing by Holding the Attack key after the basic attack. This also doesn’t use the force meter and can stagger the adversaries and make combos. You need 2 Skill Points for the Cyclone Slash.

Dash Strike

It offers great mobility, and you can easily move around a number of enemies. Also, it is handy if you look forward to starting combos. The Dash Strike’s effect is to dash and strike the enemy out of the normal melee range by holding the Block Key and pressing the Attack Key.

It costs 2 Skill Points.

Double Blade Stance

This play style focuses on dealing with a crowd of enemies and includes various skills. This one becomes available at the beginning.

Endless Hurricane

You can execute effective combos, and the no-use-of-force meter lets you deal with multiple targets more effectively. You can add up more attacks at the end of the double-bladed attack by continuously pressing the Attack Key. Endless Hurricane demands 1 Skill point.

Rising Storm

Through this skill, you can control groups of enemies and gather them in a single spot or small area. And if you get surrounded by many enemies that seem impossible to deal with, then you can also jump away from them.

The use and holding of Force Attack Key enable you to pull the adversaries at a certain circle of small size while launching Cal in the air. 2 Skill Points.

Gathering Tempest

To spice up the strikes, you can go for the Gathering Tempest, which makes you attack faster towards the single target by holding the Attack Key. You need 1 Skill point for this.

Blaster Stance

The Blaster Stance gives you 2-in-1 benefits; you can deal with enemies by staying farther or closer to them. This one is more advantageous against single targets. Blaster Stance unlocks after reaching Jedha.

Point Blank

It helps you conduct strong parry moves and create a distance between you and the targets. You can blast the enemy away before it may hit you by holding the Force Attack Key. Point Blank requires 1 Skill Point.

Quick Draw

It is another best skill, enabling you to wipe out groups of adversaries in no time. With ranged attacks, you can safely target and damage the enemies. The most fascinating part is that you can target multiple opponents at once by holding the Block key and the Force Attack Key.

It costs 3 Skill Points.

Best Skills-Force Tree

Force Tree Skills
Force Tree (Captured By VeryAliGaming)

This is our last tree, allowing you to use force widely and differently. It is further divided into Telekinesis, Confusion, and Jedi Concentration.


The push and pull abilities are involved in this skill tree. The best skills in Telekinesis are:

Parry Push

It develops the space so you can escape the large group of enemies and can stagger them. Send the target flying by pressing the Push Key before it may attack. Perry Push Cost 1 Skill Point.

Unrelenting Pull

You can guess from its name that through this skill, enemies can be pulled closer. It is powerful enough to pull even bigger and heavier targets. To affect the larger ones who resist the force, just hold the Pull button. You need 3 Skill points for Unrelenting Pull.


In the Confusion, we have these two best skills:

Confounded Mind

This skill allows you to influence enemies for a longer period. And can be used in situations where you get to encounter groups of enemies. It costs 2 Skill Points.

Confusion Mastery

The confusion Mastery is quite fun as you can confuse the super potent enemies, and without putting much effort, it becomes easier for you to clear out the hordes of opponents. It costs 3 Skill Points.

Jedi Concentration

In Jedi Concentration, the use of the force meter is more focused. The best skills it includes are as follows:

Superior Hold

This helps you during the combats against the larger targets as you can slow them down for longer period. It costs 1 Skill Point.

Extended Hold

The Extended Hold skill gives you an edge over the stronger and boss enemies, and you can have safer gameplay. Also, you can poke the targets and will not face any punishment. It costs 3 Skill Points.

Closing Remarks

The guide about Star Wars Jedi Survivor’s best skills ends here. Go through these skills and pick the ones you find most suitable for your playstyle. If you like our guides and want to learn more about Star Wars Jedi Survivor, then you can look into Star Wars Jedi Survivor Abilities [Full Guide]Star Wars Jedi Survivor Achievements [All 53]Star Wars Jedi Survivor BEST Settings For PC and many more latest coverages. 

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